Concrete Recycling On Holcim Nz Construction Essay

In relation to this job, Holcim has created a Foundation for Sustainable Construction. It is independent from the commercial involvements of the Holcim group. The chief end is to advance sustainable responses to the technological, enviromental, socioeconomic and cultural issues impacting edifice and building at planetary degrees ( Holcim, 2010 ) . Furthermore, the foundation offers Regional Awards Competition for sustainable undertakings.

The intent of this study is to show a concern program about Recycled Concrete for Holcim New Zealand. The chief thought is to recycle concrete from old builidings in the building of new edifices. The undertaking is based on an invetigation from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This study adapts the probe in a concern context.

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Concrete Recycling On Holcim Nz Construction Essay
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The U.S. Army believed that large quiantities of concrete were available from old edifices and paving. Recognizing this they began recycling from old edifices. They besides believed that the reuse of concrete avoids the cost and enviromental jobs associated with landfill disposal. Furthermore, they saw that the usage of recycling stuffs provide enviromental and economic benefits such as preservation of resources, better public presentation, lower stuffs and transit costs ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) . It is worthwhile to sketch the specific advantages of utilizing Recycled Concrete including:

Decrease in the sum of polluting and ‘greenhouse ‘ gases emitted during the production of concrete ( Sustainable Concrete, 2010 ) .

Better re-use of waste and other accesory stuffs such as H2O, sum, fuel and other cementitious stuff ( Sustainable Concrete, 2010 ) .

“ Keeping concrete dust out of landfills saves landfill infinite ” ( Concrete Recycling, 2010 ) .

“ Using recycled stuff as crushed rock reduces the demand for crushed rock excavation ” ( Concrete Recycling, 2010 ) .

“ Means minimisation of environmental impacts in an Urban Quarry puting ” ( Concrete Recycling, 2010 ) .

“ Reduces the environmental impacts from pull outing and treating virgin stuffs ” ( Concrete mind, 2010 ) .

“ Building merchandises that have a part of their constitutional stuffs from recycled merchandises cut down the demand for virgin stuffs in new building ” ( Concrete mind, 2010 ) .

“ New Zealand ‘s production of sum per capita is comparatively high at 11 metric tons ” ( Contrafed, 2010 ) .

There are a figure of authorities policies and enterprises promoting waste minimization or recycling in New Zealand, including waste minimization, environmental and sustainability policies, Ministry of the Environment and REBRI recycling enterprises, proposed landfill levies ( Contrafed, 2010 ) .

The Transport Agency and Quarry Association of New Zealand have produced a specification for basecourse and best pattern guidelines for the supply of recycled concrete stuff for usage in pavings ( Contrafed, 2010 ) .

Business Plan

The undertaking intended to supply a sustainable solution. It is divided in General Company description, Product, Operational Plan, Marketing Plan, Management Team, Financial Plan and Current Status.

General Company Description

The history of the company dates back to 1958 Milburn Lime and New Zealand Cement Company merged to Form New Zealand Cement Holding Ltd. In 1977, Holcim Group, a Seiss company, purchased 52 per centum of New Zealand Cement Holding Ktd before taking complete ownership of the ocmpany in 1999 and named it Holcim Nz Ltd ( Holcim, 2010 ) . The company has ranks with corporate societal responsability ( CSR ) or sustainable development-related administrations and partnerships harmonizing to sustainable developemtn thematic countries ( Holcim Group Support Ltd, 2009 ) .

The companyA?s chief focal point is to better the value they create for their stakeholders, protect their position and warrant continued succes by doing Sustainable Development an built-in portion of the Holcim NZ LtdA?s scheme. Furthermore, the company works within the ternary bottom line making value, sustainable enviromental public presentation and corporate societal responsability ( Holcim, 2010 ) .


Holcim Group is the leader in constructing supplie in the universe. The company supplies cement, sums, calcium hydroxide and ready assorted concrete. It will be explained the most of import merchandise: Concrete. Furthermore, the new merchandise to offer: Concrete recyceld.

Specifically, it is explained the recycling proccess, physical, chemical and quality belongingss of recycled concrete.


Concrete is made by a mix of limestone, clay and sand with sums comprised of sand, crushed rock and crushe rock. All these together with H2O signifier a rock-like substance. The 80 per centum of concrete is aggregative. When concrete is assorted, poured and set it can non be reused except as a recycled natural stuff. However, it has been discarded in a landfill and replaced with new concrete ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) . The following graphic shows concrete composing.

Figure NA°1 – Concrete Composition – Beginning: U.S. Army 2004

Recycled Concrete

The concrecte could be recycled. It is neccesary to follow certain stairss during the proccess of recycling. The most of import and advantegous for Holcim is Concrete Building Recycling. The procedure starts to place concrete edifice for destruction. Then, it must be removed all inside and exterior waste stuffs. Therefore, it is clip to automatically demolish edifice. Finally, concrete has to be crush and size in the portable works. However, if it is non re-used wholly, it could be stockpiled for a short period of clip. The whole procedure is explained in Operational Plan. The following in writing ilustrates constructing recycling flow procedure.

Figure NA°2 – Concrete Building Recycling Flow Proccess – Beginning: U.S. Army 2004

Physical Properties

The crushed rock has many physical belongingss different from natural sums. Crushed rock atoms are more angular, enlogated and approximately texture thant natural sum. Consequently, it requires more H2O to bring forth feasible concrete than natural sum. However, the lightweight causes crushed conrete to hold a lower gravitation and higher H2O soaking up than natural sums ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

Chemical Properties

Recycled concrete from edifices might be contaminated by sulphates form gypsum drywall and plaster. If the recycled sums used in conrete are accesible to moisture, there is a possibility of sulfate onslaught. Furthermore, there is a possible reaction between recycled concrete and alkalic H2O. The effects are internal fracturing and premature impairment. Furthermore, marine exposure of edifices can show chloride in recycled concrete. This can impact the reinfrocing steel within concrete. Particularly, reenforcing stell may respond to organize rust or irion oxide. In decision, the entire riddance of pollutants is non practical. Therefore, it is neccesary to find acceptable degrees of contaminations in order to extinguish unneeded processing cost ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

Quality Properties

Quality varies in type and drosss of dust beginnings. It is important to forestall taint of the concrete by soil or other stuffs that would curtail the recycling like gypsum plaster merchandises. In add-on, concrete edifice recycling requieres more concern for pollutants such as plaster, dirt, wood, vinyl, gum elastic and dirt. For destruction, a good separation of the assorted waste stuffs can increase the destruction cost, but supply higher market value for the sum ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

Operational Plan

The recycling procedure is comparatively simple, but requires heavy-duty equipment capable of managing a assortment of stuffs. Specifically, the engineering involves oppressing, sizing and intermixing. Furthermore, it is neccesary to take metal and waste stuffs from the concrete at the start of processing by magnetic or manual separation. The following subdivision explains the remove of an of import waste stuff: Steel Reinfrocement.

There are tow types of workss. The first one is portable located on the occupation site.

The 2nd 1 is an letter paper works situated at an bing landfill. Both workss use primary and secondary crushers. The first 1 is called jaw crushers. It can manage big pieces of concrete. Then, the larger stuff is fed into a secondary crusher ( conse crusher ) that breaks the atoms down to the maximal size required.

It is neccesary to take between portable workss and letter paper workss. The portable workss advantages are the easiness of traveling the equipment for cleansing and maintenance.Moreover, the ability to travel to the occupation site. However, the portable workss have to be little plenty to suit on route and under flyovers because destruction sites may hold infinite restrictions. The contractor normally has many pieces of nomadic equipment at the site. As a effect, it is non the same to recycle at a letter paper works without these obstructions ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) . The most suited option to be sustainable is a portable works. By puting in portable workss Holcim avoid air pollution by transit.

Steel Reinforcement

It is neccesary to take steel support from the salvaged concrete before or during the suppression operation. Several progresss have been developed to minimise manus labour in the remotion of steel. The pieces of reenforcing steel are removed either by electromagnet, suspended above the conveyor belt commanding from the primary crusher, or removed manually by one or two work forces.

The support could be sell because there is a good demand for recycled steel. Consequently, really small steel ends up in landfills. The procces of recycling consist on runing down the reinforcing bars to make new steel merchandises, whinch can include new bars ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .


The surplus recycled aggegate should be stockpilled for usage on hereafter. However, ordinances may non allow for more than a specified sum of clip like in United States. After certain clip, the crushed sum is recongnised as waste and would necessitate to be disposed of ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

Comparison of procedure

The recycling proccess was explained above. However, it is truly interesting to compare it with concrete procedure. Recycling proccesses involve oppressing and recycling of concrete with the usage of nomadic oppressing workss. On the other manus, the extraction of natural resources is composed by the procceses of quarrying, oppressing and grinding of natural sums. Furthermore, in the extraction processes their inexplicit ingestion of energy must besides be considered. In add-on, Quarrying produces a variaety of enviromental jobs. For case, they create big pits in the traditional landscape and generate noise and dust pollution.

By and large, they are located on the suburbs of metropoliss, where their environmental effects will non impact comunities. As metropoliss expand, the distance between aggregative manufacturers and metropoliss additions, so does the cost involved in transit of the sums. Besides, there is no uncertainty that transit is a major portion of the enviromental load because it is responsible for the most emmission of gases and energy use. Furthermore, there is a fixed sum of countries to lodge waste stuffs. As landfills become more to a great extent regulated and landfill cost rise, it makes economic sense to look into alternate agencies of disposal of concrete ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

Selling Plan

The selling program is directed by Green Marketing Inc. from U.S.A. , which specializes in marketing program development and sustainable planning and scrutinizing. This subdivision explained Market definition, Competition and other influences and Marketing Mix Variables. For any farther information, delight contact Green Marketing Inc.

Market definition

Holcim Nz will direct its attempts to the sale of its recycle merchandise through clients interesting in retracing old edifices. Geographically, the company will initialy direct its attempts in two cardinal countries: the Auckland Region, Wellington and Chirstchurch metropolis. These countries have a high concentration of edifices building.


Holcim Nz can anticipate to confront competition from two cardinal countries: foremost, traditional building, and 2nd, sustainable building such as green edifice. The first 1 is non a job because it is the ordinary businees of Holcim. However, the company in the hereafter want to utilize merely recycling in order to be sustaianble. The 2nd one is presently look intoing by Holcim Foundation for sustainable building. Consequently, it is non a serious hazard for this undertaking.

Marketing Mix Variables

The merchandise was explained supra. This subdivision describes topographic point, monetary value and publicity.

The topographic point is a really of import facet. There is no uncertainty that it is neccesary to recycle near the destruction topographic point in order to avoid air polution by transit. Portable workss are the solution. Furthermore, puting in intercrossed vehicles helps to be sustainable in the whole procedure.

The publicity end is to actuate New Zealanders to utilize recycling concrete for building like retracing a edifice. The most suited tool is green marketing scheme like recylce documents for booklets, internet resources, invite companies to explicate the benefits of recycling concrete for them and the future coevalss.

As respects to the monetary value, it is a little more expansive that traditional building but this excess cost is balanced with transit costs. However, it will be 15 per centum above the suggested fiscal program because it is an advanced program. When the competency enter, the monetary value will decrease 15 per centum.

Management Team

This subdivision of the concern program outlines Holcim NzA?s cardinal direction forces. The companyA?s major outside advisers in the recycling concrete country, every bit good as fiscal advisers and selling advisers.

Top Management

The companyA?s three principals are:

Smith Jeremy Managing Director

Howie David General Manager Concrete & A ; Sums

Ken Cowie Capital Projects Manager

Each of these persons bring alone competency to this undertaking.

Recycled Concrete advisers

Dr. George M. Towsed is an applied scientist with experience in concrete industry. For the last 10 old ages he has run recycling concrete in U.S. Army. He is one of the writers of proficient bulletin 200-1-27 published in September 2004 for U.S. Army Corps of applied scientists. Dr. George has been pioneer in the country of recycling concrete as making recycling machines. Dr. Donald A. Vladcock is an applied scientist with experience in building industry. For the last five old ages, he investigated new manners for sustainable building as utilizing recycling concrete. Dr. George Towsed will function as a full-time employee of the company, while Donald Vladcock will function as a adviser.

Financial adviser

Financial services will be provided by Price Water House Cooper Nz. It will add to the undertaking value by assisting better transparence, trust and consistence of concern procedures. Furthermore, this company is committed to demostrating sustainable development such as pattern and actions for the enviromment.

Selling Adviser

Marketing expertness wiil be provided by Green Marketing Inc. of U.S.A. , which specializes in marketing program development and sustainable planning and auditing. Since 2000, the company has been unambiguously expert at inculcating sustainability and corporate societal duty into the selling scheme of any organisation willing to do a committedness to this type of scheme. The president of Green Marketing Inc. , Darrin C. Duber-Smith has over 20 old ages of experience in the selling and direction profession includgin extended experience in working with green/sustainable merchandises ( Green Marketing Inc, 2010 ) .

Fiscal Plan

The non-renewable resources have caused a significant addition in the cost of building stuffs. Furthermore, the lifting cost of fuel and equipment required to transport the concrete has animated recylcing. Furthermore, the riddance of taking old concrete and disposals costs. On the other manus, there is a possible usage of recycled sums and possible income generated from the sale of bit rebar ( U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2004 ) .

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ( 2004 ) makes certain premises in order to compare one-year runing cost between recreation and disposal of building and destruction wastes. These are ( sums are expressed in U.S.A. currency ) :

Recycle crushed concrete on base at 240 ton/year.

Oppressing costs: $ 4/ton ( includes crusher lease an labor ) .

Landfill costs ( waste disposal ) : $ 1/ton.

Hauling costs: $ 5/ton.

Avoided new fill stuff costs ( entire cured income ) : $ 12/ton.

Annual Operating Cost Comparison for Diversion and Disposal of ( 240 tons/year ) contruction and destruction wastes.




Crusher Costss ( Labor & A ; Rental )

$ 960..

$ 0.

Waste Disposal

$ 0.

$ 240.


$ 0.

$ 1,200.


$ 960.

$ 1,440.


$ 2,880.

$ 0.


+ $ 1,920.

-A­ $ 1,440.

Figure NA°3 – Annual Operating Comparison – Beginning: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ( 2004 ) .

The comparing above shows that the crusher cost is aproximately $ 4/ton. However, it is eliminated the cost of taking old concrete, disposal costs and new fill stuffs costs. Furthermore, it is important the possible usage of recycled concrete and the sale of scrap rebar. In decision, it is really clear that recycling concrete makes sense for the cost benefits, the redirection of stuff that would otherwise be waste and the preservation of resources. Furthermore, the bulk of the equipment can be considered standard in heavy building. It is neccesary the same basic equipment used to virgin sum for oppressing, sizeing and reserve recycled concrete sums. This is explained in the operational program.

Current Status

Current position, achievements to day of the month, timeline and usage of financess


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