Construction Analysis Project of Ravensbourne College Essay


This study considers the issues of tonss and how they are distributed throughout a multi-story construction towards the foundations, as my undertaking subject suggests I must analyze and roll up drawings that accurately display the tonss within my chosen edifice. The edifice I’ll be looking at over the class of this period is ravens Bourne college.

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Construction Analysis Project of Ravensbourne College Essay
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The ?70 million college, specializing in digital media and design, features a tessellated facing which the pattern describes as a ‘‘non-periodic tiling system symbolizing a more diverse and modern-day attack to technology’’ . The building’s design looks about at pandemonium due to this tessellated consequence, nevertheless it besides provides a sense of order and construction. These two opposing ideals have helped make an architectural admiration, during the patterned advance of this study I hope to expose the chief structural systems that are present.

Ravensbourne college is built up in two countries, the E and west wing. The edifice has been split into these two halves, the east wing and the West flying Floor-to-floor highs are a generous 4.5m. Both countries have a centralised nucleus that house a few of the services within the edifice ;

  • exigency issue stairwell
  • chief lift
  • the exigency lift

Internally a split degree subdivision is separated by the atria and reconnected by Bridgess and floor trays. The nothingnesss at irregular intervals connect but bottom-out at different degrees, informing a clear hierarchy and making existent spacial play.

The type of frame used for this edifice is a stiff concrete frame they are really common for edifices of this tallness, and can make up to twenty narratives. The system used has its advantages and its disadvantages as shown below.



  • it gives the construction a greater sum of stableness
  • it aids in defying rotary motion of the edifice
  • the span of the edifice is limited

The restriction in this design is caused by the continuity between members in a stiff frame, this type of construction is peculiarly advantageous in defying air current and seismal tonss. It does non needfully hold to be subjected to perpendicular tonss merely or dwell of perpendicular and horizontal members. ” ( Ellis, A. 2004 ) .

The columns and the beams used within the internal construction for this peculiar type of building, are made from strengthened concrete and they were cast in topographic point. Due to this factor within the design of the edifice the tenseness and compaction which is caused from the tonss from above are greatly reduced.

The foundation system used within this construction is a typical deep foundation, this type of foundation is normally used to widen through unsuitable or unstable dirts. A dullard hole trial was carried out in the initial site analysis for this site it showed there was a high per centum of soft silt clay this is because the site is situated straight following to the River Thames.

(The dullard hole trial was non undertaken by myself but the information was at that place when researched. )

The bulk of hemorrhoids which were used in this building were driven into the land in bunchs of two or more, when they are grouped in such a manner it is of import that the tonss from the edifice are distributed equally through the hemorrhoids, hence a strengthened concrete heap cap is joined to the caputs of each bunch. The sets are all situated beneath a column. The hemorrhoids are made from pre dramatis personae reinforced concrete. To back up the edifice further a solid slab raft was placed and connected to the heap caps this completed the foundations.

The type of shocking system used is pre-stressed broad slab flooring. This type of system spans from one beam to the following. The ground pre-stressed flooring is used, is to get the better of the concretes failing in tenseness. Pre-tension concrete plants by projecting concrete around some pre tensioned sinews “this method produces a strong bond between the sinew and concrete, which protects the sinew from corrosion and permits the direct transportation of tenseness throughout the floor. Pre- tenseness concrete can be used to bring forth beams and floors crossing farther than that of ordinary reinforced concrete.

This is the method used to make the concrete slabs off site. Once constructed they are transported back to site and craned into place. Each slab is intentionally extruded one side and indented on the other, this manner of repairing the slabs together provides a much stronger bond for the flooring system. Part of the flooring system, is a 50mm midst screed that covers the full flooring, this takes us to anchor degree.

Steel columns and beams are used at the front entryway of the edifice, making the construction for the atrium. The steel used for this development was made off site and brought in utilizing the many conveyance links available to the country. Each component of the atrium was made to link with a specific constituent and will merely link to its opposite number. The placement of the steel is important due to fact that the steel itself isn’t straight portion of the stiff frame system.


‘’FOA claims the edifice will make a BREEAM making of environmental excellence through ‘optimum environmental public presentation, low care and high flexibility’ with a really low ratio of facade to country.’’

The design of this construction is genuinely beautiful, non merely does it work as design but it besides works with the map of the edifice. Without determining any future programs of development the claim made above could either be false or true. As a whole the construction flows supplying a big infinite that can be used for multiple utilizations.

The design of the edifice has allowed for the maximal usage of both infinite and visible radiation. Making wider infinite, nevertheless if it were possible by cut downing the figure of Windowss, it would be possible to further beef up the construction in countries that could be seen as weakness’s.

Extra brace of columns would farther cut down air current tonss, greatly so towards the E ( River Thames ) as this is where wind tonss would be strongest. edifice features an advanced screen wall cladding system clad in little component tiles in a Penrose form inspired by the Humanistic disciplines and Crafts tradition. the designer has intentionally used this signifier of inspiration to make an exterior that ties into the functional usage of the edifice i.e. digital media and design. Exposing both the originative side and logical side. The cladding on this peculiar edifice seems to be used for aesthetic intents it does supply farther capablenesss, in this subdivision of my study I will be looking really closely at the engineering that has been put together to construct Ravensbourne College.

The chief public presentation features associated with facing ;

  • Appearance
  • Coloring material
  • Texture or profile
  • Environmental impacts
  • Embodied energy
  • Structural capablenesss
  • Insulation
  • Thermal mass
  • Sound insularity
  • Vermin opposition

Although listed some of the above features have non been recorded in this study.

Vinyl facing or PVC is widely used and really good known for being virtually maintenance free. The surface will ne’er necessitate to be repainted or repaired ; it is a stuff which will last for old ages. Vinyl facing is besides environmentally friendly as about all of the stuffs used in doing the stuff is from recycled plastic. ( Fitzgerald, 2010 ) .

Another type of wall facing is metal cladding this can be made from assorted metals like ;

  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

All of the metals which can be used in the facing procedure must be protected. Some of the techniques are powder coating, anodizing or startling.

Despite its evident complexness, merely three tile forms were required, consisting two irregular Pentagons and an equilateral trigon. These tessellate and could be rearranged to work around the assorted window sizes, which were designed to suit the altering daylighting demands. The construction is composed of 28,000 anodised aluminum tiles in three different colorss.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Although aesthetic considerations is basically of import, the coloring material of cladding influences its capacity to absorb and reflect heat. it is preferred to utilize lighter colorss or proprietary brooding coatings. Anodised aluminum tiles have been used throughout the construction. This design thought, will better the thermic comfort inside the construction and cut down heat loss.

The facing on this edifice comes in big subdivisions which all piece together like a mystifier, the steel and the aluminum are used to make these subdivisions. The subdivisions are fixed to the chief external wall. The manner they are connected is, at the rear of the subdivisions there are brackets which run the length of the edifice. These are made from steel and in the same manner as the aluminum cladding they were treated and so painted for excess protection from the elements. These brackets are screwed trough the steel sheet and into a plyboard board. The following phase is to place the subdivisions onto the external wall. Finally when in topographic point the panels are screwed to the steel brackets which run along the walls. The prison guards do no perforate the aluminum cladding as they fit between the spreads in the aluminum subdivision.


Handiness: widely available

Embodied energy: Highest of any facing. Most appropriate in extremely caustic environments where merchandises with lower embodied energy have a decreased life span.

Care: the care of the tiles is rather low. Powder coated coatings by and large have a life anticipation of 15 old ages. With the tiles being used the residuary wear and tear from building is about non-existent, so if H2O is used it will look virtually trade name new.

Lastingness: Lastingness is really high due to corrosion opposition of the stuff.

Breathability: Aluminum is a vapour barrier and its first-class conduction makes it extremely prone to dew-point formation and H2O vapor condensation. It should ever be fixed via a breathable pit.

Waterproofness: Among the most rainproof of cladding stuffs.

Insulation: low U values

Fire opposition: The thermic conduction of aluminum is about four times that of steel and its specific heat twice that of steel. The construction as a whole has good heat opposition capablenesss

Toxicity: Non-toxic.

Coatings: By and large powder coated in standard coloring material for this edifice anodized coating has been used on all tiles.

Resource depletion: Aluminum is an abundant but non-renewable resource.

Recycling/reuse: Aluminum facing is extremely reclaimable ( if screw fixed ) and 100 % reclaimable.


Improvements and changes could be made to the facing, one of which could be to alter the manner in which the subdivisions are attached to the external wall. A manner in which this could work is by put ining support brackets horizontally up and down the H2O tight wall, these are fixed utilizing prison guard which will perforate the internal insularity.

Once the brackets are attached a channel bracket is fitted, there are back uping bars along the steel channel these are used for hooking the panels on to. The following measure is to merely raise and hang them up onto the external wall. Finally isolator cartridge holders would be added, by making this the panels will be safe from motion. If the external facing system was carried out this manner the panels could be easy moved if in an wrong place therefore salvaging clip and labor costs.



Purpose for which a edifice or compartment of a edifice is used

Assembly and diversion


Topographic point of assembly or diversion, including the followers:

  • Diversion a theater, public library, hall or other edifice of public resort used for societal or recreational intents
  • A non-residential school or other educational constitution,
  • A topographic point of public worship
  • A public house, eating house or similar premises used for the sale to members of the populace for nutrient or drink for ingestion on the premises.
  • A athleticss marquee, bowl, grandstand, or other witness adjustment.
  • A end point, station or other installation for air, rail, route or sea travel.

A edifice may non be treated as a topographic point of assembly entirely because it is a edifice to which members of the populace are on occasion admitted. Ravensbourne college although it is used as a acquisition installation, the edifice is used as a broadcast medium Centre for BBC Radio one.

Below I have listed a few safeguards that have been developed to cut down the spread of fire within the edifice.


  • the internal dividers are made from steel he-man work, this is approximately 600mm from Centre, laid over the stud work is 12.5mm gypsum board with a 2mm screen of plaster


  • the beams are made from strengthened concrete, the chief support is at the underside of the beam this country is most likely to acquire affected foremost in the instance of a fire, the thickness of the concrete to cover the support is 50mm


  • the flooring system used within the construction are solid level reinforced concrete slabs, the overall thickness of this slab is 125mm this figure besides includes the floor screed


  • The following structural component to be considered is the manner in which the structural steel is protected ; steel is one of the weakest stuffs when it comes to the effects of fire. So to protect the steel a covering of 20mm is used, this includes two beds of gypsum gypsum board, 1.6mm midst wire binding and a 2mm plaster coating.

Structural elements

Fire opposition estimation

Internal dividers

1 hr


2 hours

Shocking system

2 hours

Structural steel

2 hours

The above figure shows the estimated clip of fire opposition that is possible for each structural component with Ravensbourne College.

The chief precedence is to evacuate the residents safely and firmly. A handicapped issue is critical with a big construction such as this and every bit mentioned in the beginning of this study

Within this edifice there are 8 fire issues all located on the land floor. When the fire scheme is being designed one of the most of import factors is the agencies of flight, within the construction there are pressurised staircases on each wing of the edifice. This type of staircase system works by maintaining the stairwell under changeless force per unit area at all times, by making this it keeps the stairwell free from fume and reduces the opportunities of fire.

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