Confucius Analysis Essay

Confucius is a self-titled biographical film/motion picture or biopic of the famous Chinese Philosopher. It comprehensively told the story of Master Kong’s (Confucius is a Latinized name) life story or at least the most historically important years of his life. The film began showing Confucius being invited by the ruler of Lu, talking about his principles on governance. He spent most of his time studying and teaching, gathering a large number of students around him. He was a political leader also and was involved in many civil wars.

When he encountered in a conflict with one of the masters, Confucius decided to leave his home in Lu, practically leaving his family behind to embark on a long journey on other parts of China. He was accompanied by several of his followers. They wandered throughout some nearby provinces and at various times had their lives threatened. Confucius was received with great respect by the rulers of the states he visited. He spent much of his time developing his ideas on the art of government, as well as continuing his teaching.

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Not all of his disciples followed him on his travel, several of them actually returned to Lu and unfortunately Confucius’ time hasn’t come, he was trapped various times in the midst of a war, with no food to eat, gets involved in conspiracies, and has been misunderstood by the other folks. The dying emperor of Lu invited Confucius to return home, in his own state, that he agreed upon, but he will be no longer involved in any political affairs. Much of his final years were devoted to teaching, and writing many texts and documents on his journey.

His works were later compiled by his followers which are now known as “Analects” or the teachings of Confucius. The plots in the film are related to our world like relationships between humans, nations and societies. Confucius was a teacher and scholar whose commentary on Chinese literary classics developed into a sensible philosophy for daily life. Humanity is core in Confucianism. The primary emphasis of Confucian teachings is on the ethics of social relationships, particularly between parents and children, but extending beyond the family to relationships between superiors and inferiors at all levels.

Confucius taught that the primary task of the ruler was to achieve the welfare (well-being) and happiness of the people of his state. To accomplish this aim, the ruler first had to set a moral (good character) example by his own conduct. This example would in turn influence the people’s behavior. Family is the basic unit of the society, and charity begins at home as well as respect and love, this should be the primary aim of the parents, to set good morals or examples to their children, and as the generation grows old, everybody will be living in this ideal. Loyalty is another theme of Confucian thought which is described as faithfulness.

Loyalty was also an extension of one’s duties to friends, family, and spouse. Loyalty to one’s family came first, then to one’s spouse, then to one’s ruler, and lastly to one’s friends. Loyalty was considered one of the greater human virtues. When one is loyal, it lessens arguments and indifferences. It makes us aware of our parameters, by sticking to what we truly believe and want. Relationships are central to Confucianism. Social harmony—the great goal of Confucianism—therefore results in part from every individual knowing his or her place in the social order, and playing his or her part well.

This is related to humanity and social relationships. At the later part, it allows people to think over Confucius’ legacy and theories which emphasize social harmony and respect. Confucius’ ideals, navigates between various states, standing alone against the times, hoping to use his philosophies and wisdom to influence the various warlords and the progress of history. The Confucian work ethic and emphasis on family loyalty continue to strengthen the daily life and economic prosperity of Chinese communities and throughout the whole world.


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