Comparison Of The Pathogens Food Poisoning Biology Essay

Poisonings and infections caused by nutrient borne pathogens represent increasing public wellness jobs. Food toxic condition is broad assortment of diseases which are by eating nutrient which has been contaminated and with infective micro-organisms. Food toxic condition is caused by little and certain bacteriums that grow and multiply which easy start to instance nutrient toxic condition. ( Money et al. 2010 ) . In 1992, the main medical officer defined nutrient toxic condition as “ Any disease of an infective or toxic nature caused by or thought to be caused by or thought to be caused by the ingestion of nutrient or H2O ” ( Eley A.R, 1996 ) . Food toxic condition is a world-wide issue as pathogens are distributing worldwide and menaces of new borne diseases are happening. This can be through globalisation of nutrient supply, the accidental debut of pathogens into new geographic countries, through travelers, refugees, and immigrants exposed to unfamiliar food-borne jeopardies abroad. ( WHO, 2002 ) . Food toxic condition can be caused due to many grounds as already mentioned. The pathogen inside the human organic structure begins to multiply and symptoms occur. Most symptoms due to nutrient symptoms occur bit by bit. There is an incubation period where nutrient toxic condition starts to develop. This is an incubation period of 1-3 yearss. Most common symptoms associated are nausea, purging, diarrhea, loss of appetency, high temperature, tummy spasms. There are other symptoms associated with nutrient toxic condition and this could change on the pathogen doing the nutrient toxic condition. ( Eley, R. A, 1992 )

For nutrient toxic condition to happen, bacteriums required heat and wet to turn, they begin to multiply as they reproduce. Contamination of nutrient occurs quickly and bacterial cells continue to multiply. The UK Food bureau ‘s are happening schemes to cut down nutrient toxic condition and are being tested in five different bacteriums ; Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, Escherichia coli O157 and Clostridium perfringens. In this literature reexamine the pathogens that have been studied are Salmonella, Listeria and Escherichia coli O157.

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Comparison Of The Pathogens Food Poisoning Biology Essay
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The genus Salmonella is in the household of Enterobacteriaeae. It is a Gram-negative facultative bacillar bacteria which causes a microbic infection. This pathogen is largely associated with nutrient toxic condition incidences. Non-typhoid salmonella causes GI infection which is being effected worldwide. Surveies suggest that salmonella has been estimated to do 1.4 million infections. ( Voetsch et al. 2004 ) . In worlds, salmonella is the cause of two diseases ; salmonellosis which is besides known as enteral febrility ( enteric fever ) , which consequences from bacterial invasion of the blood stream. And the other disease caused by salmonella is acute stomach flu ; this consequences from a nutrient borne infection. Salmonella is developed after eating nutrient which is contaminated with Salmonella bacteriums. Food such as ; eggs, minced meat, poulet, dairy merchandises, sweets which contain pick, sandwich fillings and processed nutrient. Salmonella bacteriums can be killed from 66 grades Celsius and do non turn below 4 grades Celsius. The incubation period is about 12-36 hours, and symptoms such as febrility, unnatural strivings, diarrhea and purging start to happen. This infection is common, in the EU, it has been confirmed 131,468 instances during 2008 ( EFSA, 2008 ) . In 2008, a survey was carried to see the effects of Salmonella, there were voluntaries and consequences suggested that ‘the frequence of illness depends on the magnitude of exposure ‘ and it was concluded that salmonella is a extremely infective and that the hazard of unwellness additions with the higher doses in septic topics. ( Peter F. et Al. 2010 ) .

Escherichia coli is a portion of the household Enterobacteriaeae every bit good as Salmonella. It is a gram negative rod and causes diseases to worlds and animate beings. There are two types of bacteriums which cause diseases ; Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli is described as being responsible for traveler ‘s diarrhea. ( Jiang, G, et Al, 2002 ) . This type of bacterial infection is low in the UK. The other common type of Escherichia coli is Enterhaemorrhagic which includes the Escherichia coli O157a zoonotic pathogen. This pathogen is responsible for nutrient poisoning eruptions yearly. It causes bloody diarrhea, hemolytic azotemic syndrome. Escherichia coli O157 is able to turn and last in different conditions ; H2O, dirt, sewerage and even metal surface. These growing factors are affected by temperature, pH, competition with soli and environmental conditions ( Jiang et al. 2002 ) . This bacteria is able to last for long period of clip in H2O and in cold temperatures ( Eley, R. A, 1992 ) .A The bacteria is able to infect people through contaminated nutrients such as meat, veggies and H2O supplies. It can besides infect people through contact with animate beings such as cowss and sheep. Surveies have come to demo that the bulk of the infection occurred of Escherichia coli O157 where in the warmest clip of the twelvemonth in the UK which comes to the months of July, August September. Proposing that this survey shows that Escherichia coli infection is able to turn and do infections to worlds and warmer temperatures. A survey was carried out to see if the conditions conditions consequence the growing and infection of Escherichia coli. The survey suggest that the conditions conditions and the figure of private H2O supplies contribute to the infection rate of Escherichia coli O157 in Scotland, England and Wales. ( Money et al, 2010 ) .

Listeria Monocytogenes is besides a bacterial nutrient poisoning pathogen which are gram positive, facultaively anaerobiotic, non spore-forming B. Listeria Monocytogenes is a pathogen which causes Listeriosis. This pathogen causes serious infection and unwellness to the human. This pathogen is different from Salmonella and Escherichia coli as it grows in normal infrigidation temperatures. Listeria pathogen can be caused from farm Fieldss, veggies, animate beings, nutrient processing environment supermarkets and at place. ( Eley, R. A ( 1992 ) .A The infection caused by this pathogen causes really high instances of nutrient toxic condition in the United provinces, a high mortality rate of 43 % of nutrient poisoning deceases. ( CDC, 2006 ) .

Final Project will be taken out utilizing techniques such as sterile techniques and PCR to find the effects and the difference in the 3 pathogens mentioned supra. A recent studied used Real-time PCR to transport out diagnostic trials for rapid designation of nutrient taint caused by the pathogens, Salmonella, Escherichia coli O157 & A ; Listeria. A multiple PCR-based platform for sensing of milk associated with the 3 mentioned pathogens. A showing of several milk samples was tested and consequences were that 1 CFU was counted in 25 ml aliquots of natural milk in continuance of 2 yearss. ( Omiccioli, E. , et Al, 2009 ) . The concluding undertaking that will be carried out in the concluding twelvemonth will utilize the sterile technique and perchance a PCR in order to find the differences between the 3 pathogens as already mentioned.


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