Competency Goal1 Safe Healthy Learning Environment Essay

I provide adequate supervision for the children by maintaining the minimum adult child ratios required and when the budget allows, I have more adults available in the classroom. I also focus on the interior of the classroom by keeping my back to the classroom, the whole room should be visible enabling me to monitor and prevent accidents. Safety limits are important; I setup basic safety expectations for the children to follow. Expectation to be includes but not limited to, are as follow: Walk indoors, wipe up spills right away, Tell a adult when something breaks, fasten seat belt when riding in center van.

I keep parents inform of Health Policies and how I keep the classroom(s) germ free. I present each child’s parent with the centers health policies, before any child can participate all requirements must be met, examples: Medical examination this helps you learn if the child is free from communicable diseases that can be passed on the others. Immunizations Records are to protect all children from many diseases. Sanitizing and Disinfecting prevents the spread of diseases.

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Competency Goal1 Safe Healthy Learning Environment Essay
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I sanitize using a sanitizing solution. Disinfecting I clean by using Green product which promotes healthier buildings and are less harmful for the children, which improves students health. I create a age appropriate Learning Environment by developing program goals to meet the children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive needs. Classroom space is important I create a pleasing environment that meets the needs of the children. Children need space to build, move, sort, create, and interact with friends.


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