Construction Management Procurement Route Construction Essay

Cinnamon Grand is the in private owned big hotel concatenation in UK, they offer comfy adjustment across the UK and are committed to continuing their rich heritage therefore they are really passionate about the mentality of their hotel edifices. A recent period of bad conditions and terrible storms has resulted in three Cinnamon Grand hotels being significantly destroyed in the south E of the UK. All destroyed hotel edifices are located in premier locations in town scenes. The hotel direction has decided to retrace the three hotels to a better quality than they were before with budget of ?120 million in two stages.

I, Pattusamy Subramanian appointed as a chief adviser by the client ( cinnamon Grand ) for the above undertakings, as a portion of my function is to fix a study to the client to rede on the most appropriate procurance path for the above undertaking.

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Construction Management Procurement Route Construction Essay
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Purpose of Procurement

A Person or Company commissioning building undertakings will necessitate an terminal merchandise which will fulfill their demands as to organize a quality and which they can taken ownership of the agreed clip which they will obtain for a competitory monetary value.

It is of import that procurement determinations are justifiable on the footing of documented facts and analysis. Soundly based determination affect a comprehensive geographic expedition of a scope of possible bringing theoretical accounts and procurement methods to find the attack best suited to each undertaking, by methodically researching all available options, undertakings proprietors can guarantee that chances for accomplishing increased value-for-money.

Client ‘s demands

Client is really concern about the edifice characteristics as they have scheme of following neglected landmark edifices and convey them back to their former magnificent expression. In line with client policy on architectural significance and aesthetics of the edifices, client will put a great trade of clip, cost and attempt to guarantee that Reconstruction is ever sensitive and does non compromise the self-respect of the edifices and services provided. The client planned to transport out the Reconstruction works in two stages as follow ;

Phase 1: Requires the undermentioned countries to be handed over by 28th February 2015 and able to get down work on 1st March 2014 ( 12months ) and client Planned to re-opening on 1st April 2015.


Guest suites


Swiming pool

Phase 2: the connotation to heighten chances for wellness and wellbeing of the visitants through new installations. The following installations will be freshly constructed under this stage.

Dance studios

Health and Fitness Centre

Conference and meeting suites

There are few cardinal points need to see from the client profile as follows ;

Client really experient in redevelopment of ignored Heritage edifice.

Client did non hold an in-house executive to be actively involved in this undertaking design and building.

Client wants to avoid the Undertaking clip and cost hazards and looking for value for money.

Analysis of Procurement path options

There are four chief cardinal methods of established procurance paths available, each of those affecting different types of contract, contractual relationship, information flow, functions and duties with in the squad. The Four key procurance paths are ;



Design and Construct

Construction Management

Management Catching

4.1 Traditional Procurement path

In the traditional attack, the employer accepts that design work will by and large divide from building, advisers are appointed for design and cost control, and the contractor is responsible for transporting out the plants. This duty extends to all craft and stuffs, and includes all work by subcontractors and providers. The contractor is normally appointed by competitory tendering on complete information, but may if necessary be appointed earlier by dialogue on the footing of partial on fanciful information.


Accountability and Competitive equity as all tendering contractors command on the same footing.

Design lead and the client is able to hold a direct influence which can ease a high degree of functionality and better the quality in the overall design.

Price certainty at the award of the contract.

Variations ( alterations ) to the contract are comparatively easy to set up and pull off.

Traditional procurance path is really familiar in the market.


Procedure clip takes longer to bring forth the full contract certification. Tenders paperss from an uncomplete design can be produced but can take to less cost and clip certainty and may take to differences.

Overall undertaking continuance may be longer than other procurement methods as the scheme is consecutive and building can non be commenced prior to the completion of the design.

No input into the undertaking design by the contractor as they are non appointed during the design phase.


Cost hazard is low due to chunk amount contract.

Time hazard is average due to fixed contract day of the month but the same clip contractor has right to claim extension if clip.

Quality/design hazard is low as the bulk of the plants designed by adviser who is working for client straight.


Traditional procurance path is non suited for this undertaking due to no clip certainty.

4.2 Design and Build Procurement path

Design and Build procurement contractor accepts duty for some or all of the design. There should be express mention to this in the contract, and the extent of design liability should ever be set out every bit clearly as possible. Some design and construct signifiers limit the design liability of the contractor to the normal professional responsibility to exert sensible attention and accomplishment. Independent advisers engaged by the contractor are hence under a liability no greater than normal. If the contractor does non hold in-house interior decorators, which is frequently the instance, and the contractor uses external advisers, their individuality should be established before the stamp is accepted.

The client ‘s demands might be stated briefly and merely, possibly little more than a site program and agenda of adjustment. On the other manus, they may be a papers of several hundred pages with precise specifications. The contractors input might be restricted to taking a strategy design supplied by the client and developing inside informations and production information. It is nevertheless better to stipulate in footings of public presentation demand instead than to order in inside informations, because this leaves the duty for design and choice with the contractor.

With a design and construct method, it is possible guarantee a quicker start on site, and the close integrating of design and physique can ensue in more effectual scheduling. Time, nevertheless, is needed by the client ‘s adviser to fix an equal set of demands, and clip is needed to compare and measure the strategies from the viing tenderers. Once a contract is signed, any alterations by the client can turn out dearly-won.


Client has to cover with one house and reduces the demand to perpetrate resources and clip to undertaking interior decorators and contractors individually.

Price certainty is obtained before building commences as client ‘s demands are specified and alterations are non introduced.

Overlap of design and building activities can cut down undertaking clip and improved constructability due to contractors input into the design.


Troubles can be experienced by clients in fixing an equal and sufficiently comprehensive brief.

Trouble in comparing commands since each design will be different, project plan will change between bidders, and monetary values for the undertaking will be different for each design.

Client is required to perpetrate to a construct design at an early phase, frequently before the elaborate designs are complete and design liability is limited to the criterion contracts that are available.


Cost hazard is low due to chunk amount contract.

Time hazard is low due to contractor repair the clip and be committed to it.

Quality/design hazard is high as the contractor control the design restriction, the hazards related to the capacity of the contractor to execute the undertaking based on the design.


Design and Build Procurement is most suited for this undertaking as it ‘s giving clip and cost certainty and contractor is apt for the all the hazards.

4.3 Construction Management Procurement path

In building direction path, the building director engaged to rede the employer on fees footing. The employer straight involve in the contracts with assorted specializer contractors throughout the undertaking life. The specilised contractors are direct pass oning with employer to acquire elucidation and direction as this procedure is faster than the other procurance methods.

The building director will be co-coordinating the design and building plans and ensures that the specializer contract bundles were considered decently. Through these agreements, the employer is at significant hazard, nevertheless the concluding duty for these issues may be hang on to the employer, depending on the signifier of contract used.


Potential clip nest eggs in overall undertakings as the design and building activities are overlapped.

Increased competition for building work due to work packaging.

Improved constructability through builder input into the design.

Functions, hazards and duties are clear to all parties

Flexibility for alterations in design.


Price certainty is non achieved until the concluding plant bundles have been let.

Informed and proactive client is required.

Client must supply good quality brief to the design squad as the design will non be complete until resources have been committed to the undertaking.

Close control required on clip and information.

Client loses direct control of design quality which is influenced by the builder.


Cost hazard is medium as it is unknown until the concluding bundle has been let.

Time hazard is medium as the responsible shared by several trade contractors works straight under client.

Quality/design hazard is low as the nexus between client, interior decorators and contractors are close.


Construction direction procurance is non suited for this undertaking due to no cost and clip certainty.

4.4 Management Contracting Procurement path

Management Contracting and Construction Management procurance paths are similar. The lone cardinal difference is ; In Management Contracts, the client come ining into a contract understanding with direction contractor who, in bend, contracts with the single trade contractors. The client pays the cost of the plants contracts every bit good as a direction fee for the direction services. In Construction Management, the client engaged building director on fee footing to set up trade contractors and supervise them and the single trade contractors direct contract understanding with the client.

The advantages, disadvantages and hazards are similar as above stated in the building direction.


Management undertaking procurance is non suited for this undertaking due to no cost and clip certainty.

Recommendation on appropriate procurance path

After appraise through the assorted methods of procurance paths, sing the client demands, client resources, undertaking features, undertaking budget, undertaking quality, bringing clip and hazard factors, I would wish to urge the Design and Build procurement path is an appropriate method for this undertaking in this fortunes. The grounds to reject the other procurance paths are described in item above and the summery as follow ;

Traditional procurance path is non suited for this undertaking due to no clip certainty.

Construction direction and Management catching procurance are non suited for this undertaking due to no cost and clip certainty.

Undertaking 2

Option A

Discuss the liability of Alexander contractor to the employer for the extra cost that the employer had to incur as a effect of being required to use a more expensive tenderer to transport out the building undertaking.

Scenario given in relevant to Alexander contractor liability

The Alexander contractors returned the stamp papers to the employer with conditions that it is unfastened for credence for six hebdomads. Upon finishing the stamp reappraisal, the employer establishes that the Alexander contractor is its preferable tenderer. However, before the employer is able to compose to the contractor to accept its offer, the Alexander contractor wrote to the employer saying that it is retreating its stamp.


General regulations in the contracts – There is no contract liability between the tenderer and the employer until the missive of offer is accepted, in the average clip the tenderer may retreat the stamp anytime before the issue of missive of credence. It shows that the Alexander contractor may non be apt to the employer at the same clip if the conditions of tendering province any clause like tenderer non able to retreat till stipulated clip, so the Alexander contractor may be liability for breach of the stamp conditions.

If there is a clause stated in the conditions of stamp paperss so both party have to appeal to tribunal to settle differences on the lose and amendss, justice will measure the instance with the grounds of facts and paperss and utilize the jurisprudence clauses to do a determination.


Support for this belief semen from the taking text editions on contract jurisprudence, such as Chitty on contracts. In the Twenty Seventh edition of this celebrated work, published in 1994, it is stated:

“ The general regulation is that an offer may be revoked at any clip before it is accepted. The regulation applies even though the offerer has promised to maintain the offer unfastened for a specified clip for such a promise is unsupported by consideration ”

In support of this statement the instance of Routledge v. Grant ( 1824 ) 4 Bing 653 is quoted where the suspect offered to purchase a house giving the complainant six hebdomads to give a definite reply. It was held that the suspect was free to retreat at any clip before credence event though the six hebdomad period has non expired.

The consequence of this that where a tendering period is really short tenderer sometimes hotfoot to subject a stamp apparently safe in the cognition that they can look into their figures once the stamp is submitted, and if mistakes are found, retreat their stamp at any clip prior to credence.

Discuss the clerks of plants power to publish a way as detailed in the given scenario and its deductions on the loss and disbursals incurred by the contractor.

Scenario given in relevant to clerk of plants power

The contractor about to get down to build the heap caps so they realized that the concrete measures in the BOQ are incorrect as the sizes of the heap caps had wrongly been transferred from the design pulling in to the BOQ. The contractor re-calculated the measures as per the drawing and found that the concrete work require 250 three-dimensional metres alternatively of 160cubic metres shown in the BOQ. The contractor informed the Contract Administrator of this disagreement in authorship and copied to Clerk of Work. The Clerk of Work issued a Direction to build the heap caps harmonizing to the drawing and disregard the measures shown in BOQ. The Clerk of Works pointed out that the payment would be made on physical measuring of the work.


Clerk of Works is employed by the client and known as Site Inspectors, Site Supervisors or Building Quality Officers, monitor the full site plants for their client. The chief duty is to do certain that work is carried out to the client ‘s criterions, specification and agenda. In most instances, the specifications are prepared by Architects or Engineer employed by the client. Clerk of plants make certain that the right stuffs and craft are used and that the client is given choice work and value for money. Clerk of plants are either on site all the clip or do regular visits, they need to be argus-eyed in their reviews, usage contract decision maker approved drawings and written direction as a mention and all plants must run into the Authorities demands and client criterions.

In Scenario stated that the contractor did informed the contract decision maker about the pile cap concrete measure disagreements and Clerk of work issue waies to continue the plants as per pulling. The contractor has besides highlighted that needs to alter the concrete bring arounding method due to increase in concrete volume and limited contractor resorts as per original plan. The contract decision maker issued direction this agreement. The work was accomplished within four yearss as per contract decision maker blessing with increased disbursals extra concrete measures, incurred extra work force and loss of clip ( Two yearss ) due to alterations in concrete hardening method. Hence, under the JCT conditions of contract, the contractor has complied with the contract decision maker direction, which fall under fluctuations in relevant affairs and the contractor allowed to claim the loss and disbursals from the employer.


( JCT Standard Building Contract with Quantities 2005 Edition Revision 2 2009, Clause 3.4 )

Clerk of plants are authorized to publish waies to the contractor. The way shall non valid unless confirmed by the contract decision maker and issue direction to the contractor within following 2days, the day of the month of such verification shall be deemed the day of the month direction is issued.

( JCT Standard Building Contract with Quantities 2005 Edition Revision 2 2009, Clause 4.23 )

In the executing of this contract the contractor incurs or is likely to incur direct loss and disbursal for which he would be reimbursed by a payment under likely to be materially affected by any of the relevant affairs ( See clause 4.24 ) .

Detail the possible claims with regard to the given scenario, the chief facts that can be included in the claims and the contractual commissariats available to confirm the claims harmonizing to the ‘JCT Standard Building Contract with Quantities 2005 Edition ( JCT SBS05 ) Revision 2 2009. ‘

Scenario given in relevant to possible claims

Discrepancies in pile cap concrete measures as per the design drawings, the work require 250 three-dimensional metres alternatively of 160cubic metres shown in the BOQ.

Changes in concrete heap cap concrete hardening method due to the pile cap size and concrete volume increased compared to the original plan.

The first floor collapsed during hardening of concrete. It is partly due to structural instability of the bing burden bearing walls. Contract decision maker decided to replace the damaged land flooring and fix the walls to carter for structural stableness.

The employer on several occasions has failed to pay interim payments to the contractor by the concluding day of the month agreed in the contract.


Harmonizing to the JCT status of contracts ( clauses 2.14, 2.15, 2.16, 3.14 & A ; 4.24 ) , the contractor did notified the contract decision maker on the disagreements in concrete measure and copied clerk of work. The Clerk of work issued way and later contract decision maker issued direction to continue. In this instance the contractor has complied with the contract decision maker direction and allowed to claim for the extra stuffs, works, adult male power which used to finish the plants. The extra plants to be measure by standard method of measuring and calculate utilizing agenda of rates stipulated in the contracts.



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