Comprehensive Occupational Safety And Health Act Construction Essay

The debut of a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Act ( OSHA ) 1994 was in response to the demand to cover a wider employee base and newer jeopardies introduced in the workplace. The OSHA 1994 is enforced by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health ( DOSH ) ( antecedently known as Factory and Machinery Department. The name was changed to reflect alterations in coverage ) under the Ministry of Human Resources.

Every organisation should be able to efficaciously implement the consciousness on occupational safety and wellness scheme by holding a formal EH & A ; S systems that follow criterions such as ISO 14001 and OSHA 18000, among others. This standard provides a model for organisations to place and command the OSH incidents and implement a systematic attack to puting ends and marks of OSH to accomplish the ends and high spots the success achieved. Therefore, this scenario leads to an probe of the execution of OSH direction by one of the most constituted air-conditioning fabrication company, Carrier International Sdn Bhd in Bangi. A brief overview about a comprehensive and outstanding OSH direction system every bit good as supported by complete certification gives us a better apprehension about the right organisation safety direction.

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Willis Carrier invented the first system for “ manufactured conditions ” in 1902, he sparked an industry that revolutionized the manner in which we live and “ number ones ” that have shaped and defined the warming, air conditioning and infrigidation industry. Carrier established its first bridgehead in Malaysia in 1959 when Carrier International ( Malaysia ) Ltd was formed as a distributer for Carrier air-conditioning equipment and constituents. The company was later renamed Carrier International Sdn Bhd ( CISB ) . Today, CISB is one of the largest providers of air-conditioners in South-East Asia.

Carrier ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1960 to take attention of the selling and service of all types of Carrier air-conditioners for the Malaysia market. It is staffed by professionally trained forces and features a corporate squad of qualified technicians. Carrier Corporation, USA owns 51 % of Carrier ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd ‘s portion, while Permodalan Nasional Berhad ( PNB ) holds the staying 49 % portion.

Carrier air-conditioners have been sold and installed in Malaysia for more than 40 old ages now. Carrier has the proud differentiation of chilling the state ‘s latest architectural admirations like the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, or “ KLIA ” , Menara Kuala Lumpur or “ KL Tower ” , Petronas Philharmonic Hall, and the Prime Minister ‘s Office in Putrajaya.


Environmental, wellness and safety becomes an progressively of import concern concern. The functions of the organisation are incontestable offering supportive environment for the execution EH & A ; S plan. As new ordinances evolve internal and external stakeholders progressively paying attending to their ongoing concern, and need to remain in conformity with these ordinances in the heads of these companies. The effects of non in conformity with OSH ordinances are drastic which can take to punishments, mulcts, harm to the image, eroding of stockholder value, works closures, and in some instances even human deaths. ( Matthew, 2010 ) . Therefore, it leads to the committedness of CISB as the most constituted maker of air-conditioning to be a responsible corporate citizen through doing environmental, wellness & A ; safety considerations precedences throughout its operations as officially stated below in their statement of safety and wellness policy.

The intent of The Safety and Health Policy are to show the company ‘s concern and committedness to guarantee safety and wellness of the employees. It acts as a footing for developing and implementing plans for procuring safety and wellness at the workplace as stipulated under the guidelines by The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, ( Act 514 ) . Finally, it should impact all work activities and determination doing procedure of the organisation.

There are three chief parts of the written policy, viz. :

General Policy Statement

The first portion can be a simple and brief statement of the overall purpose of the employer to look after the safety and wellness of the work force. Among others it should:

Indicate that the direction accept duty for safety and wellness of the employees and others who may be affected by the work activities.

Outline the ends of the policy.

Establish the importance of safety and wellness to overall concern public presentation.

Bear a mention to other parts of the policy papers which go into more inside informations.

Be dated and signed by the Chairman or Managing Director, or whoever speaks for the organisation at the highest degree.


The 2nd portion of the policy papers should explicate the organisation for safety and wellness duties. This will be chiefly about “ who is to make what ” . Basically it should spell out:

the list of safety and wellness duties of all degrees of direction i.e. from top direction down to supervisors, and safety and wellness forces ( if any )

The function of workers in the execution of the policy. Each employee has a responsibility non to jeopardize himself or others by his actions or skips, and to co-operate in all steps provided for his safety and wellness

The construction and maps of safety and wellness commissions and other in-house safety and wellness organisation ( if any ) .


The 3rd portion of the written policy paperss trades with practical systems and processs. It concerns chiefly with possible jeopardies and methods of covering with them. Among others, basically it should stipulate elaborate agreements for guaranting that the General Policy is being implement including:

the agreements for preparation and direction

information about whatever jeopardies there may be in certain procedures, the control measures and the ways in which employees should co-operate for their ain safety and wellness

stipulate the company ‘s safe system of work including safe work processs and regulations

strategy for the issue, usage and care of personal protective equipment ( P.P.E. )

the process for coverage and probe of accidents

Emergency steps such as fire and first-aid agreements.


The company ‘s ends are to protect and to supply a better life for employees, society and the Earth ‘s natural resources by:

Guaranting conformity with Malaysian Torahs and ordinances.

Guaranting conformity with UTC criterion patterns.

Extinguishing all employee hurts by doing the workplace free from jeopardies and insecure conditions.

Establishing EH & A ; S criterions and pull offing to accomplish the aims and ends planned.

Continuous betterment of the EH & A ; S direction system & A ; the operational public presentations with entire employee engagement & A ; duty, and working with providers and contractors.

Prevent or minimise any possible inauspicious environmental impacts originating from operations, merchandises and services by:

Guaranting proper direction and optimal ingestion of our natural resources including H2O, electricity, r22 and natural stuffs ;

Guaranting proper direction of domestic and schedule wastes such as contaminated shreds, empty containers and general trash ;

Reduce, reuse and recycle garbages such as aluminium, Cu and steel.

Communicating the EH & A ; S policy to all employees and doing it available to all interested parties.

Based on our observation, Carrier International Sdn Bhd has issued a written EHS Policy Statement that is in alliance with the UTC and Carrier EHS Policy statements. It has been signed and dated by the Senior Site Manager. The policy will be reviewed yearly, reissued as necessary, and communicated to all employees. The policy will joint senior direction ‘s EHS doctrine, committedness and outlooks, supplying a seeable usher for the organisation. The policy statement will be available to the public upon petition ( refer to Appendix 1 ) . The policy will be reviewed yearly and minute in the OSC proceedingss of meeting.

As such, CISB has been comply with the basic seven ordinances under OSHA 1994 that enforced by DOSH under Employers ‘ Safety and Health General Policy Statements ( Exception ) Regulations, 1995. They have a complete set of EH & A ; S manual for the accurate guideline of the company safety direction plan. It is besides turn outing that CISB has complied with legal demand under Section 16 of Act 514 provinces:

“ Expect in such instances as may be prescribed, it shall be the responsibility of every employer and every freelance individual to fix and every bit frequently as may be appropriate revise a written statement of his general policy with regard of his employees and the organisation and agreements for the clip being in force for transporting out the policy, and to convey the statement and any rewriting of it to the notice of all of his employees ” .

It is of import that contents of the policy be made known to employees during initiation and occupation preparation. The general policy statement should be displayed at strategic locations in the workplace. It its understood that CISB has act in conformity with OSHA 1994 as they had give top precedence to explicate a written safety and wellness policy of their workplace to guarantee the success of their safety and wellness plan. It is besides every bit of import that CISB guarantee that what is written down is being implemented at their workplace. In short, a safety and wellness policy is non a mere bit of paper but a life papers.


An employer using 40 or more individuals must set up a safety and wellness commission at the workplace. The commission ‘s chief map is to maintain under reappraisal the steps taken to guarantee the safety and wellness of individuals at the workplace and look into any related affairs originating. An employer must advise the nearest occupational safety and wellness office of any accident, unsafe happening, occupational toxic condition or disease which has occurred or is likely to happen at the workplace.


Figure 1: CISB Safety & A ; Health Committee Chart

In add-on to the OSH, Carrier International Sdn Bhd has an EHS Committee which serves to supply the engagement, engagement and communicating channel from the employees to the direction and frailty versa in overall execution of EHS plan trough out the organisation degree. The commission function and duties are defined in the Occupational Safety and Health ( Safety Committee ) Regulations, 1999.

The EHS Committee is chaired by Human Resource Manager and consists of appropriate cardinal members of the local direction squad and every bit figure of employees from assorted section representatives. The Safety Officer/Coordinator will be the Secretary for the commission ( mention to Appendix 2 ) .

The Operation EHS Committee will at minimal meet every one-fourth and the proceedingss of the meetings are documented. The appropriate degree of communicating sing the commission actions will be provided to the affected works population. ( Refer to Appendix 12 )

Base on our interview with En. Basiruddin, EH & A ; S Manager of CISB, the Safety and Health Committee has meet the footings of safety and wellness commission map as listed below:

Review and O.K. operation-wide policies, the EHS Annual Plan, plan rating consequences and other enterprises

Approve the necessary homo, fiscal, proficient resources required to implement EH & A ; S plan.

Approve the one-year EH & A ; S program and do a uninterrupted follow up of the advancement towards end and aim.

Review position of ongoing plans and advancement to goals/targets

Review regulative conformity position

Provide way to line and functional staff

Sustain involvement and communicating in EHS throughout the operation

Establish issue-specific subcommittees as necessary

Ensure appropriate processs, plans and activities are in topographic point

Ensure employee apprehension of EHS policies, processs, plans and other enterprises

Ensure that equal proficient accomplishments are available

Ensure employee engagement in the development and execution of EHS plans and activities ( e.g. , engagement on EHS commissions, ego reviews, communications, hazard designation and control, etc. )


Accident is unexpected and unplanned event in a sequence of events, which occurs through a combination of causes which result in physical injury ( hurt or ill wellness ) to the person, harm of belongings, near miss, loss or any combination of these effects ” ( Ismail, 2002 ) . Due to its risky nature, fabrication is globally perceived as an accident-prone industry. It has ever been reported that industry work has a really high rate of hurts and deceases. Therefore, there is a negative stereotype refering safety in the building industry. To better fabrication site safety, proficient issues are no longer emphasized amongst governmental bureaus and private sectors. The way for accident bar has been shifted to the development of safety direction models advancing the execution of safety plans. Given that the personal safety and wellness of each employee is of primary concern, the bar of occupational accidents and hurts is of such effect that it should be given precedency over operational productiveness. Hence, CISB has documented manual on process to forestall accident in their workplace as reported to our constitution.

There are 3 major stairss taken to avoid such accident occur during the company ‘s operation which has been briefly discussed below:


Those hazards that have the greatest potency for inauspicious effects will have the highest ranking, and be addressed foremost. Lower precedence hazards will be evaluated for pertinence to the operation and addressed as such. Control measures, such as technology controls, policies, plans, processs, standard work, etc. , will be used when technological options are non available or cost prohibitive. The plan to extinguish, forestall or command the hazard will be developed, responsible individual to finish the activities assigned in the papers and distributed to all concerned by the EH & A ; S Manager. Activities that have the possible to make a important hazard to human wellness or the environment, extra demands such as Cardinal Rules and standard work covering demands for supervising equipment and procedure have been developed. Emerging issues of major significance will be evaluated and addressed based on their assigned precedence


Personal protective equipment ( PPE ) and vesture is used when other controls steps are non executable and where extra protection is needed. Workers must be trained to utilize and keep equipment decently. In CISB the workers must understand the restrictions of the personal protective equipment. The employer is expected to necessitate workers to utilize their equipment whenever it is needed. Care must be taken to guarantee that equipment is working decently. Otherwise, PPE may jeopardize a workers ‘ wellness by supplying an semblance of protection and below are the sample of PPE provided in CISB line operation.

Figure 2: Sample of PPE list At Raw Material Assembly by CISB

All EHS incidents will be reported, reviewed and investigated to a degree commensurate with the existent and possible effect of the happening and in conformity with UTC Policy 33 and UTC Policy 52.

Carrier International Sdn Bhd will look into incidents in conformity with Carrier and UTC incident / accident probe procedure.

All occupational employee and/or contractor human deaths

All serious EHS incidents and serious near girls

All incidents necessitating presentment to a regulative bureau

All incidents that led to acknowledge of a authorities EHS enforcement action

All incidents that require the execution of the operation ‘s exigency response program

All recordable injuries/illnesses

Other incidents that have the possible to earnestly impact the wellness and safety of employees or the environment.

All first assistance instances


Proper direction of jeopardies periodically identified in the workplace can be done through effectual procedure. A safety jeopardy is any force strong plenty to do hurt, or harm to belongings. An hurt caused by a safety jeopardy is normally obvious. For illustration, a worker may be severely cut. Safety jeopardies cause injury when workplace controls are non equal and this leads to the EH & A ; S Committee to enter occupation hazard analysis in guaranting safety direction control. ( Refer to Appendix 3 )


The appraisal procedure will place EHS hazards and regulative and company demands ( including standard patterns ) ; list the affected countries in the installation ; assign a superior ; place schemes to extinguish, forestall or command the hazard ; place the responsible parties for turn toing the hazard ; and place an estimated completion day of the month. In Carrier International Sdn. Bhd. , the appraisal is accomplished through:

Self Inspection

Supervisor Inspection

Forklift Inspection

Crane Inspection

Machine Guarding Inspection

Confine Space Inspection

Working at Height Inspection

Incident Investigations performed.

Management Audits and Inspections

Trend analysis performed quarterly by the EH & A ; S Manager

Program Evaluation.

Assurance Review

Risk appraisal of new Service contracts precedence to credence.

Employee concerns identified during preparation Sessionss and during Oversight Committee meetings.

Ergonomic appraisals performed yearly

Review bing and proposed Legal Requirements and UTC Standards by EH & A ; S Manager.

Emergency emptying drills performed yearly

Review of EH & A ; S risks anterior to buy, rent or divestitures

Review of procedure, chemicals or equipment prior to buy or implementation

When EH & A ; S incidences from other UTC locations are communicated.

Job Hazard Analysis ( JHA )

Conduct HIRARC

The Risk Assessment is an on-going procedure, which will be evaluated by the EHS Manager and other appropriate forces prior to the Annual Planning procedure and one-year Program Evaluation. All Hazards identified from the above activities will be registered into the “ Risk Assessment Inventory Form ” for bar and control procedure. ( Refer to appendix 4 )


After the hazard has been identified, it will be combined with the Probability of happening of the event with the Consequence and so delegating a grade of hazard by utilizing Table below:

Ultimately, the person or squad who identified the jeopardy must guarantee proper communicating of the jeopardy to the appropriate workplace authorization ( director, section caput, or designated individual ) . Each HIRARC must be to the full documented. In CISB, proper occupation jeopardy analysis has been taken earnestly to guarantee accident bar and control within the whole organisation operations. ( refer to Appendix 5 )


Emergency can be reasoning as 3 of import standards:

Accident – unexpected event which cause harm or injury.

Emergency – an unanticipated combination of fortunes or the ensuing province that calls for immediate action.

Disaster – a sudden black event conveying great harm, loss and devastation.

During an exigency, persons may panic or overreact. As a effect early actions have to be taken to turn to the crisis. These initial undertakings can be undertaken by Emergency Response Teams ( ERT ) structured by CISB while waiting for aid from the relevant governments to cover with the crisis at manus.

Figure 3: Emergency Response Team Chart

Mr Basiruddin, EH & A ; S Manager of CISB mentioned that many accidents are merely caused by ignorance, and absence of safety equipment, and processs, and are evitable if dealt with in the right mode. The first measure did by CISB in cut downing accidents is to hold proper safety processs for all procedures was to. For illustration, if the employees are covering with heavy machinery, you must put out the safety processes, and stairss that they have to take for covering with that machinery or chemical as documented in occupation jeopardy analysis. ( Refer to Appendix 3 ) CISB workers have been educating about how to manage the machinery or the chemical decently. Although preparation is necessary, the workers have been provided with safety equipment and uniforms that keep them safe from injury. It should be a rigorous regulation that employees wear baseball mitts, helmets, uniforms, or any other relevant piece of vesture at all times when managing machinery, or chemicals, so that the opportunities of accidents happening are minimized.

In footings of chemical jeopardies safety direction, CISB has comply with the ordinances by registering 149 chemical used within the company operations. ( Refer to Appendix6 ) It is a compulsory for any company to describe the chemical engagement within their operation event as to be prepared for any chemical jeopardies or catastrophe. For catastrophe which is classified as non-disastrous, the relevant bureaus can manage utilizing minimal resources and installations at local degree. In instance of catastrophe caused by fire or risky stuffs ( HAZMAT ) , Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia will move as a chief bureau to manage it. CISB ERT has a function to lend and play in both black and non black catastrophe in helping the authorities machinery.

However, any accident occurs in CISB has been pull offing efficaciously based on several stairss undertaken by the ERT and EH & A ; S commission as listed below:

First measure to take is describing the accident to the immediate senior or supervisor and naming an ambulance.

If there are representatives or workers responsible for first assistance, informing them of the accident will assist the victim acquire medical assistance at the earliest.

Any work related accident how minor it may be, should be recorded in accident probe study. Detailss such as the day of the month, clip and topographic point of happening and any other possible item should be included in the record. ( refer to appendix 7 )

Medical attending should be given to the injured individual. All hurts, childs and major should be reported so that the medical study has clear inside informations of all hurts sustained. This study will be produced in tribunal during the compensation claim judicial proceeding.

The supervisor must take duty of look intoing the possible cause of the accident. This manner further such incidents can be avoided. It will besides cut down unneeded amendss to the company.

The victim must bespeak for absence of leave and the employer must inform the same to the Health and Safety Executive if the leave is availed for more than 3 yearss.

Carrier International Sdn Bhd has a written exigency program to protect people, the environment and belongings appropriate to the nature and graduated table of its activities. The program includes effectual response steps to protect people, the environment and belongings from possible exigency state of affairss and incidents such as:

Fires and Explosion

Major chemical spills and releases

Natural catastrophes ( e.g. , temblors, twisters, hurricanes, etc. )

Any other important hazard to people or the environment )

Influenza Pandemic etc.

Emergency programs will be tested and reviewed yearly and after any incident that meets the standards of UTC Policy 33 or UTC Policy 52 or as alterations in local conditions warrant. Revisions, if necessary, will be made to the program ( s ) after each reappraisal and communicated to the affected parties. Our exigency program is in SP17 Emergency Response Plan.

In add-on, The EH & A ; S Manager must finish the signifier that required by Regulation 10 of the Occupational Safety and Health ( Notification of Accident, Dangerous Occurrence Occupational Poisoning and Disease ) Regulation 2004 and must be kept in the topographic point of work for 5 old ages. Failure to keep and station is a dispute of the above Regulation. ( Refer to Appendix 8 and Appendix 9 )

Based on the incident reported below, our observation found that CISB has manage efficaciously prevent and command workplace accident as merely 6 instances recorded by twelvemonth 2010.

It is impressive noted that CISB has successfully cut downing and measuring their hazard possibility and pull off hazard analysis efficaciously to forestall higher rate of workplace accident among their workers. However, from our observation, the written safety manuals must be enforced to be read by all employees, so that they know how to move in certain state of affairss. Apart from this, the company should do certain that everyday reviews are held of all the equipment, and machinery, so that if there are any disagreements, they are caught earlier.


The preparation activities as identified by the hazard appraisal will organize the “ Training Plan ” meanwhile EH & A ; S issues to be communicated based on hazard appraisal papers will organize portion of the “ Communication Plan ” . The cardinal action points of the hazard appraisal papers will be included in the “ Annual Plan ” .

As the hazard appraisal papers will be monitored for disciplinary action advancement, the “ Training Plan ” , “ Communication Plan ” and “ Annual Plan ” will automatically to be monitored.

In CISB, EHS Training will be provided that enables employees to get the appropriate EHS accomplishments and cognition to execute their occupation maps. The preparation plan consists of:

Designation of occupation maps that require EHS preparation and/or enfranchisement shall be done by the EHS director and Human Resource director.

Education and preparation will be delivered by the EHS director or 3rd party accredited developing organisation based on the appraisal and the nature of undertaking employees are involved with.

The effectivity of the preparation at supplying consciousness, cognition, accomplishment or behaviour alteration will be evaluated by direction through reviews and audits, quiz plans during the preparation Sessionss, and by the EH & A ; S Manager at the clip of the Program Evaluation. Effectiveness will besides be determined by:

Decrease in EH & A ; S public presentation tendencies.

Qualitative appraisal of the Internal Audit findings.

Employee ratings completed following selected training Sessionss.

Through reappraisal during the one-year Program Evaluation

A preparation program that outlines who will be trained, the subject and dates that preparation will be conducted

Training certification including enfranchisements, competence appraisals ( where required ) , cogent evidence of attending, a written description of preparation, day of the months of preparation which will be maintained by EHS section by certification and will be filed based on needed storage period.

In CISB, a written “ Training Plan ” for each twelvemonth and will dwell of the undermentioned types of preparation ( mention to Appendix 10 ) :

Compulsory Training for all new employees

New Employee EHS orientation

Policies and ends

EH & A ; S Cardinal regulations and processs

Job Specific Training prior to get downing work on a new occupation

Relevant regulations, processs and regulative demands

Hazards and preventative and control patterns and equipment

Training demands identified through the hazard appraisal procedure

Training stuff will be obtained or developed by the EH & A ; S staff with input and aid by supervising and employees. Training will be delivered by the EH & A ; S staff and / or supervisors or the preparation director as defined in the Training Plan.

Training Effectiveness Evaluation

Effectiveness will be determined by:

Decrease in EH & A ; S public presentation tendencies during the Annual Program Evaluation

Qualitative appraisal of the direction audit findings

Employee ratings completed following selected preparation Sessionss

Pre and Post Trials

Training Records

Human Resource Department will retain transcripts of preparation stuffs and signup sheets as indicated below: ( Mention to Appendix 11 )

Items that are non completed harmonizing to the day of the months listed on the Calendar will be added to the hazard appraisal for reappraisal, monitoring and tracking to completion by the EHS Oversight Committee.

An one-year EH & A ; S Training Plan will be developed by the EHS Department and reviewed by the EHS Oversight Committee Items that are non completed harmonizing to the day of the months listed on the Calendar will be added to the hazard appraisal for reappraisal, monitoring and tracking to completion by the EHS Oversight Committee.


Communication Plan

Communicationss are for conveying EHS issues, information and consciousness. Compulsory communications include:

Communication of Carrier ‘s Cardinal Rules

Posting or supplying information as required by Cardinal Rules

Coverage of EHS information and incidents to Carrier/UTC as required

Communicating relevant Carrier Alerts, Bulletins, and similar consciousness advisories

Consequences of incident probes, audits, reviews, new or revised regulations or processs, the one-year EHS program, EHS public presentation, new or revised preparation, etc.

Annually, a written Communications Plan will be developed which, at a minimal references:

EHS public presentation, including advancement toward ends

EHS incidents, such as hurts, spills, regulative misdemeanors, etc.

Rules, processs and general EHS information

Intended audience, including employees and other stakeholders as appropriate

Methodology for bipartisan communicating between direction and stakeholders

Specific communicating methods and frequence of communicating

EHS director filed a transcript of the communicating program. Requests for information from external organisations are channeled through the concern communications section or group.

The effectivity of communicating will be determined by betterment in EHS public presentation tendencies and qualitative appraisal through direction audits and plan rating.


To prove the efficiency of CISB ERT, its exigency programs and processs, its preparation effectivity, and equipment is by carry oning drills and exercisings. There are different types of exercisings which can be implemented at the workplace. The drills and exercising are such as Functional Exercise or Full-Scale Exercise etcetera to measure a program. Drills and exercisings must be conducted on a regular basis in practical state of affairss or as picturing existent state of affairss so as to develop the response organisation ( ERT ) into an effectual co-ordinated squad, which can maps expeditiously during an existent exigency.


CISB Company has done the OSH to their employees and go the company who are really committed to the safety and wellness among their workers. This can take to the successful on making their occupations and satisfaction among their workers. In order to maintain their repute at the organisation, they have to maintain their public presentation and their worker ‘s quality and productiveness towards their company. So, the companies have to take action as a whole position of the company so that they can place the failing and strength about their company including their safety and wellness towards the workers. Other than that, the company really inside informations on every measure that they take so that they can get the better of the jobs without doing the bigger loss to the company. The Occupational safety and health administration 1994 has being the guideline to the CISB Company towards the successful company about the productiveness and the occupation public presentation to the workers.

CISB has become more secured company to the workers that do daily tasks in the company and they can retain their public presentation and their quality to accomplish what they want to acquire on their ends. Furthermore, CISB has stated that they are good company status workplace to procure their worker ‘s safety and wellness in order to carry through they ends towards the successful of the company.


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