Confidentiality and Information Sample Essay

1 ) Confidentiality means that whatever information you hold on person must non be shared with others. Information must be kept safe and private. You can merely go through on information about person if they have given their consent.

2 ) The Data Protection Act 1998 & A ; 2003 is compulsory and has eight rules. These rules dictate how information is to be handled. Information should merely be used for the usage it was intended. it must non be given to anyone else without consent from the individual the information belongs to unless there is a legitimate ground for the sharing of information – like the bar of a offense or maltreatment. Everyone has the right to read any information that is held about them unless it is to make with a offense for illustration. Any personal information held can merely be kept for every bit long as that information is needed and must be kept up to day of the month. this information can non be used outside the EU unless the individual whose information it is has given consent. Large administrations that process personal information have to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Any company keeping personal information about person must do certain it is unafraid and can non be used by anyone else. Anyone who thinks that a factual piece of information is wrong can hold it corrected.

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3 ) Some of the information to be kept confidential includes: full name. day of the month of birth. place reference. information about the household. medical information. contracts. letters/emails from carers. observations and exposures.

4 ) Three countries that demand confidentiality are Personal. Medical and Financial records.

5 ) At times confidentiality may hold to be breached ; this may be to make with concerns about a child’s public assistance. if a kid is mistreating person or if they have committed a offense. It would be necessary to transgress confidentiality in order to safeguard a kid if the kid was being abused ; the responsibility of attention for a kid is of the topmost importance. Any information should be passed rapidly and confidentially to the appropriate professionals like the local CAF officer or Social Services.

6 ) Possible tensenesss can happen between the childminder and the parents/carers if there is a demand to transgress confidentiality. Transgressing a assurance can be really nerve-racking and could harm the relationship between childminder and parent/carer. it is hard non to esteem someone’s right to privacy but to safeguard the kid you will hold to get the better of these issues and make what is right for the kid. If maltreatment is suspected in a kid it should be reported consecutive off. It will be hard to speak to the parents/carers about this but they will already cognize about your Safeguarding Policy so should cognize the processs you need to set into topographic point. It is really of import to acquire the right information to the right individual and to make this we may hold to unwrap information about a kid or household or about something a kid has told us.

If a kid does state you that they are being abused it is really of import that you do non assure to maintain what they have told you a secret. if you did hold to state person else and you had promised the kid you would maintain it a secret it would destruct any trust the kid had in you. If a kid does inquire you to maintain things a secret ( possibly their maltreater has told them that what is go oning to them is a secret ) and they are old plenty you could carefully explicate why you can’t maintain it a secret. Thingss may go really hard once the maltreater has been told about the alleged maltreatment and the parent/carer may make up one’s mind to take the kid from your scene. A kid could go really hard-pressed over what is go oning and lose all religion and trust in you as a childminder. It is really of import that the kid. parents/carers and the childminder get aid and support during this really distressful clip.

If a kid has been accused of perpetrating a offense tensenesss can run high between the parent/carer. the childminder and 3rd party if one is involved. Accusing a kid of perpetrating a offense can take to the dislocation of communicating between parent/carer and the childminder. A child’s trust may be broken if that kid has been accused of perpetrating a offense. parents/carers could even get down impeaching the childminder of things excessively!

Whether you are transgressing confidentiality because of maltreatment. offense or any other grounds you will hold to be prepared to get the better of the tensenesss and accusals from parents/carers. it is a really hard thing to travel through but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours the child’s public assistance comes foremost.

7 ) If you store personal information you must register with the Information Commissioners Office ( ICO ) .

8 ) The rules of good pattern that personal informations must follow with are: “Personal informations must be processed reasonably and legitimately
Processing personal informations for specified intents
The sum of personal informations you may keep
Keeping personal informations accurate and up to day of the month
Retaining personal informations
The rights of persons
Information security
Sending personal informations outside the European Economic Area”
( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ico. gov. uk/for_organisations/data_protection/the_guide/principle_1. aspx )

9 ) You should ever enter confidential information accurately and you must guarantee that you store all confidential information firmly.

10 ) Below is a transcript of my Confidentiality Policy and Procedures.

I respect the confidentiality of my parents and kids. All information about the kids. parents or people working with me is kept firmly and treated with assurance. Information will merely be shared if permission is given or there is a kid protection issue. All inside informations will be kept confidential and records kept secure but easy accessible for review by Ofsted.

•All parents have entree to my policies and processs which detail how I run my scene and will hold signed a transcript which is kept firmly. •My certification of enrollment is displayed on the wall. •I am cognizant of my duties under the Date Protection Act 1988 & A ; 2003. •I maintain a record of parents exigency contact inside informations. inside informations of child’s GP and suitably signed permissions signifier. •If a kid is identified as a kid in demand ( subdivision 17 of the Children Act 1989 ) I will. with parent’s permission. give appropriate information to mentioning bureaus. •I expect parents to inform me of any alterations in the child’s place fortunes. attention agreements or any other alteration which may impact the child’s behavior such as a new babe. divorce. mourning etc. •All information shared will be kept confidential and will non be disclosed without the parents’ consent. except as required by jurisprudence. for illustration. if there appears to be a kid protection issue. •Ofsted may necessitate to my see records at any clip.

•Parents have the right to inspect all records about their kid at any clip. •All accidents are recorded in an accident book. All accidents which clearly might ensue in an insurance claim. e. g. an accident affecting a physician or hospital visit. must be notified instantly to Morton Michel. Morton Michel will log and admit reception of the correspondence and send on the information to the company supplying my public liability policy to enable a claim figure to be allocated. •Morton Michel public liability insurance has the entire life of 21 old ages to enable a kid to do a claim against the policy at a ulterior day of the month. •All important incidents are recorded in an incident book and will be shared and discussed with parents so that together we can work to decide any issues. •If I keep records associating to single kids on my computing machine I will inquire for the parent’s permission. The information will be firmly stored to forestall screening of the information by others with entree to the computing machine.

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