Condition Building Survey Study Construction Essay

The study is produced by an RICS surveyor. They have written this study for you to utilize. If you decide non to move on the advice in this study, you do this at your ain hazard.

The study aims to assist you

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Condition Building Survey Study Construction Essay
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Make an informed determination on what is a sensible monetary value to pay for the belongings.

Take history of any fixs or replacings the belongings demands.

See what farther advice you should take before interchanging contracts.

Any excess services the surveyor provides are non covered by these footings and conditions and must be covered by a separate contract.

The surveyor ‘s review:

The surveyor:

Inspects the interior and outside of the edifice.

Does non coerce or open the cloth of the edifice.

Inspect the electricity and gas but does non prove them.

Will non travel furniture, take floor boards, secured panels or undo electrical adjustments.

Will non measure the status of the interior of any chimney, boiler or other flukes.

Will inspect the roof construction from the loft infinite if entree is granted.

Examine floor surfaces and under floor infinites if entree is available.

Will observe in the study if any parts of the edifice were non inspected.

Will non rede on the cost of rectifying the defects, or how to mend any defect.

Clients Name

Nottingham Trent University.

Address Of Property Inspected

50 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FP

Date of review

22 October 2012

Introduction and General Remarks

This study is a remark on the overall status of the belongings and it is non a record of all defects present in the edifice. At the clip of review the conditions was a mild temperature and dry. The belongings is unfurnished and vacant. The loft infinite has non been inspected for decrepitudes and requires farther probe. No entree to the left side lift was allowed ; therefore it has merely been inspected from the side gate, more probe is required. The surveyor has written this study presuming no easements, limitations or fiscal burden is attached to the belongings.

Description and Age of Property

A four floor Grade II listed Victorian belongings constructed around 1886. It is located towards the North of Nottingham City Centre, on the corner of Shakespeare Street, next to Nottingham Trent University ‘s chief edifices. There is onsite parking behind the belongings, Street parking in this country is controlled by occupant ‘s license and metre.


Basement – 8 suites

Land Floor – 6 suites, 3 lavatories, hallways

First Floor -12 suites, 2 lavatories, 2 landings, hallways

Second Floor – 4 suites, 1 bathroom

Outside – Onsite Car Park

Current usage

Offices ( Use category B1a )

Road and Access

The roads in forepart of and to the side of the belongings are rather narrow and can go engorged during busy times. The side route accessing the auto park and rear entryway is non good designed since there is no dunce for turning at the terminal.


The belongings is with an absolute freehold rubric.

State of Repair: External


The roof consists of slate tiles nailed to battings, Victorian crested clay ridge tiles and lead flashings. Most of the slate tiles are salvageable and can be reused but have started to neglect from nail weariness. The lead flashings have started to skin off from the brickwork ; both issues have caused internal H2O harm to the edifice.

The internal roof construction such as the roof felt, balks and joists have non been inspected, hence farther review is needed.

Gutters, Downpipes and Gullies

The troughs and rainwater pipes have non checked during heavy rainfall, therefore all the information stated below are inspected by the surveyors eyes.

The forepart lift has two dramatis personae Fe rainwater downpipes, the strap linking the left down pipe to the wall is broken, and requires immediate replacement otherwise any escape of H2O down the walls can perforate inside the edifice doing moistness. ( see figure? )

The right side lift has both cast Fe and plastic rainwater downpipes and one dirt vented pipe. One plastic hopper has repeatedly overflowed doing rainwater to stain the brickwork. The left most gully is blocked with leaf and requires cleaning. The right gully has a brick environing which needs to be replaced.

Main Walls

The external walls of both sides of the belongings have ( spalling ) freeze-thaw harm, the faces of the bricks have started to check, crumble and in many instances wholly fall off. The walls on the rear lift and left side lift demand to be pointed. The left side lift has skining pigment and staining from the fire flight.

Damp Proof Course

Harmonizing to our review the edifice does non hold a moist cogent evidence membrane installed in the external walls, nevertheless there is a DPC consisting of two classs of technology bricks ( 150mm ) .


The belongings comprises of largely Single glazed sash Windowss, utilizing Perspex plastic as an option to glass. Excluding room 5 on the land floor which has cosmetic glass block Windowss and the extension which has modern single-glazing and lumber frames.

The window frame in room? on the first floor has become icky, and needs complete replacing. The Windowss throughout the edifice are hard to open due to the inordinate picture doing the frames to seal closed.

The bulk of the Windowss are serviceable with minor fixs and repainting.

Fire Escape

The fire flight does non make the land floor, is really steep and has started to detach from the wall. The fire flight does non run into current criterions, replacing it with an up to day of the month system is recommended.


Not Inspected


The balcony located on the 2nd floor has no drainage and as a consequence green algae and moss have grown on the wall. The lead flashings have besides started to skin in topographic points. The bottom of the balcony indicates a big cleft and discolouring.

State of fix: Internal


The cellar ceiling is the bottom of a concrete slab floor which has been rendered and painted. The ceilings of Room 3, 7 and the entryway which is located near the electric chief contains some desquamation pigment, which was probably caused by fire harm.

Motion has created some superficial clefts in the render in suites 4, 6 and 7. The general status is considered to be just and it is serviceable.

Both the Ground floor and first floor are largely suspended ceilings, 2 pess above the suspended ceilings are plaster ceilings. Fibreglass insularity is above the land floor suspended ceiling.

Ceiling Panels in room 4 on the land floor have important harm and demand replacing instantly. The fibre glass insularity is exposed and it could go a wellness jeopardy.

Room 4 on the first floor has considerable H2O harm from the neglecting roof and needs to be repaired /replaced desperately.

The 2nd floor has plastered ceilings with superficial snap, moistness and skining in many topographic points. Room 2 has the most serious harm ; the moistness has caused the plaster to interrupt off and the balk to decompose. Board 4 does demo important moistness around airing canal.

12.2 Internal Walls and Partitions

The wall adjacent to the cellar stairway has a big hole in the plaster, uncovering it to be detached from the wall and will necessitate replacing. The cellar walls in suites 2 – 7 are clad with ceramic tiles. The corridor on the land floor accessing the lavatory requires minor plaster fixs and re-wallpapering.

The 2nd floor demands to be wholly re-wallpapered due to muffle doing the wallpaper to deteriorate and skin off from the wall. The plaster nevertheless is still in acceptable status. The render in room 2 has some clefts and little countries have broken off. Normal on-going care in the signifier of occasional plaster fixs and periodic redecoration will be required in most of the countries of this belongings.

12.3 Floors

The cellar floor storage suites ( 2 – 6 ) have timber flooring and equal under floor airing at regular intervals. The staying cellar suites are concrete.

The land, foremost and 2nd floors are solid concrete. We have non removed any coverings and have assumed a moist cogent evidence membrane, bordering the moist cogent evidence classs in the surrounding walls, has been installed so the floor surfaces stays dry.


13.1 Electricity

Power and informations ports are present throughout the edifice.

An electric chief is located in the cellar and the sub-main on the land and 2nd floor ; we suggest that a competent and qualified electrician inspect the electric system.

13.2 Gas

The gas boiler is located in the cellar, no reviews has been carried out due to asbestos insularity and dust. It is recommended that a full review of the gas system be carried out by a competent qualified contractor.

13.3 Water, Plumbing and Sanitary Adjustments:

13.4 Hot H2O and Heating Installation

Heating is provided by dramatis personae Fe radiators throughout the edifice. The pipe connected to the radiator in room 1on the first floor has considerable rust harm.

The Site

14.0 Garages


14.2 Grounds and Boundaries

The belongings is surrounded by Fe fence in acceptable status. Access into the belongings is available from the forepart, rear and right side lifts. Onsite parking is available behind the belongings. Trees are turning next to the left side of the belongings, about same tallness as the edifice. No harm from the trees was observed during the review. Keeping the tree with regular sniping to guarantee the fire flight is accessible is recommended.

14.3 Deluging

The belongings is non situated anyplace near a river or flood plain, there is no history of deluging holding affected this belongings.

14.4 Environmental and Mining Matters

We are non cognizant of any environmental or excavation affairs relevant to this study ; nevertheless your legal advisor should do the usual questions.

14.5 Contamination, Hazardous Materials and Asbestos

Asbestos is present in the edifice. It is advised that a full asbestos study be carried out by a accredited asbestos surveyor.

Fibreglass insularity has been exposed in room 4 and can do skin annoyance and oculus harm, protective vesture and oculus protection should be worn when managing it.

No grounds of any other taint or risky stuffs was found during our review to the countries seen.

Summary and Recommendations

Following our review, the belongings is in an equal status. Damp seems to be the chief issue and is present throughout the edifice. Therefore we recommend the defects holla are addressed:

Upgrading of the individual glassy Windowss to modern double-glazing is recommended. This will raise the energy efficiency of the edifice which is presently rated as “ grade F ”

Indicating of rear and left lifts.

Repair of spalled brickwork.

Update gas and electrical systems.

Redesign of handicapped entree in to the belongings.

Installation of a lift to supply entree to upper degrees and cellar.

Redesign of guttering to turn to the overruning hopper.

Install drainage to the balcony.

Sniping of trees next to the edifice ( with permission from land proprietor )

Redesign of the fire flight, to run into current criterions.

Repair the damaged plaster wall in the cellar steps.

Repair of moistness damaged plaster ceilings.

Replace icky balk.

Clean gullies and replace damaged brick environment.

Replacing the fire flight.

Assetss necessitating farther testing and review:

Loft infinite.

Left side lift.

Gas testing

Electrical testing

Asbestos study

Basement Floor Ground Floor

First Floor Second Floor

Reinstatement Cost:


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