Constructions - Tube Pitch Shell Essay

Tube Pitch Shell


The tubing pitch is the amount of the diameters of the two tubings and clearance degree Celsius ‘ .

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Constructions – Tube Pitch Shell Essay
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The shell side and package cross flow country

Where ICalciferol= interior diameter of shell

C ‘ = package clearance

B = baffle spacing

PhosphorusThymine= tubing pitch

Mass speed Gs = w/ascubic decimeterB/hr foot2or kg/hr.m2

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Where tungsten = fluid flow rate

Shell side equivalent diameter

The shell tantamount diameter can be calculated utilizing the flow country between axial way to the tubings and the wetted margin of the tubings.

Shell side tantamount diameter for square pitch

De =


Where PT = tubing pitch

make = tube outside diameter

de = tantamount diameter in

Average temperature difference

For ciphering the heat reassign country required for a given responsibility, average temperature difference a?†Tm must be needed. This can be calculated from the temperature difference in the fluid recess and mercantile establishment of the money changer.


a?†Tlm =

Where a?†Tlm = slowdown average temperature difference

T1 = hot fluid temperature recess

T2 = hot fluid temperature mercantile establishment

t1 = cold unstable temperature recess

t2 = cold unstable temperature mercantile establishment

true temperature difference a?†Tm can be calculated from the logarithmic average temperature by using a temperature rectification factor.

a?†Tm= FTa?†Tlm

Where a?†Tm= true temperature difference

FT =the temperature rectification factor

The rectification factor is a map of the shell and tubing fluid temperatures and the figure of tubing and shell base on ballss. It is usually as a map of two dimensionless temperatures.


R= shell side fluid flow rate times the fluid mean specific heat, divided by the tube side fluid flow rate times the tube side fluid specific heat

S= step of the temperature efficiency of the money changer

Correction factor FT


We can utilize the design of shell and tubing money changers for capacitors. The building and design of the shell and tubing money changer for capacitor is similar but the baffle spacing is lengthier i.e ; typically baffle spacing cubic decimeterBacillus= inside diameter of the shell.

Using the design of shell and tubing exchanger four sorts of capacitor constellations can plan.

1. Horizontal chilling medium in tubings and condensation in shell side

2. Horizontal chilling medium in shell side and condensation in tubings

3. Vertical with condensation in the shell

4. Vertical with condensation in tubings

Largely in procedure industries for condensation prefers horizontal shell side and perpendicular tubing side

We can happen average condensation movie coefficient for a individual tubing is from



( hc )1= average condensation movie coefficient for individual tubing w/m2… degree Celsius

KLiter= condensate thermic conduction w/m… degree Celsius

?Liter= condensate denseness kg/m3

?Volt= vapour denseness kg/m3

?Liter= condensate viscousness Ns/m2

g = gravitative acceleration 9.81 m/s2

– = the tubing lading the condensate flow per unit length of tubing kg/m.s

The above equation is used for happening average condensation movie coefficient for dell tubing when condensation outside horizontal tubings.

Using the Kerns methods we can happen average coefficient for a tubing package


L = length of tubing

Tungstendegree Celsiuss= entire condense flow

NitrogenT= entire figure of tubings in the package

Nr = mean figure of tubings in a perpendicular tubing row.


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