Conclusion and Recommendation for Dhaka Bank Study Essay

The aim of this survey was to research and analyze the societal banking by Dhaka Bank through its banking selling mix and the CSR policies. The findings of an probe of these organizational procedures in a Bangladeshi Banking system and the part to its clients every bit good as the society prove the bank ‘s the bank place in a positive mode. The bank ‘s client service policies started runing with the purpose of accomplishing the client satisfaction by offering the razor crisp service through truth, trustiness, on clip bringing, advanced engineering, and tailored solution for concern demands. Beside this bank tries to make in Global trade and commercialism and high output on client ‘s investments-the amount of which is, in their words, Excellence in Banking. This is the compulsory purpose for a service oriented organisation by which they can lend their societal bonding.

The first part of the survey is stated that the selling mix of the bank and the client satisfaction on the service selling linked to the acceptance of organizational civilization and committedness to the client in a individual administration. Although research workers have called for bookmans to follow a wider scope of positions in analyzing the civilization of administrations ( Martin 1992, 2002 ; Harris and Ogbonna 1998 ) , some other research workers have given stress on the societal value of the organisations. The sense of this attack to organizational analysis is plagiarized through the deliberation that company ‘s members are entrenched in patterns which are constituted in societal norms and which are characterised by legion, sometimes incompatible significances ( Casey 1999 ; Alvesson 2002 ) . This attitude helps the bank ‘s repute to the broad scope of the client.

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Conclusion and Recommendation for Dhaka Bank Study Essay
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Environmental value

awareness edifice on planetary heating

Resource recycling

Preservation of H2O resources

Preservation of natural environment

Employees ‘ value

Equal chance, non-discrimination

T & A ; D, continuity of employment

Compatibility of work & A ; household life

Support for employment of adult females

Work safety & A ; hygiene

Management unity and the corporate values of the Dhaka Bank

Beside the mainstream concern services, they besides have the responsible corporate citizenship among the private sector organisations of Bangladesh. So far the bank has a standing on a quite sound fiscal base, and is operated by a squad of seasoned bankers. It has been reviled from the survey that the bank has attractive liability merchandises for all divisions of the society, and attempts to carry through the funding demands of big corporations to SMEs to the personal in demand of consumer finance. The bank ‘s growing tendency tells us that it would go a major participant in the banking sphere of Bangladesh if the quality of service is punctually maintained ( Dhaka Bank 2009 ) .

Most of the large companies committedness and occupation satisfaction of their employees ‘ depends on the perceptual experiences of directors ‘ usage of power and procedural justness and that can play an of import function among the company ‘s internal satisfaction. This is another tool of changing the CSR of a company. In Dhaka Bank the research worker has found the director are covering their internal affair by discoursing with the higher authorization and

Marketing Mix
Dhaka Bank Ltd
Customer satisfaction

Wide truths of sedimentation and loan Merchandises


Monetary value
The involvement rate and service charge for loan merchandise is relatively higher than the province owned commercial Bankss.

On the other manus the involvement given for the sedimentation strategy is relatively higher.


Topographic point
This bank has relatively more subdivisions in urban country. 40 % of their subdivisions in Dhaka metropolis. The ATM booths are besides in the cardinal country.

Satisfied ( They have merely urban client )

This bank uses following promotional activities on a big graduated table, like ; personal merchandising, public relation, Advertisement, promotion and gross revenues publicities.


Physical Evidence
This bank has moneymaking subdivisions with cardinal air conditioner. Their subdivisions have good posing agreement and nice mentality.


This bank has shortcut and easy procedure in opening history, approving loan and remittal transportation


This bank has relatively smart employee with affable attack to clients


Though directors legitimate and reward power bases were unrelated to employees organisational committedness and occupation satisfaction, in contrast, directors referent and adept powers were strongly related to employees organisational committedness and occupation satisfaction. This implies that, directors may most efficaciously build employees ‘ trueness and support through development of power bases. Similar consequences were besides found in instance of the DBL. These findings suggested that employees felt comfy and enthusiastic working under directors with high expertness. It could besides be related to cultural issues. In Bangladeshi civilization, higher degree authorization is expected to be more elderly, educated, and experienced. The higher rank employees are expected to supply counsel for the lower rank employees. Following this counsel the lower rank employees will turn within the organisation. When the directors are non able to supply counsel, employees feel low in assurance and normally execute the occupations in their ain single manner.

Perceived Quality

Customer trueness

Perceived Value

Over all Customer satisfaction

Customer Expectations

Customer ailments

+ +
+ – –
+ + +
American client satisfaction theoretical account ( Fornell 1996 ) .

The research besides revealed that employees need to see effectual usage of power and procedural justness. This will make a sense of belonging to the organisation for the employees and should heighten organisational results. The wages system would assist to actuate directors to function the organisation better. In the competitory concern universe, a house needs to react to its clients and employees faster than its rivals

By the clip we are discoursing about the DBL, we have found some of import lackings those they might non be cognizant of. But these obstructions are really serious and might be immense in future. These are:

Lake of flexiblenesss to get by with the recent and dynamic alterations in the banking environment.

There are non adequate subdivisions of DBL across the state. That ‘s why they are neglecting to capture a immense market

In malice of being one of the best commercial bank of this state, DBL is non holding a proper ‘market research squad ‘ and ‘product development squad ‘ .

13.0 Recommendations

Any organisation has to run within its environment, and its success or failure is decided through the interplay of scheme, competition, stakeholders ‘ precedences and macro economic environment. They besides have to remain within their restrictions to work out their jobs. Here some recommendations are given below:

To get by with the alterations in the macro runing environment, DBL should execute its SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat ) analysis and do prudent accommodations to be in the competition.

Among other things, the bank must increase its range by opening new subdivisions across the state, and thereby developing a big nucleus sedimentation base.

Many new merchandises are being introduced by Bankss and non-banking fiscal establishments ( NBFIs ) every now and so. That is why DBL must hold a market research squad and merchandise development squad to place the underlying market tendencies and catch them up for the best involvement of the bank ‘s stakeholders.

The bank must give proper attending to keeping the quality of service it has already attained-because client satisfaction is the key of profitableness in this age of tough competition on a little sod.

These are all the recommendations that we can supply on behalf of DBL. They should be really careful about work outing their jobs. Because they are one of the top commercial bank in the state and they do hold their reputes. They need to work out their jobs at the same clip demand to maintain their good will. There are rivals as good, who are on their toes to acquire benefited against their small mistakes.


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