Computers in financial decision making Essay


This paper unveil the function of computing machine in fiscal determination devising, determinations made in fiscal related issues such as finding the proper sum of financess to use in a house, capital outgo analysis, forecast stock market analysis. To predict the stock market, a machine has been designed by petr dostal i.e. , stock market determination doing machine to better the truth in anticipation utilizing cardinal analysis, psychological analysis and proficient analysis with simulation and other methods. They are Fuzzy logic, familial algorithm, dynamic theoretical accounts, intercrossed theoretical accounts, different methods, attacks, techniques are required and proficient analysis is represented by arrested development and pandemonium analysis.

Keywords:determination devising, stock market, cardinal analysis, psychological analysis, proficient analysis, methods, theoretical accounts, attacks.

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Computers in financial decision making Essay
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The intent of this paper is to discourse about determination devising procedure, intercession of computing machine in determination devising procedure, different types of determination doing computing machine systems, benefit of computing machine in fiscal determination devising and explicate the function of computing machine in trade stock market anticipation and determination devising. Prediction of stock market is made utilizing stock market determination doing machine designed by petr dostal, its end is to foretell the right minute to sell, purchase, clasp, currency to obtain net income. The of import facet of this machine is ever connected with anticipation of uninterrupted clip series.

Overall demeanour of stock market is influenced by political factors, economical, psychological issues so the anticipation is complex in trade and stock markets. In the existent universe scenario, if we want to do an entry into or go out out of a given stock we have to reach any stock agent or securities firm house to do a suited determination. The solution provided by stock agent or securities firm house may non be perfect it may change consequently to the fortunes in overall planetary market like political factors, current province of economic system etc. This is the ground why anticipation has been a really slippery undertaking. In this paper we are besides traveling to discourse how stock market determination doing machine plants and helps in anticipation of trade and stock market utilizing calculating techniques, theoretical accounts, proficient analysis etc.


Decision devising, it is deriving cognition of identifying and taking options based on values and preferences of the determination shaper. Making a determination connote in many options provided we have to take the best manner that has maximal rate of success and best runs with our ends.

Concepts of Decision Making:

  • Information:This is the information about determination, alternate solutions, chance of success rate of each alternate etc. All the information is gathered from that information we have to take a best option which best tantrums to the job.
  • Options:These are potentially able solutions we have to take from.
  • Standards:These are the properties that each option must hold.
  • Goals:What are the best options we have to choose from the given possible options? We have to choose the most accurately suited alternate to accomplish a end and to accomplish overall aim a end.
  • Value:Value of the alternate i.e. , cost and advantages, end product.
  • Preferences:It deals with the psychological science of determination shaper, some prefer complex to normal and steady to fast it depends on single pick. It deals with the personal sentiment or penchants.
  • Decision Quality:This provides whether a determination is good or bad. It depends on the information provided, best alternate selected, penchants of determination shaper.

We must see one of import facet here, quality of determination is non related to its end product. A good determination can hold good or bad end product in the same manner bad determination may hold good end product. When it comes to the judging the quality of a determination made we have to see few facets. The determination made in the choice of option is of import i.e. , the alternate chosen must run into the ends, aims, cost and effects must be taken into history.

The Procedure of Decision Making:

Gathering information and resources: This information comes from varies beginnings through different agencies. Reports generated by different computing machine systems assist direction in determination devising. Examples are gross revenues and productiveness study etc.

The Procedure of Decision Making Diagram:

  • Specify your job
  • Check Result
  • Gather Information And Resources
  • Understanding assorted sides of issues
  • Make a Decision
  • Choose the Best Alternative
  • Weighing, Compare and measuring

Gathering information and resources:This information comes from varies beginnings through different agencies. Reports generated by different computing machine systems assist direction in determination devising. Examples are gross revenues and productiveness study etc.

Understanding the assorted sides of issues: Promotion in the country of computer science has made it possible to systems that attempt to heighten the public presentation of one or more human experts. We have to analyse assorted demands needed to a house. Applications such as Microsoft Excel can be arranged as an expert system to assist in determination devising.

Evaluating, Weighing and Comparing:We have to measure, weigh and compare the options that can easy suit to work out the solution. In Financial determination devising, Computer Systems aid in manipulating, data format and administering the informations. Several tools are provided so that user can easy understand the linguistic communication and easy measure, weigh and compare informations. Examples are Pie charts, Audit Command Language are utile.

Choose the Best Option:This is the chief portion of the undertaking i.e. , to choose the suited option for doing determination. After measuring options grid analysis and determination trees analysis are the tools utile to take the best option.

Make Decision or Implement Decision:With all of the attempt and difficult work in measuring options and make up one’s minding the best suited manner of determination devising. Depending on the nature determination has to be made. In the fiscal sector, implementing of determination are besides made through computing machine aided tools. Such as, Computer aided package technology ( CASE ) , Computer-aided recording tools ( CART ) , Computer aided summarisation tool ( CAST ) .

Check Consequence:This is the concluding stage for procedure of determination devising, it provides the result whether a determination is good or bad. It depends on the information provided, best alternate selected.

Different Types of Decision Making Computer Systems:

Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) : Information Systems research workers and engineers have built and investigated Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) for about 40 old ages. Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) is a computerized information system that helps in concern and organisational decision-making activities. DSS is an synergistic software-based system intended to assist determination shapers compile utile information from natural informations, paperss, personal cognition, and/or concern theoretical accounts to place and work out jobs and do determinations. Typical information that a determination support application might garner and show would be accessing all current information assets, including bequest and relational informations beginnings, informations marketplaces, gross figures, economic computations of a house and comparing the gross revenues achieved by the company.

Executive Information Systems ( EIS ) : It is a type of direction information system determined to simplify and back up the information and decision-making demands of senior executives by supplying easy entree to run into ends of the organisation. It is normally considered as a specialised signifier of a DSS.

Executive information system allows information to collected and presented to the user without modifying or farther processing. So that user can rapidly see the informations of his chosen section, enabling them to concentrate on determination devising. It provides strong coverage and information excavation efficaciousness which can supply all the informations needed by executives. The two chief facets of an EIS system are integrating and visual image. The new method of visual image is the Dashboard and Scorecard. Dashboard, it represents chief or of import informations and organisational information in existent clip and incorporate footing. The Scorecard is another 1 screen, which displays with measurement prosodies. There are a figure of ways to associate determination doing to organisational public presentation. In the position of determination shaper these tools provide an first-class manner of sing informations.

Adept Systems ( ES ) : Adept Systems are computing machine systems which posses the cognition by an experient expert and copy the expert and act as a adviser in a peculiar country.

Further we are traveling to discourse about the function of computing machine in fiscal direction in the country of trade and stock market analysis. As we discussed earlier we can non foretell the stock market accurately it may change often consequently to the planetary, local issues, political factors, economic system province. To foretell future increase or decrease monetary values of portions, currency rate and trade goods during the operation in the universe market. The result from cardinal, psychological, proficient analyses and other methods can be applied to acquire these informations. The soft calculating includes theory of fuzzed logic, nervous web and familial algorithms these methods help to supply better description of non additive procedures that involve in concern economic system and finance. The clip series analyses and anticipation is described in this paper. This anticipation includes cardinal analyses, psychological analyses, dynamic theoretical accounts, fuzzed logic theoretical accounts, nervous webs theoretical accounts, familial algorithms theoretical accounts, arrested development analyses, pandemonium analyses, intercrossed systems, simulation and other methods.

The theoretical account is presented in the undermentioned figure and the description is as follows:

  1. Information:can be received or gathered from print media, wireless and cyberspace and so on. Examples are intelligence disclosed from houses, programs of house, direction, economic information such as Net incomes per Share, Return of Equity, Price to Earnings Ratio, hereafter gaining potencies, dividends, income, debt, returns, income statement, balance sheet and so on. As good the values covering with the history of informations of monetary values might be obtained with assorted samplings, i.e. to obtain a clip series. The clip series can be processed by agencies of mathematics analyses with their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Data excavation:Data excavation refers to pull outing cognition from big sum of informations. Knowledge find stairss consist of iterative sequence of the undermentioned stairss: informations cleansing is used to take noise or irrelevant informations, informations integrating is where multiple informations beginnings may be combined, informations choice is where informations relevant to the analysis undertaking are retrieved from the database, informations transmutation is where informations are transformed or consolidated into signifiers appropriate for excavation by executing drumhead or collection operations, pattern rating and cognition presentation.
  3. Cardinal Analysis:Cardinal analysis is evaluated utilizing past and present informations. Its aim is to pull off and do internal determinations, calculate any hazard factor in concern house, to measure stock monetary value of house. The information collected is executed by cardinal analyses. E.g. the Delphi method.
  4. As it is input analysis the methods to analysing whether the clip series is fixed or settled or random could be used. As the clip series is strictly random, its aim is to find the hereafter development of monetary value is digressive. Lyapunov advocate is used determines the scope of predictability of clip series.
  5. Psychological Analysis:We can acquire analysis by Elliott ‘s moving ridges, which takes input of psychological analysis. It is possible to modulate the hereafter tendencies.
  6. Technical Analysis:It is possible to analyze the clip series by agencies of arrested development analysis, dynamic theoretical accounts, fuzzed logic, nervous webs, familial algorithms, pandemonium analysis, intercrossed theoretical accounts, ripple analysis.
  7. Arrested development Analysis:Arrested development analysis, it is a type of tool used to explicate the relationship between variables. It is possible to analyse clip series utilizing arrested development analyses. We can sham buying and selling informations in the yesteryear in so that we can acquire an thought about the monetary value harmonizing to clip and we can besides gauge the hereafter possible tendencies in monetary value.
  8. Dynamic Models:It is possible to do a computation in anticipation of clip series by agencies of the dynamic theoretical accounts represented by agencies of non seasonal and seasonal ARIMA theoretical accounts and by assorted types of “ smooth ” theoretical accounts.
  9. Fuzzy Logic:In our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life we make a determination utilizing regulations. For case if it is 10 so we have to travel and analyze. If it ‘s non 10 so we have to prorogue for some clip. In this pattern If-Then statements are used in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. Fuzzy regulations are operated utilizing these if-then statements. And Fuzzy spots are defined by these fuzzed regulations. Fuzzy logic is used to cipher clip series. For these anticipations a procedure is used which is shown below every bit named “ Fuzzy Logic Decision Making Process Diagram ” .
  10. Nervous Network:Nervous webs are used to place and fiting complex or non perfect forms. Its applications are to anticipation i.e. , deriving cognition from old experience for illustration if we want to choose a portion from list the we can take it from our old experience, we can besides foretell conditions besides. We can cipher anticipation of clip series by agencies of nervous webs. The sigmoid and inflated tangent is one of the best for anticipation.
  11. Familial Algorithm:Developed by John Holland, University of Michigan ( 1970 ‘s ) . Familial algorithm are easy to understand and used for multi nonsubjective optimisation. It is besides used to happen different alternate solutions for jobs. Another possible manner to cipher the tendency designation of anticipation of clip series is by the agencies of familial algorithms. The tendency anticipation is calculated on the footing of logical regulations when the maximal net income is being searched by agencies of optimisation. The assorted algorithms can be used for anticipation of clip series, for illustration parallel evolutionary 1s.
  12. The pandemonium analysis represents the computation and rating of Hurst and Lyapunov advocates it is same as D.
  13. Hybrid Systems: These systems are created by the combination of fuzzed logic, nervous webs, familial algorithms and the theory of pandemonium. There can be assorted combinations where the nervous – fuzzy- familial – pandemonium one is the most complicated
  14. It is possible to analyse clip series in a station mortal manner by ripple analyses. We can utilize for decomposition of clip series the ripple map harmonizing Daubechies. The hereafter values can be estimated by agencies of Kalman filter.
  15. Simulation:It is the procedure that explains the behaviour of stock market utilizing differential equations. As stock market is a fiscal sector it can hold negative and positive feedback.
  16. Other end products can be based on the intuitive anticipation or alien analysis.
  17. Decision Making Procedure:Decision Making Process is really complicated and of import undertaking. If we get any conflicting end products from these analyses, it is suited to use the fuzzy logic for the rating.
  18. Evaluations:It is of import to cipher and compare the consequence existent values and with the predicted values.
  19. The signals for buying or merchandising can be obtained from different ways by agencies of e-business through cyberspace etc.

The theoretical account diagram shown below comprise of whole techniques, Psychological analysis, Fundamental analysis, intercrossed theoretical accounts, methods, simulations so on.


Lotfi zadeh introduced the theory of Fuzzy Logic in his paper, Fuzzy Sets ( 1965 ) . Fuzzy Logic is a method, provides how to cut down complexness and explains the system complexness. Fuzzy theoretical accounts like traditional Expert and Decision Support System is based on the flow of input and end product flow form.

The procedure of determination devising is made utilizing fuzzed logic in the undermentioned manner. The result of cardinal analyses gives the information about economic informations, balance sheets like net incomes per portion, net income per Net incomes Ratio and future gaining potencies like good, bad, mean, really good, worst. The result of psychological analyses is the tendency developed by the public behaviour on trade and stock market like steady, addition, lessening. The consequences of proficient analyses will be processed from arrested development analyses, fuzzed logic, familial algorithms, pandemonium analyses, nervous webs, dynamic theoretical accounts. The consequence of simulation and assorted different methods indicate different tendencies in clip series. The diagram represented below shows the fuzzed logic determination doing procedure in that C, E, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P as inputs Q is end product.

The concluding consequence of all the analyses i.e. , input for fuzzy logic which is executed by fuzzy regulations. Fuzzy regulations are A and B: The mistakes occurred by anticipation from different analysis are used in fuzzed regulations to put weights.

Fuzzy control uses fuzzy regulations which is most of import facet of fuzzed logic it has three stages they are

Fuzzification, Inference Mechanism, De-fuzzification.


  • Path, evaluate and supply input variables to fuzzy sets

Inference Mechanism

  • Approximate logical thinking
  • Deduces the control action


  • Convert fuzzy end product values to command signals
  • Obtain original or proper consequences.

The working of Decision Making Machine is shown below: The end products single analyses and anticipations are transferred to the properties: High Positive, Middle Positive, Low Positive, Neutral, Low Negative, Middle Negative and High Negative.

The end product consequence of proficient analyses are executed in the signifier of implicit procedure from arrested development and pandemonium analyses and anticipation of tendencies is made by dynamic theoretical accounts, fuzzed logic theoretical accounts, nervous webs and familial algorithms. Trends development is denoted as day-to-day, hebdomadal, monthly anticipation of values such as monetary value of portion and currency net income. The result of psychological analyses will depend on public behavior on trade and stock market. Cardinal analyses give the information about economic informations, balance sheets like net incomes per portion, net income per Net incomes Ratio and future earning potencies. The consequences of simulation and assorted different methods indicate different tendencies in clip series.

The concluding consequence of all the analyses i.e. , input for fuzzed logic are executed and associated to maps. Fuzzy regulations are A and B: The mistakes occurred by anticipation from different analysis are used in fuzzed regulations to put weights. Fuzzy regulations are affected by strength of support. To analyze and judge carefully mistakes came out of the analyses while anticipations are used to put strength of support. The end product produced by fuzzy regulations are measured from -100 % to +100 % . The graduated table provided on determination devising machine assist us to whether sell or purchase portions harmonizing to reading on machine. On whole single theoretical accounts, methods, techniques, attacks, analyses applied or executed aids in determination devising in trade and stock market.


In this paper we have discussed about the function of computing machine in fiscal direction and with the aid of calculating how we are able to foretell trade and stock market and besides discussed about determination devising procedure, intercession of computing machine in determination devising procedure, different types of determination doing computing machine systems and the function of computing machine in trade and stock market anticipation and determination devising. On the overall treatment made above gives us the benefit of computing machine systems in fiscal sector they are:

  1. Information produced from the computing machine systems is used in fiscal determination devising.
  2. Computer helps us to do speedy and fast path informations analysis for determination devising.
  3. Computers besides aid to increases truth and pare down mistakes.
  4. Computers helps to command the determination devising procedure.
  5. It unwraps the new manner of attack to believing about the job infinite.
  6. Besides helps to bring forth new cogent evidence in support of a determination devising.
  7. Information provided computing machine systems is easy understood and provides skillfulness in avoiding otiose clip and attempt for determination shapers.
  8. It adds consistence to the determination devising procedure.

If we consider about determination devising in trade and stock market utilizing stock market determination doing machine, it is helpful to predict nature of portions in present and future market tendencies, trade goods in universe market. Role of calculating utilizing Cardinal analyses, psychological analyses, simulations, theoretical accounts, Techniques, approaches etc plays a major in this procedure.

My position on stock market anticipation is, it is really slippery and batch of hazard, difficult work involved in trading. We ca n’t gauge and announce what could go on following minute, if we purchase portions of any company by the information or anticipation by stock agent or by the machine. In the following minute or twenty-four hours we can lose our money any alteration of authorities policies or political factors. The best illustration is when WTC Towers were attacked and Recession in 2008 at that clip many people lost their money who invested in portions alternatively of good anticipation and rating done by stock securities firm house of market.

Every twelvemonth 85 % of the people who started their investing in stock market does n’t acquire fruitful consequences about they lose their money and few people quit the market in the first twelvemonth itself. Stock market is like an ocean, if you swim good you will make shore if non you will be lost.


In decision I would wish to state, PC-Computing plays a major function in fiscal direction and besides in Trade and Stock Market. We had analyzed about instance survey theoretical account stock market determination doing machine designed by petr dostal which helps us to some extent to foretell future tendencies of portions, currency, common financess etc beside these there is a complexness in that theoretical account i.e. , random tuning and computations has to be done in clip series. Computer-Computing plays an of import function in every sector in fiscal, trade and stock market but we ca n’t announce what will go on? If everything is all right in planetary market so anticipations are right and needed. Predictions are non ever right or incorrect. Finally I would state Computer and worlds both play a major function in fiscal direction and stock market anticipations.


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