Comparison/Contrast "The Importance of Good Writing Skills" Essay

During my on-line research and reading on the importance of good writing I began to ponder my entire knowledge of writing and determined that good writing has been a sign/symbol of a good education, poise, one’s mannerisms, convictions and even one’s wealth, in some cases, since the dawn of civilized living, centuries ago when the main form of communicating was face to face conversations.

Now that we are currently living in a world where 80% to 90% of all of our communications, with the world outside of our home, is done via some sort of digital medium that requires our written (typed) transmission, should clearly indicate that we need to increase the level of importance for good writing to match our increased use of it. It is important to produce good writing in order to be able to adequately convey and/or relay one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, personality, etc. to their readers and/or target audience. When considering the importance of good writing there are a few basic elements that I think you should start with, which I consider to be “staples” in my standard formula for predicting the importance or the stability of anything in life. They are to simply list out the pros and cons and then compare them. One of the pros to good writing to consider would be how good writing can play a vital role in every aspect of our communities and lives.

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Comparison/Contrast "The Importance of Good Writing Skills" Essay
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Some of the vitally important roles writing can play range from the positive impact a well written resume’ can have on one obtaining a job (and vice versa) to the job opportunities and/or new clients that one could gain access to from one well written Power Point presentation, that one client sees and then tells another and another about (and vice versa) to the much needed progress one could create and/or stimulate for their child’s public school or the homeless in their community with a well written letter to a local politician and the list goes on and on

Once you have considered the “pros” of good writing the next aspect to consider when you are trying to determine the importance of good writing would be the “cons” of writing. One drawback to our modern way of communicating, primarily through written (typed) mediums, is that the unparalleled influences that are present when we communicate face to face, like body language, tone of voice and/or facial expressions, for which we have grown to rely on to help us better predict, determine and then control how others perceive/interpret and react to our words, isn’t present!

If one is not acutely aware of this it could be a major contributor to them being unable to articulate their thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. , into a well written piece that transcends the absence of those natural influences. In order to overcome this hindrance/obstacle we just have to recall how once before we had to invest ourselves by studying, mimicking and then practicing our parents in order to master our human show of emotions.

Then invest ourselves in a similar way in order to master good writing skills. Once you have gone over your list of pros and cons to the importance of good writing I am sure your list of pros will give you a renewed outlook on the importance of good writing and your list of cons will be able to help you overcome any obstacles that you think either have or will hold you back from being a good writer.

I hope my examples gave you something to think about and maybe even helped you determine some new reasons for improving your writing and some new tools to get started with. Sources Used 1) Raibert, Mark H. Raibert Writing Advice- Good Writing. Jan. 1985. Web April 8 2010. 2) Peha, Steve. Teaching That Makes Sense. Steve Peha and Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. , Copy right 1995-2003. Web April 8, 2010.


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