Components of Physical Fitness Essay

ARTS Physical Fitness * The capacity of each individual to accpomplish daily task. Components of Physical Fitness 1) Cardi-respiratory Endurance * Able to do and continue physical activities. 2) Muscular Strenght * Ability of the muscles to exer a maximum force. 3) Flexibility * Ability of the muscles to move joints with lase. 4) Speed * Ability to perform a movement. 5) Power * Ability to release maximum force very quickly. 6) Coordination * The linking of the senses such as sight and hearing. 7) Balance * Ability to remain stable. 8) Agility * Ability to move and change direction quickly. 9) Reaction Time

A. Anthropometer Measurement 1. Body Mass Index * Sum of your height and weight 2. Stature (height) in centimeter 3. Sitting Height 4. Arm Span B. Flexibility Fitness 1. Sit and Reach * Test for the flexibility of the ham stings muscles. 2. Shoulder Stetch C. Muscular Stretch a) Partial Curl Up * Test for abdominal muscle strenght b) Trunk Lift c) Right Angle Push Up D. Physiological Fitness a. One Kilometer Run * Test for cardio-respiratory endurance. Muscular Fitness and for Talent Identification I. Standing Long Jump * Test for leg strnght and power. II. Basketaball Pass III. 40 meter Sprint Measure the running speed of the student. Mannose is a sugar monomer of the aldohexose series of carbohydrates. Properties Molecular formula C6H12O6 Mannose is not well metabolized in humans. [1] Therefore, it does not significantly enter the carbohydrate metabolism when taken orally, and although traces of exogeneously introduced mannose have been detected in all body tissues, using radioactive markers, in a well hydrated mammal, although further studies are necessary, 90% of mannose ingested is excreted unconverted into the urine within 30 – 60 minutes, with 99% of the remainder being excreted within the following 8 hours.

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Components of Physical Fitness Essay
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There is no significant increase in blood-glucose levels during this time. Mannose is present in numerous glycoconjugates including N-linked glycosylation of proteins. C-mannosylation is also abundant and can be found in collagen-like regions. Mannose is a C-2 epimer of glucose and displays a 4C1 pucker in the solution ring form. Recombinant proteins produced in yeast may be subject to mannose addition in patterns different from those used by mammalian cells[2]. This difference in recombinant proteins from those normally produced in mammalian organisms may influence the effectiveness of vaccines.


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