Cone Crusher Parts Replacing the practical application Essay

HPC Cone crusher for sale is widely used in metal mining, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, construction industry , cement industry and gravel industries. Suitable for medium crushing hardness off = 5-16 Platts various mines and rocks, such as iron ore , nonferrous metal ore , granite, limestone , quartzite , sandstone , pebbles and so on. The following is a cone crusher parts replacement methods: http://www. beneficiationmachine. net/products/crushing/hpc-cone-crusher. tml 1 when the cone crusher ore must be assigned to work in the middle of the disk , in rder to prevent crusher overload, make liner wear unevenly ; allow direct ore into the ore crushing cavity proper conditions are: ore distribution plate . uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity , can not give into the higher levels of ore rolling acetabular wall. 2 The maximum size of the ore HPC cone crusher 85% to the mine mouth size , otherwise it will lead to lower production crusher , cone crusher damage certain components. 3 Do not load starting crusher to avoid accidents. When parking , you must first stop feeder and let the ore has been crushed into the crushing chamber after discharge , so that the crusher parking. Work pressure and hydraulic station 5 . Crusher work should always check the locking system , identify problems and timely treatment. 6 Replace the rolling acetabular wall , rolling acetabular wall has a U-shaped spiral rock breaking machine manufacturer nail on the adjustment ring , injected between zinc alloy, making it closely, when a new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall , in after 6-8 hours , you should check its fastening and tighten the U -shaped bolt again. replace cone crusher wall , HPC cone crusher wall is fixed to the body with a tapered cone head , etween the two zinc alloy casting , after a new installation or a new replacement cone crusher wall 6-8 hours should check the fastening , found loose to tighten immediately. 8 gears , the circular plate wear due to friction , the cement production process changes affecting the gap between the gears, in order to ensure the normal gear must be supplemented in the bottom cover gasket, the gasket should be equal to the thickness of the circular plate wear amount. bearings and seals, bearings when installing bowl , taking care not to damage the wire rope slinger material support between the rope with hardwood , etc. ) . When assembled, shall be scraping the spherical bearing , crushing cone to ensure interoperability with the bowl touch the inner sphere should ensure that the outer annular gap of 0. 35-0. 5mm . Nail bowl around the bush with Pakistan perfusion fixed in bowl of alloys bearing shelves , bowl-shaped bearing to prevent any rotation in the circumferential direction .

Bowl bearing frame and body with the key ( pin ) fixed, if found in the work bowl bearing frame and body clearance must be dealt with immediately. 10. Cylindrical bushings and frame body with the transition to the third , in order to prevent rotation of the bush , and in the upper part of the tank liner into a zinc alloy , should be replaced with new bushes when the actual size of the frame body preparation, because vertical crusher crusher after long hours of is too great cause bush rupture. 1 conical bushings, air eccentric shaft sleeve to be strict with co- injected zinc alloy to prevent sleeve rotation , zinc alloy to be filled with all the gaps , due to thermal injection zinc alloy crusher price sake may cause he drogue stone production line deformation, so the new package is good to check the size of the cone was found to be incorrect promptly corrected , the manufacture of spare parts should be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric formulated to maintain the original tie. 2 . The spring , when the spring into the crusher was not crushed when the crusher is not protected from being damaged , the crushing force of the spring pressure and adapted to the crusher , the crusher during normal operation of the spring is not moving , only the fall when the iron so hat the crusher overload lift support sleeve spring is compressed phenomenon in the crushing cavity.

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Cone Crusher Parts Replacing the practical application Essay
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Upper cone crusher beating occurs during normal operation , this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed sand making equipment, the cause and take measures to eliminate , if wrongly compression spring will not be able to work normally , but the damage to the parts may occur because the compression spring will cause the increase of the crushing force. Causing the upper crusher beating for several reasons: A, to mine the ore uneven or excessive B, to the ore contains too much small and powdered ore or humidity C, port of discharge gap is too small . 3 exposed rotating parts of the machine should be added shield. Cone crusher structural features all the major functional components are independent and separated only when they form a whole to complete the machine functions, such as the frame of the machine in combination with a support sleeve , the sleeve and the support sleeve to adjust the composition , in addition to the structural design uses a special structure , it must also be able to set some locking parts.


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