Computer and the Society Today Essay

Computer and society today The Computer revolution is the most important revolution in the world history. Microelectronics has been the driving force behind this unbelievable technological leap. We live in a computerized society and whether we like it or not, it is going to get more and more computerized. The major reason behind such an impact of computers is that computers are becoming smaller, cheaper, faster and more reliable. They are an indispensable way of life. A country without the use of computers is like a child without a mother.

The first general computer was installed in 1951, so it has been more than half a decade since the world has started thinking in terms of computers. Most of us would have had our first encounter with the computers through our dealing with large corporations such as department stores, banks, utility companies etc. These firms have gone so much into automation that it is highly unlikely that they will revert back to precomputer society and on the contrary, they will use more and more of this electronic tool. A newer and a greater revolution have already beckoned us.

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Computer and the Society Today Essay
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It is the second part of the computer revolution brought about by the merger of computers and communication technology. All nations are dominated by information and with the help of terrestrial and satellite communication; people from one corner of the world can interact with people from another corner through telephones, mobiles, internet etc. The world has suddenly become a smaller place. With this diffusion of information, people are able to express their ideas, views and also make new contacts which may further help in increasing job opportunities globally.

This provides a great scope for ordinary humans to raise their level of knowledge and intelligence. Hence, in due course there will be a global culture and a global community and this is mainly due to the waves of change being brought about by the computer revolution. Everybody is moving towards more and more materialist and technology affected life, but we should make sure this doesn’t hamper our basic feature of humanity and brotherhood.


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