Computerized Payroll System of Capiz Electric Cooperative Sample Essay

Nowadays all constitution are going modernized. they use modern engineerings to do their dealing fast. easy. and accurate in order to avoid waste of clip and for the interest of safety and security. It besides helps human to work out and understand complex job and analysis such us the computational demand of worlds. Particularly to concern constitution or corporation processing tremendous informations and complex dealing. Payroll is an illustration of a complex dealing because it is a critical concern operation covering with legion histories and bring forth plentifulness and confidential files. Payroll is encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular rewards or other compensation due to each. Using manual process on a Payroll dealing affecting the huge round reply in that job would be computing machine because computing machines can imitate tremendous informations and can treat complex dealing in a fast and efficient manner. It can bring forth legion histories and informations accurately.

A Computerized Payroll System will non merely supply accurate computation and fast procedure of Payroll dealing but it will procure informations through security execution and consequently arrange files provided by a well designed database that will bring forth a paperless environment. Capiz Electric Cooperative is Government regulated by ERC. Capiz Electric Cooperative is headed and managed by a General Manager from National Electrification Administration ( NEA ) . Capiz Electric Cooperative if formed by the National Electrification Administration last June 07. 1971 and registered with NEA last June 16. 1971. Several undertakings were proposed and granted by NEA and the concerted quickly expanded.

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Computerized Payroll System of Capiz Electric Cooperative Sample Essay
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February 16. 1978. National Electrification Commission ( NEC ) certification of franchise NO. 004 issued to Capiz Electric Cooperative the licence to run electric visible radiation and power for 50 old ages in country consisting Roxas City and the 16 town of Capiz viz. Panay. Panitan. Pontevedra. Maayon. President Roxas and Pilar. Ivisan. Sapian. Jamindan. Mambusao. Sigma. Dao. Cuartero. Dumarao. Dumalag Tapaz and the City of Roxas. Capiz Electric Cooperative has six Area Offices: Roxas City. President Roxas. Mambusao. Dao. Dumalag and the chief office is in Timpas. Panitan. Presently. Capiz Electric Cooperative ( CAPELCO ) is practising the manual procedure on their Payroll System. It has separate manual procedure for the Regular Employees and J. O ( Job-Order ) employees. The entire figure of employees in Capiz Electric Cooperative is 339 – 299 regular employees and 40 job-order employees.

Statement of the Problems
1. Time devouring procedure of paysheet readying
The Capiz Electric Cooperative still utilizing the manual method of paysheet procedure. A batch of occupations are assigned to the paysheet shaper and accounting clerk. with cause’s incommodiousness to their services. In this method. it will necessitate more clip and manpower to finish the paysheet of each employee. 2. Arduous paysheet procedure

Cipher could acknowledge the ineluctable fact that what makes the manual process take a long clip to complete the undertaking is due to the many stairss and procedures to undergo. There is the aggregation of informations such as DTR. REMITTANCES. and single manual computation of paysheet. Individual information is transferred through sheets. encoding and dual checking after ciphering. All this procedure requires labour and attempt to finish the undertaking. 3. Misposting and understating of employee’s informations

The logical procedure of manual process consequence to excessively much clip ingestion. It frequently times consequence in misposting and understating of each employees informations of plentifulness of files that is difficult to suit. Aims of the Study

This survey is intended to plan and develop a Computerized Payroll System for Capiz Electric Cooperative for calendar twelvemonth 2010. Specifically. this survey aims: 1• To minimise the attempt of the bookkeeper in treating the Payroll Slip and Payroll Form. 2• To do an efficient and accurate calculation of Payroll. 3. To make a well-arranged database and to implement strong security of the system for informations security.

Significance of the Study
To Accounting Department and Payroll Maker of Capiz Electric Cooperative The proposed system will assist the accounting subdivision of Capiz Electric Cooperative particularly the Payroll maker/bookkeeper and the Finance Officer. It will assist to decrease the clip and attempt of the paysheet maker/bookkeeper fixing payments of employees. The System develop can suit altering figures and bring forth a paperless environment through good design database.

To Advocates

This survey will assist the advocates to heighten the ability on how to make an apprehensible computerized system in an easy manner. This will function to the advocates as a challenge to make a better system. To the other Researcher

This survey gives cognition to the research worker on how to make a Computerized System in apprehensible manner. This will function as a fresh land for the research worker whose survey will be related in the field of Information Technology.

Scope and Restriction

This survey is designed to develop a Computerized Payroll System for Capiz Electric Cooperative. It covers the procedure of fixing the Pay faux pas of each employee. the regular and occupation order employee. maintaining of records safety and calculating the exact rewards of each employee. Including the stored study list of employee such as Monthly Salary. Basic salary. overtime. Gross payment. Net wage. and Deduction such as keep backing revenue enhancement. SSS. and Medicare. SSS loan. Progresss. Multi-purpose loan. PAG-IBIG Contribution. CAPELCO loan. Cash Advance. Bond. Energy Gross saless. Motorcycle. Canteen. under clip. Cigna. WELCA. brotherhood loan. Lot/housing loan. wellness Care and AR. The proposed Payroll System for Capiz Electric Cooperative is expected to bring forth Pay Slip of Employees. Report list of employees. Remittances for several bureaus. Payroll registry of regular and job-order employees. and Payroll signifier for every wage period. Restriction

The proposed Computerized Payroll System for Capiz Electric Cooperative does non back up web topology execution and on-line plan or on-line dealing.


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