Computer Education Essay

Multimedia and use a formula. H. Web development and d. 3. It is that which makes use animation tools of both the character-handling I. Photo and graphic and number crunching power of enhancement programs the computer to do almost any J. Word processors task like customer mailing list. . Antivirus utilities e. 4. It is a software refers to using these programs to make a sequence of visuals which are projected onto a screen to help clarify or demonstrate the points made during a speech. . 5. It is a software used for designing and producing publications, such as newsletters, trade Journals or brochures, using microcomputers with graphics capability. G. 6. Software uses the capabilities of the computer as a multimedia center. H. 7. This are used to create power- full multimedia websites using the WYSIWYG mode. It removes the Burden of hard coding HTML programs. I. 8. It allows user to digitally maniple- late photos and graphic images to enhance more powerful effects. B. 9.

It provides professional and amateur sound artists to enhance Ana digitally create sound masterpieces. A. 10. It allows analog video to be digitally captured and further enhanced. 3. Differentiate the following: 1 . System developer / programmers vs.. Application users 2. Copper wire vs.. Fiber optics 3. Power cable vs.. Information cable . Distinguish whether the following items listed below are the Asia or the most essential tools that will assist a web developer manage a web site: a.

A Web Browser – most essential b. A Graphics tool – most essential c. File Transfer Protocol program – most essential d. Microsoft Word – basic e. Microsoft Excel – basic f. A Text Editor – most essential Word Pad – basic g. H. Modem – most essential I. Cellophane – basic j. ISP – most essential 2. Realizing the basic tools needed for Web Development, make your own list of tools that can help one in preparing for web development. 3. What do you think would be the benefits of learning Web Development right at this moment as a student?

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Computer Education Essay
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