Computer Coaching Software Sample Essay

We presently expect pupils to plan and develop their ain coaching session templet. as stated in the guidelines of the NVQ course of study. Although this is an of import portion of the pupils larning and understanding. I believe it is introduced far excessively early into the programme to hold any immediate impact on the pupil. Most pupils enter the universe of Football Coaching rather nescient to the demands of such a papers. so to anticipate them to plan their ain with really small cognition of its contents is a tall order. The current format for bring forthing such paperss can be done in one of two ways. The standard pen and paper production. which if done decently looks nice. nevertheless. errors made whilst utilizing this method can take to an untidy piece or have the pupil get downing all over once more. Either manner. the paper and pen method can be really clip consuming. The other requires a cognition of Microsoft Word and Excel plans to plan on. Once once more this can take clip to larn and explicate. I used both methods during my clip as a pupil and preferred the latter.

For several old ages now I have been utilizing a piece of computing machine package called ‘Soccer Tutor’ . This province of the art plan enables the user to make and plan Sessionss with comparative easiness and in different formats ( 2D. 3D. full. half. 3rd or one-fourth pitch. side. terminal or birds oculus position ) It has helped me no terminal over the old ages and I believe that the debut of this package within the instruction of the topic would give the pupils an added border when taking the class. It has been a great influence in the planning of my Sessionss both in and out of college.

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Computer Coaching Software Sample Essay
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With the debut of Soccer Tutor Software. all pupils would hold entree to an ‘interactive template’ that they could experiment with and play with any thoughts they may hold. Besides with the increasing usage of Smartboards within schoolrooms. the package can be used to show. Teach and insight thoughts using the whole category. who at the same clip could retroflex and make Sessionss by utilizing the package in forepart of them. Many different scenarios can be produced in really small clip compared to the current method of manus composing Sessionss that can take clip to finish when presentation is paramount.

These Sessionss are automatically transferred to a coaching session templet whereby the pupil will necessitate to make full in the inside informations of the drill which can so be saved. printed off. emailed and edited at anytime. Over the class of the twelvemonth a portfolio of work can be produced rapidly by utilizing the package. which when shared with other pupils. would construct up a ample manual of training drills by the terminal of the class. which would be good in the early old ages of the pupils training life.

The debut of the package has many educational advantages excessively. It encourages job resolution and improves pupil development and apprehension by showing their Sessionss and tactics in a ocular mode. It incorporates the basic Skills for Life within every lesson as it embeds literacy. linguistic communication. numeracy and ICT. This has many benefits as stated on the Skills for Life Development Centre web site who put:

‘For those who adopt the embedding attack. the benefits are touchable. even conclusive. The statement is simple: embed Skills for Life and you raise the functional accomplishments degrees of your scholars ; raise the functional accomplishments degrees and you raise keeping. achievement rates in vocational makings and patterned advance to higher-level programmes. ’

Surely a good statement to present the package as this would decidedly be in the college’s involvement.


To enable me to flip my thought to the powers to be. I set about be aftering an active research undertaking that would turn out that the use of the package would be good deserving sing. The first stairss I undertook was to reach local colleges within the West Midlands who besides ran the Football Coaching classs. and asked the managers if they had implemented the usage of any coaching package plans at any clip during their instructions. This resulted in a resonant no. with most managers preferring the traditional paper and pen and whiteboard diagrams approach to instruction. However. one coach and UEFA ‘A ‘coach that I spoke to advert that he really used ‘Soccer Tutor’ stating:

“As a lector and manager for the UEFA B Licence. my clip and that of the pupils is paramount. In the yesteryear I have experimented with training package but found it to be slower and more cumbrous than pen and paper and so finally reverted back. Soccer Tutor is different as it is more consecutive forward and oilskin in the design phase and this makes it a feasible solution for me. On the occasions I have needed support it has been of the highest quality and the system. though already first-class evolves continuously. I shall urge it”

However. he did add that he had ne’er used it within his ain college construction saying that funding for such a undertaking was an issue. I checked with ‘Soccer Tutor’ to see what the cost would be. They informed me that we could purchase a lifetime corporate bundle for ?195 which would let the merchandise to be installed on up to 25 computing machines. I approached my director to see if this degree of support would be a job. I was told that money could be made available but grounds that the money would be good exhausted and that the package would profit the college would be needed beforehand.

The following issue at manus was which computing machines the package would be installed upon. I chased this up with ‘Room Request’ who told me that the job with the thought was that the package could be installed within one of the computing machine room nevertheless that room couldn’t be guaranteed for usage for merely the athleticss section. This seemed a small blinkered but something that could be overcome in clip.


The class construction for the coaching makings spans over 2 old ages. with NVQ Level 2 so 3. So to derive a broad scope of consequences I planned to use both groups of pupils. I want to turn out that this package was more educational. easier to utilize and more productive than the conventional methods being used. To make this I selected two groups of 8 pupils from both the NVQ Level 2 ( twelvemonth 1 ) and Level 3 classs ( year2 ) .

Both groups were asked to bring forth a scope of training Sessionss based on the standards specified on the course of study. These were:

Passing – Control – Dribbling – Runing with the ball – Heading – Crossing

Cheating – Shielding – Shooting – Low & A ; Lofted thrusts – Turning – Goalkeeping

It was stated to each group that at least one session of each of the 12 subjects was required to finish the undertaking. with each subject incorporating 3 separate parts that must include:

A Technical Session

A Skill Session

A Small Sided Game

This worked out to the amount of 36 Sessions that each pupil needed to finish – 288 in entire per group

I set a clip bound of 14 yearss to finish the undertaking. whereby the pupils would hold 7 yearss to finish the undertaking utilizing the current method of paper and pen. so the other 7 yearss utilizing the new package. Neither of the two groups had used this package before. something I checked while choosing the pupils. so this gave manner for a wholly indifferent position. The lone job left was to derive entree to the package. We were fortunate plenty to take advantage of the 14 yearss free test period that the manufacturers’ offered on their web site to seek out the merchandise.

The research commenced on the 14th June 2010 and the 2 separate groups set about the undertakings. This was done both in college and at place whereby pupils could give as much clip as the wished on the undertaking. At the beginning of the 2nd hebdomad I gave a one hr initiation to both groups on separate occasions on how to acquire the best out of the package. and so made myself available to all pupils throughout the hebdomad.


As I expected. the package proved to be a major success with the pupils across the board which was really encouraging. If we look at the overall consequences as shown in the chart below we will happen that the mark of 288 Sessionss was beat by both groups. with twelvemonth 2 really crushing that figure in merely one hebdomad entirely whilst utilizing the package! However. does this research show that ‘Soccer Tutor’ would be a valuable add-on to the class?


The consequences show an overpowering accomplishment by the pupils in bring forthing 525 Sessionss in a individual hebdomad utilizing the package compared to merely 158 utilizing the traditional method of paper and pen/ Microsoft Word/Excel. which on the surface shows that ‘Soccer Tutor’ is more favorable. . demoing a 232 % addition in productiveness over handwritten Sessionss. However. several variables need to be acknowledged before the consequences can be put away as a valid statement. The first point that needs to be addressed is the timing of the trial. which took topographic point at the terminal of the first and 2nd academic old ages for both groups. utilizing pupils who have gained 12 months and 24 months of training experience already. Ideally. to set up an accurate and dependable history this trial would necessitate to be done once more at several intervals during the class.

My ideas on this would be to present the trial at the really start of the academic twelvemonth. midway through and concluding the terminal of the class. so follow it through to the 2nd twelvemonth to maintain assemblage informations. I am certain that remaking the trial at the start of the class utilizing the old twelvemonth 1s and new recruits would show a much lower consequence due to the deficiency of existent coaching cognition. It may besides be an thought to present a brief trial within the initial Induction Assessment

However. the consequences are non merely about the measure of Sessionss produced. There was a huge difference between the quality of the first and 2nd twelvemonth session. whereby the 2nd twelvemonth group used more advanced coaching methods within their drills. Although some of the first old ages attempted several advanced Sessionss. realistically they were beyond their coaching capableness at this phase. However. these programs could be looked at and edited as they improved. This is where Kolb’s Cycle of Learning is introduced. whereby the pupil manager follows four phases of larning as they get cognition. experience and accomplishment in the topic. This experience spans throughout a coaches’ calling and is utilized invariably in order to be after for future Sessionss.

The research was a really short. crisp and soiled experiment whereby I crammed 12 of the 19 training subjects normally taught over the class of 10 months into a 2 hebdomad slot. Once ‘Soccer Tutor’ is introduced to the plan. pupils will hold more clip to be after. design and reflect on the single coaching subjects. This will do manner for a greater apprehension of the topic.

The feedback received from the pupils showed that they preferred the new format saying that it gave them a better construct of what they were be aftering. and it was merriment to utilize. The chief issue that stood out was affordability for those wishing to utilize it at place. with 30 % of the combined groups foregrounding this as a job. If the college agreed to the debut of the package so it would intend holding to rethink the course of study to enable pupils to finish Sessionss at college and travel written based assignments to be complete at place alternatively. This will necessitate some work but I can non see this as being an issue.

There was one ethical affair that arose due to the research. It came to visible radiation that one pupil did non hold entree to a computing machine at place and this presented itself in the pupils deficiency of computing machine literacy. Although the pupil attempted the undertaking. and to give them recognition made a good fist of it. it was obvious that they felt uncomfortable. owverH However. if we introduce the package to the class. theses troubles can be overcome to enable all scholars the chance to accomplish agreed marks by using distinction schemes. Overall. the consequences provide a footing for me to near the college with my proposal. The research has shown that betterments were made with merely one experiment and with the right execution it will non merely profit the class but will necessarily better the pupils grasp on the topic and help their development of ICT. Language. Literacy and Numeracy.


Skills for Life Development Centre ( no day of the month ) Why Embed. [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sfldc. org/guidelines/embedding/why. php [ Accessed 19th August 2010 ] .


Cohen. L. Manion. L. and Morrison. K R B ( 2007 ) Research Methods in
Education. 6th Edition. London: Routledge

Scales. P. ( 2008 ) Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. McGraw-Hill

Professional Learning Journal Assessment


The presentation that accompanied the Research Project and Methodology assignment in 2502 was one that on contemplation didn’t go the manner it was planned. The really set up of the presentation following the research wasn’t an issue. nevertheless. on showing my findings to my equals I found my ego unfocussed. unsure and lacking in information. This wasn’t due to non holding the necessary informations and/or assurance to set the presentation on. On contemplation I believe this was down to issues that had arose within my personal life within the hebdomad of study.

The college had announced that they were cutting classs. which would necessarily take to redundancies and unemployment. Shortly after. it was announced that within the Sports Department 3 classs were to be cut. This had a direct affect on my employment. Acerate leaf to state this had a negative consequence on me personally and psychologically.

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. I was no longer run intoing the most footing demands as represented in the lower degrees. Sleep. or deficiency of it. due to at hand lose of fiscal security and a cognition of no longer belonging to a certain group all had its affect on me. The lower four beds of Maslow’s pyramid contain what is known “deficiency needs” As cited by Keith Rice ( 2010 ) on his web site Integrated SocioPsychology

“With the exclusion of the lowest ( physiological ) needs. if these “deficiency needs” are non met. the organic structure gives no physical indicant but the single feels dying and tense. In other words. the hierarchy degree of demand moves upward every bit shortly as the old degree of demand is satisfied. ”

I believe that this is what go on to myself and unluckily. I had let my professional cloak faux pas and allowed my outside jobs to overcast my head.


I have used the summer months to go to several training seminars and practical coaching presentations delivered by some of the top managers in the UK. These have been really utile to me and the information gathered from both events has aided towards my survey for the extroverted UEFA ‘B’ class I am go toing in October 2010.

These Sessionss gave me insight into more advanced coaching methods every bit good as presenting different methods and schemes to pre bing thoughts. This type of instruction is great for any manager as they can take spots from each coach to determine and model their ain coaching manner and thoughts. Having. this summer. taken on the function of manager for an all ladies squad. some of the information given by Hope Powell. Head Coach for the England Women’s National side. was invaluable. Not merely will the information and advise benefit my coaching of the ladies side but it will besides be really utile on educating future female managers within a college environment.


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