Computer Specialist Career Essay

Running Head: COMPUTER MANAGEMENT SECURITY Computer Management Security Jason Jones Computer Applications CGS2167-XX 29 April 2010 Abstract A computer security career is a highly diverse and important position, where you could work anywhere from a College Campus to a Hospital Administration building, all the way up to the Government Agencies all over the world. With so many new businesses’ opening daily, worldwide, the job market will be forever expanding.

Whenever a business’s computer system acts up it’s the job of their computer security specialist to carefully take all the required steps to identify and resolve the specific issue, combining many people into one, saving the company lots of money. These specialists have and exceptional and advanced overall knowledge of all things computer. Computer Security Manager Computer security is made up of digital forensic, network security, and preventing malware, and is a rapidly growing field that involves gathering and analyzing evidence from computers and networks.

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Computer Specialist Career Essay
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Because computers and the internet are the fastest growing technology used for criminal activity, the need for computer security managers will increase in years to come. A computer security manager examines computer media, programs, data, and log files on computers, servers, and networks. There are many business that employ computer security managers, including colleges, hospitals, law enforcement, the military, and many others organizations of the government and private sector.

A computer security manager must have knowledge of the latest computer and network policies, patches, and have good technical experience with many types of hardware and software products, superior communication skills, and willingness to learn and update skills, and a knack for problem solving skills. When a problem occurs, it is the responsibility of the computer security manager to carefully take the required steps to identify and resolve the security issues. This type of nowledge and action can quickly help an organization save several hours and dollars in lost time and wages. These steps include protecting the suspect’s computer, discovering all files, recovering deleted files, revealing hidden files, accessing protected or encrypted files, analyzing all the data, and providing expert consultation and/or testimony as required (Reinman, 2008). A computer security manager must have knowledge of all aspects of the computer, from the operating system to computer architecture and hardware design.

In the past, many computer security managers were self taught computer users. Today, extensive training, usually from several different sources, is required. A degree in Computer Science should be supplemented with graduate courses and university-level professional development certificates. Entry level salaries range from $45,000 to $75,000. With experience and certifications, salaries can exceed $125,000 (Turrel, 2008).

With growing use of computers in all areas of life, the number of computer crimes surely will continue to rise. As a result, the need for skilled managers to battle these crimes will increase for many years to come. Works Cited Reinman, D. P. (2008, February). Fighting Cybercriminal. Cybertech Monthly , pp. 52-58. Shelly, G. B. (2008, March 7). Computer Careers. Retrieved from scsite. com: http://www. scsite. com/wd2007/pr2/wc. html Turrel, M. O. (2008). Cybercrimes and Criminals. El Paso: Legal Works Publishing Company.


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