Comparison of International Developments to New Zealand’s Policies and Practices Essay

Task FOUR: Comparing International developments to New Zealand’s policies and patterns, in relation to disablement and ripening. Both groups are to be covered.


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Comparison of International Developments to New Zealand’s Policies and Practices Essay
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International policy on DISABLED


Mention:( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: // 7277 – Magna Carta of Disabled Persons.pdf


This Act shall be known and cited as the “ Magna Carta for Disabled Persons. ” Sec. 2. Declaration of Policy — The grant of the rights and privileges for handicapped individuals shall be guided by the undermentioned rules:

( a ) Disabled individuals are portion of Philippine society, therefore the State shall give full support to the betterment of the entire wellbeing of handicapped individuals and their integrating into the mainstream of society. The State shall follow policies guaranting the rehabilitation, self-development and autonomy of handicapped individuals.

( B ) Disabled individuals have the same rights as other people to take their proper topographic point in society. They should be able to populate freely and every bit independently as possible.

( degree Celsius ) The rehabilitation of the handicapped individuals shall be the concern of the Government in order to further their capacity to achieve a more meaningful, productive and hearty life.

( vitamin D ) The State besides recognizes the function of the private sector in advancing the public assistance of handicapped individuals and shall promote partnership in plans that address their demands and concerns.


Mention:( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) in 1990 triggered a significant academic argument about its effects on employment rates of handicapped people. In contrast, the employment proviso of the 1996 Disability Discrimination Act ( DDA ) in Britain has received small attending. This paper provides robust grounds that, similar to the ADA in the US, the DDA has had no impact on the employment rate of handicapped people or perchance worsened it. Possible grounds for this are low take-up of fiscal support, low degrees of general consciousness about the Act among handicapped people and employers, and limited cognition about the true costs of needed accommodations.

In 1995 the UK Government passed the Disability Discrimination Act ( DDA ) . Its purpose was to stop favoritism against handicapped people. It aims to protect people in the countries of employment, entree to goods, installations and services, the direction, purchasing or rental of land or belongings and instruction. Under Part II of the Act, which came into force in December 1996, it is improper for employers covered by the Act to know apart against handicapped employees.


Mention:History of the Strategy. ( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Strategy was launched on 30 April 2001. It provides a clear vision for a society where people with damages can state that they live in a society that extremely values their lives and continually heighten their full engagement. It has 15 aims and 113 actions. The aims cover a scope of topics including: educating society, rights, having instruction, lifestyles, information, engagement of MA?ori, Pacific peoples, kids, young person and adult females, and valuing households, whA?nau and others who provide support.

  1. Promoting citizenship– by furthering society’s ability to include handicapped people. This requires initiatives to better public consciousness of disablement, to raise the visibleness and advance the leading of handicapped people, and to guarantee handicapped people’s rights are upheld.
  2. Constructing authorities capacity– by guaranting bureaus have the necessary cognition, accomplishments and systems to turn to disablement issues. This requires improved information aggregation and apprehension of what will assist to extinguish barriers to engagement.
  3. Bettering disablement support services– by guaranting the manner they are provided enables handicapped people to hold ordinary picks and duties.
  4. Promoting engagement by handicapped people in all countries of life– by placing and maximizing chances in all sectors of the community. This requires authorities bureaus to take disablement issues into history when doing determinations in a broad scope of sectors ; for illustration, turn toing longstanding barriers in conveyance, athleticss and diversion, relationship services or companies ordinances.
  5. Addressing diverseness of demand– by admiting that, in add-on to common issues, there is immense diverseness among handicapped people. It is besides of import to turn to the specific demands of handicapped people’s households.



  1. Encourage and educate for non-disabling society.
  2. Ensure rights for handicapped people.
  3. Supply the best instruction for handicapped people.
  4. Provide chances in employment and economic development for handicapped people.
  5. Foster an cognizant and antiphonal public service.
  6. Foster leading by handicapped people.
  7. Create long term support systems centred on the person.
  8. Support quality life in the community for handicapped people.
  9. Support life style picks, reaction and civilization for handicapped people.
  10. Collect and utilize relevant information about handicapped people and disablement issues.
  11. Promote engagement of handicapped Maori
  12. Promote engagement of handicapped Pacific peoples.
  13. Enable handicapped kids and young person to take full and active lives
  14. Promote engagement of handicapped adult females in order to better their quality of life
  15. Value households, whanau and people supplying on-going support
  • Similarities: All policies focused on extinguishing favoritism among handicapped people.
  • Differences: Some focal point on rehabilitation of handicapped people to achieve productive and hearty life in the society ( Phil ) , some have protected features in the countries of employment ( UK )

International policy on Ripening

Philippines | Ageing population in the Philippines. ( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

Republic Act No. 344 orthe Accessibility Law of 1982 providesfor the lower limit demands and criterions to do edifices, installations, and public-service corporations for public usage accessible to individuals with disablement, including older individuals who are confined to wheelchairs and those who have trouble in walking or mounting stepss, among others.

Republic Act No. 7876 entitled“An Act Establishing a Senior Citizens Center in all Cities and Municipalities of the Philippines, and Appropriating Fundss Therefore”provides for the constitution of Senior Citizens Centers to provide to older persons’ socialization and interaction demands every bit good as to function as a locale for the behavior of other meaningful activities.

Republic Act No. 8425 provides for theinstitutionalisation and sweetening of the societal reform docket by making the National Anti-Poverty Commission This provides a mechanism for older individuals to take part in policy preparation and decision-making on affairs refering poorness relief.

Republic Act No. 10155, known as”The General Appropriations Act of 2012? , under Section 28 authorizations that all authorities bureaus and instrumentalities should apportion one per centum of their entire bureau budget to plans and undertakings for older individuals and individuals with disablements.

Republic Act No. 9994,known asExpanded Seniors Citizen Act of 2010?,an act allowing extra benefits and privileges to senior citizens, farther amending Republic Act No. 7432 and otherwise known as “an act to maximize the part of senior citizens to state edifice, grant benefits and particular privileges and for other purposes” .


Mention:Centre for Policy on Ageing – Policies on Ageing – . ( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

Age Concernwas the streamer rubric used by a figure of charitable administrations ( NGOs ) specifically concerned with the demands and involvements of all older people ( defined as those over the age of 50 ) based chiefly in the four states of the United Kingdom.

In add-on to supplying practical support to persons, Age Concern campaigned on issues such as age favoritism and pensions, and works to act upon public sentiment and authorities policy about older people. Numerous Age Concern administrations have been established throughout the UK, working at national and local degrees.


Mention:( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 10, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

Positive Ageing vision is a society where people can age positively, where older people are extremely valued and where they are recognised as an built-in portion of households and communities.

The New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy identifies ten ends:

  1. Income- secure and equal income for older people
  2. Health- just, seasonably, low-cost and accessible wellness services for older people
  3. Housing- low-cost and appropriate lodging options for older people
  4. Transport- low-cost and accessible conveyance options for older people
  5. Aging in the Community- older people feel safe and unafraid and can age in the community
  6. Cultural Diversity- a scope of culturally appropriate services allows picks for older people
  7. Rural Services- older people populating in rural communities are non disadvantaged when accessing services
  8. Positive Attitudes- people of all ages have positive attitudes to ageing and older people
  9. Employment Opportunities- riddance of agism and the publicity of flexible work options
  10. Opportunities for Personal Growth and Participation- increasing chances for personal growing and community engagement

Similarities: Policies on aging – Supplying diffrent AGENCIES that will guarantee the demands of old people are provided and catered.

Focus on older people as portion of the society without favoritism.

Differences: Some focal point on financess and allotment of budget by different bureaus while others the quality of lives in society.


International Service Delivery Policies on DISABILITY


Servicess are provided by the authorities with coaction of different bureaus with their field of expertness and accomplishments.

EDUCATION Access to Quality Education-The State shall guarantee that handicapped individuals are provided with entree to quality instruction and ample chances to develop their accomplishments. It shall take appropriate stairss to do such instruction accessible to all handicapped individuals.

EMPLOYMENT Equal Opportunity for Employment- No disable individual shall be denied entree to chances for suited employment. A qualified handicapped employee shall be capable to the same footings and conditions of employment and the same compensation, privileges, benefits, periphery benefits, inducements or allowances as a qualified able bodied individual.

HEALTH National Health Program- The Department of Health in coordination with the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, shall establish a national wellness plan which shall take to achieve the followers: ( a ) bar of disablement, whether happening prenatally or postnatally ; ( B ) acknowledgment and early diagnosing of disablement ; and ( degree Celsius ) early rehabilitation of the handicapped.

AUXILIARY SOCIAL SERVICES The State shall guarantee that marginalized individuals are provided with the necessary aide services that will reconstruct their societal operation and engagement in community personal businesss. Towards this terminal, the Department of Social Welfare and Development shall develop and implement plans on subsidiary societal services that respond to the demands of marginalized handicapped individuals.

Telecommunication – Ensure that broadcast medium services and others communicating are commercially available to handicapped people.

ACCESSIBILITY Barrier-Free Environment. — The State shall guarantee the attainment of a barrier-free environment that will enable handicapped individuals to hold entree in public and private edifices and constitutions.

POLITICAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS Disabled individuals shall be allowed to be assisted by a individual of his pick in vote in the national or local elections.


The Equality Act 2010 ushers services to persons with disablements by authorities and private bureaus. Servicess are provided by infirmaries, instruction and other bureaus with the same involvement and passion in assisting handicapped people.

  • Benefits on Financial help- disablement allowance, employment and support allowance.
  • Carers- Care’s allowance, kids and disablement attention Centres.
  • Disability equipment and transport- Disabled pupil allowances, bluish badge and handicapped entree.
  • Disability rights- Under equality Act 2010
  • Work and handicapped people- Access to work


Servicess are provided by the authorities bureaus and other private service suppliers

Disability Issues by naming the Ministry of Social Development onphone: +64 ( 4 ) 916 3300. Electronic mail: odi @ – Electronic mail ( for website proficient questions ) : webmaster @

  • Supply the best instruction for handicapped people

Ensure that no kid is denied entree to their local, regular school because of their damage.

Ensure that just entree to the resources available to run into the demands.

  • Provides chances in employment and economic development for handicapped people.

Provide instruction and preparation chances to increase single capacity of handicapped people to ove into employment.

Supply information about calling options to bring forth income an aid available for handicapped people.

  • Support quality life in the community for handicapped people.

Increase chances for handicapped people to populate in the community with pick of low-cost, choice lodging.

Easy entree to allow wellness services within the community.

  • Support life style picks, diversion and civilization for handicapped people.

Provide chances for handicapped people to make, execute and develop their ain humanistic disciplines, and to entree humanistic disciplines activities.

Similarities: All services by the 3 state reference fairness/ equality among people without favoritism.

Difference: Some services are authorities funded, others are non.

International Service Delivery Policies on Ripening


Health and attentionThe Department of Social Welfare Development ( DSWD ) has issued Administrative Order No. 4 series of 2010,“Guidelines on the Home Care Support Services for Senior Citizens”,set uping community based wellness attention services for older individuals.

The RA 9994 provides wellness attention services for hapless older individuals such as free medical services on authorities infirmaries, discounted services on private infirmaries and clinics, free vaccinums, discounted medical specialties, and compulsory PhilHealth coverage.

Older people’s associationsThe Philippine Constitution supports the formation of community based administrations. The DSWD have facilitated the formation of older people’s associations in every metropolis and municipality. They are besides tasked to supply proficient aid to back up and beef up OPAs.

Social pensionUnder the RA 9994, the Filipino Government provides a societal pension of 12USD ( Php500 ) per month to hapless older individuals aged 77 and over who are non yet having any authorities or private pension. The Department of Social Welfare and Development is the lead bureau tasked with identifying and reexamining societal pension donees.

Our webThe undermentioned administrations are portion of the HelpAge web in the Philippines:

  • Alliance of Services to the Aged
  • Alliance of Older Persons Association of the Philippine ( COPAP )


  • General duties and cosmopolitan services including…
    • Promoting wellbeing
    • Preventing, cut downing or detaining demands
    • Information and advice
  • First contact and identifying demands
  • Charging and fiscal appraisal
  • Person-centred attention and support planning
  • Adult safeguarding
  • Integration and partnership working
  • Traveling between countries: inter-local authorization and cross-border issues


Mention:“ Heartland Services. ”– Heartlands. Web. 11 Mar. 2015. & A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; gt ; .

Care and Support

Depending on your current state of affairs, you may necessitate support either in the signifier of fiscal aid or in-home care.This subdivision will help you in happening the services to outdo support your continued personal safety, quality of life and entree to reliable aid if you need it.

Personal safety

I would wish aid to guarantee my continued personal safety:

Fiscal aid related to indispensable place telephone costs

Fiscal aid related to medical dismay lease and monitoring

Elder maltreatment and neglect bar services

Keeping safe from cozenages, cons and heists

Family aid

Aid with life costs

Retirement place and other assisted life aid

Impermanent Additional Support

Health related aid

General aid

Community Services Card

Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card

Disability Allowance

Medical dismaies ( rental and monitoring )

High Use Health Card

Hearing AIDSs

Home aid

Veteran’s Pension

“ Veteran’s Pension. ”– Work and Income. Web. 11 Mar. 2015. & A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; gt ; .

Veteran’s Pension is a biweekly payment for veterans who have served in a war or other exigency, and have a disablement. When you get Veteran’s Pension you will automatically be issued with a Veteran SuperGold card.




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New Zealand Disability Strategy. ( n.d. ) . Retrieved March 12, 2015, from hypertext transfer protocol: //


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