Computer Hacking Essay

Why is it that Computer Hacking is something we don’t ever hear about? Hundreds of Hackers every day break into banks and businesses and steal valuable information or even money from people such as ourselves. They are other hackers that start viruses and worms through big computer networks that can destroy all your information you have and your computer. Hackers use everyday things to start computer eaters, which is why we have those annoying viruses and worms everywhere in computers.

We use anti-viruses software for viruses and worms protection for everyday computer users to have on their computer so they can avoid having their information destroyed. With the brains we have for technology these days you would think we would have a complete block for hacker so they can’t hack into anything and we don’t have to deal with cleaning up what hackers destroy. We have so much experience with technology in every type or mechanical machine that there has to be a way we can make some type of protection in PC‘s to prevent these acts from ever starting in a computer.

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People haven’t paid attention to Computer hacking, but it affects a lot of people because they hack into accounts and steal money and create viruses. If more people start hearing about his maybe it can be stop it if we have more support. The more support the better chance we have of stopping this damaging act. Computer hacking is one of the biggest crimes in all over the world today. Hacking began in the sixties when MIT students gained control of the school’s mainframe and over the central processing unit and deleted programs.

They also used hacking in wars to hack into predator’s machine and change things like times (Harmless Hacking, 2006). When hackers learned about flaws in security systems and found that they could hack into big cooperation’s accounts and bank systems and take money hacking kept growing from there (Bavisi, J 2006). Every day all over the world hacking continues to increase dramatically. Hackers can now break into almost anything, any type of account that’s fundable and steal money.

They take credit card numbers and use them and leave you with a huge bill to have fun with or they could sell them to people and make money from it. People’s private personal information gets stolen and used or also sold for money. Hackers are also the reason for our viruses and worms we get in our computers. They use big computer networks to set viruses and create there worms through there. There number one network to plant viruses from is Microsoft which is one of the biggest networks in the world.

They attach viruses through files in systems in computer networks and whenever that network runs the viruses runs. Worms are a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security hole to reproduce its self. It uses networks to scan for other machines that have a specific security holes and copies itself and start replicating from there. Worms can copy all your information from your computer and send it to another computer without you knowing (Chang, J 2004). This affects us in ways that people don’t even understand or even realize for that matter.

Bank accounts are the number one thing hacker’s hack into these days. It is very easy for a hacker to hack into a bank account. They hack into the account and transfer the money to another account in that same bank that’s why it is always being done because the bank doesn’t even notice these actions going on (Harmless Hacking, 2006). Hackers take information such as credit card to use them for their own use or they sell them to people. The people use the credit cards so they can go into other countries without having to fill out paper work.

One huge credit card holder is Visa credit cards, they are always being stolen or used or ones pleasure. Hackers are also know to take social security numbers and sell them to foreign people just so it is easier for them to get into other countries. We always hear about people having identity theft and this is the reason why. We have Hackers hacking onto our information and using it. Another problem we are always dealing with viruses and worms in our computers. Hacker use computer networks to plant viruses and worms that destroy your computer.

Viruses can shut down your computer completely and you will lose all your information but now we prevent the problem and usually we can fix the problem now with the technology we use today. Using a big cooperation their systems are always being used so the virus will run as soon as possible and always keep running. The virus will run as soon as that program runs and they can reproduce and they get out very quickly (Hooper, A 2009). It has been said that there are some type of site and then when you run there site it does damage to your computer sometime you don’t even know about it.

We are the ones who get all the damage because we use computer networks every day. E-mail viruses are one of the biggest problems for people as well as a normal program. Viruses make it look like someone important or interesting is sending something to you and as soon as you open that file you destroy your computer. Hackers accomplish bad acts all the time that can affect us as citizens. What they are doing is identity theft, intellectual property theft, and other forms of computer-related crimes (Peterson, I 1983).

What they are doing when they hack into your bank account is vandalizing you and everyone else in the world. It’s like there breaking into your house and steal from you as you sleep. When someone is taking something from you and you are so helpless about being able to doing something about it, it’s like to me that your are sleeping and being robbed. You can’t do anything while you are sleeping and you can’t do anything when they are doing these hacking actions in your bank account until it has already happened.

You trust your bank to protect your money from being taken because having cash in your home you can get robbed and they can get your money easily. You feel a bank is very trust worthy because they are a bank and when banks get robbed people always get caught and if your money gets stolen from that bank it is their fault. You think maybe this is why hackers are hacking into things. The bank always gives people their money back so it is not like well ever miss out on money. If hackers think like this I am sure that we have a very serious problem that needs to be fixed.

Hackers also can start terrorism through computers to other countries when they hack into government systems (Eder, K 2002). It can be very scary when they hack into government accounts and steal guns from them and types of armor that can blow up a country. Why it is that a hacker is able to get into this types of system and can most of the time get away with it? What is the government trying to do about computer hacking? According to Certification Magazine viruses scan are what the government made to prevent your computer from having viruses and worms in your computer (Bavisi, J para 2).

The anti-virus is a scanner that scans every file before you download it on to your computer. The scanner automatically detects a virus and alerts you to not accept, if the file is clean it accepts the file. They have al lot of anti-virus’s for every type of computer. It is also good to have full protection on you and your computer is by installing spy ware, get spam guard protect towards your email accounts, and have firewall software protection on your computer. Most of the anti viruses are useful to any computer on the market.

This isn’t really stopping hacking but it is preventing there damaging work from getting into your computer. Viruses are detected in almost every network so the government advises every computer holder to have spyware on their computer for a longer lasting computer (Hooper, A 2009). The Government is also trying to prevent computer hacking by starting in school systems now. Computers are used today for everything and we find ourselves using them in our everyday life style. Kids are using them as soon as they can recognize letters.

They figure starting in school system and having teachers talk about computer hacking to students when their young and really drill it into their heads about how computer hacking is very dangerous and a crime that is damaging it could work. They want teacher to look for signs of hacking when student in all grades are using computers. Schools usually block a lot of site on their computers so student aren’t doing what they are not suppose to and this can be a sign that student will hack. They will hack into the schools systems and make it so they have complete internet access.

This is some way we can prevent hacking from going on (Stone, D. M. 2009). We should have a set up and really look at what a child is doing to hack into the school system. Obviously this is something that is very simple to do, considering sixth graders can do it, so it should be easy to spot. We can also prevent it by telling parents about hacking. Informing them about the danger as well and having them always mention this to their kids. They also can help spot hacking signs and inform them about them crime that they are committing when using a computer at home.

Parents aren’t realizing a lot of hacking that goes on in the video game world is done by teenagers (Stone, D. M. 2009). This is Hacking whether parents want to believe it or not what their child is doing to upgrade in their game is illegal. Children learn young so by starting to prevent computer hacking or any type of hacking by insuring them as soon as they use a computer and understand it could work. Using young kid’s minds is a very smart way to go. We need to let children know that it alright to say something when something bad is going on or they hear about something bad.

If hacking is going on in school computers student shouldn’t feel scared to want to say something. Computer Hacking can be very dangerous skill for anyone to have. Computers haven’t been out that long and the longer we have them the more hackers figure out loop hole to get into networks. Viruses that they create can ruin ones computer and lose their important and valuable information that they are most likely never to see again. Spyware will always keep out those viruses and worms as long as you have that in your computer.

Though we have anti-spyware it is still crazy how we are so advanced with technology but we can’t figure a way out to make it so hacker can’t hack into computers. The fact that we use banks because we feel our money is safe there and having hackers being able to get that money even though banks are safe is scary. The fact that anyone can take your personal information with the click of a button by a hacker is ridicules. How is it that Hacker gets into Federal property with the technology we have today? Reference Page:

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