Computerized Enrollment System Essay Sample

1. 1 Background of the Study
Registration System is a good illustration of a computing machine generated procedure. This can decrease the work load and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a consequence. it will profit non merely the pupil but the disposal as a whole. Registration System is really indispensable in a school. It is composed of a manual system. Directress used manual system in entering and recovering student’s information. She besides has information about student’s payment. In fact. she does all the record maintaining merely by utilizing ballpen and columniform sheet. On the other manus. Registrar Department besides used manual system as a manner of recording and recovering pupil information. Moonwalk National High School located at St. Mary Street cor. Daang Batang Street. San Agustin Village. Barangay Moonwalk. Paranaque City. Philippines. Classs are by and large big. averaging greater than 2000 pupils. The module works on such absorbing subjects as practical world. parallel calculating. embedded applications. Internet engineerings and multimedia. They have own Enrollment System that can supply information to the pupils.

1. 2 Statement of the Problem
Since the Moonwalk National High School former Dr. Arcadio National High School was built. the enrollees of the school were increasing annually. The instructors of the school were taking so much clip to hive away the students’ information and to corroborate the subdivisions of every pupil.

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Computerized Enrollment System Essay Sample
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1. 3 Statement of Purpose
The aim of this survey is to assist the Moonwalk National High School on their registration system to be more productive and effectual manner so the staffs or instructors on this school can hive away the information of the pupils in more easy and lesser mistakes. So the school must hold it because. it can assist more on their registration system by our proposed computerized system. 1. 4 Scope and Restriction

The Computerized Enrollment System will let all the staffs or instructors to add the record or informations of new enrollee pupils. Those pupils that have been dropped out. kicked out or transferred into other school can cancel their informations or certificates. The plan will besides supply an edit button to alter the information of the pupils if some mistakes were made. The restriction of the plan we’re traveling to make can merely run in Microsoft Operating System. Program can non be used online and the school forces can run the plan. 1. 5 Definition of Footings

Registration System –
Computerized Registration System –
Advocates –

Chapter II

2. 1 School Profile
2. 2 Review of Related Literature

2. 1 School Profile
Moonwalk National High School is a municipal public school. It has 4 secondary degrees with 13 subdivisions in 4th twelvemonth. 12 subdivisions in 3rd twelvemonth. 14 subdivisions in 2nd twelvemonth and 15 subdivisions for the 1st twelvemonth degree. The School was once named as Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School. It was founded in 2005 and is located at Saint Mary’s st. Cor. Daang batang st. . Moonwalk. Paranaque City.

The Moonwalk National High School is now doing a new edifice because of the averaging about 65 pupils in every room and for the pupils who want to be provided a good quality of instruction by the school.

2. 2 Review of Related Literature
Computerized Registration System PES unit II
A simple school that will hold a computerized registration system. The pupils or parents will make full up information for application for so will travel to the counsel councilor so the counsel councilor will type the information about the pupil. If the pupil has a information in the school it will update the recorded information of the pupil. If the pupil is a new enrollee in the school it will automatically recorded by the computerized system.


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