Consumer Behaviour Essay

Q. 1: Discuss Sam’s statement that “only the customer can fire us all. ” Do you know agree with this statement, and how do you relate customer behavior to this statement? 10 mark Q. 2: Using the example of fast food restaurants apply the concepts presented in the “Consumption Behavior” section. What implications might this analysis carry in developing business strategy for a particular restaurant? 10 mark Q. 3: Assume that you are developing an advertising program for an airline. How would you use laddering to assist in the development of the program? 0 mark Q. 4: A business is perplexed by the unexpected result of its recent advertising campaign and has turned to you for help in understanding what is going on. This new campaign was designed to increase the advertised products personal relevance to consumers by emphasizing its ability to fill previously underappreciated needs. Yet the campaign had had no noticeable effect on sales of the advertised product. Rather, it appeared to simulate the sales of competitor. Why might this have occurred? 10 mark Q. : A marketing research study undertaken for a major appliance manufacturer disclosed that 30 percent of those polled plan on purchasing a trash compactor in the next three months, and 15 percent plan on purchasing a new iron. How much confidence should be placed in the predictive accuracy of these intention measurements? More generally, will predictive accuracy very across products? Why or why not? 10 mark Q. 6: What is meant by the term culture? Why does the term create confusion about its meaning? 10 mark Q. : Some studies of consumer behavior maintain that the family rather than the individual should be the unit of analysis in consumer behavior. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the family as the unit of analysis? 10 mark Q. 8: Prepare a short essay that explains how to pick winners from the many candidates for new product introduction. 10 mark Q. 9: What is the danger of overexposure? How can this danger be reduced? 10 mark Q. 10: Explain how classical conditioning can be used to shape consumer opinions. 10 mark


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