Consumer Education Essay

Chapter 1 Introduction Consumer education concerns with the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the people living In the consumer society which supports consumers in their attempts to organize their lives in the sustainable way. Consumer education develops critical awareness and living skills which are oriented towards building a better future for our society. It can be seen in our everyday life on how consumer understands about the service, goods and its covering price.

It is also a factor on the expectations of the nonusers and their standard trade practice that leads to a more progressive learning about Economics. Consumer education offers several benefits to individuals; it: (1) encourages critical thinking; (2) imparts life skills that contribute to success in everyday living; (3) promotes self-confidence and Independence; (4) fosters broadly accepted values; and (5) Improves the quality of life. In addition, consumer education offers several benefits to society: It encourages client awareness and promotes a stable society (Knapp, 1991)

Consumer education Is a multi;adolescently In nature and can influences many people in the society. Consumer education is not only to transfer of knowledge but to develop skills and understanding of the society which consumers plays their important part, according to Murrain (2008) noted, “given that the focus of adults in a consumer society has always been one of pure consumption, consumer educators must help to re-socialize them toward a broadened view of consumption; they can do this by incorporating the role of consumer-citizens into the curriculum.

Through nonuser-citizen focused curriculum, educators can help re-socialize adults to substitute the fulfillment that consumption has provided with the satisfaction of helping others and balancing societal needs”. It shows that consumer education leads to a better learning of students about economics and It Is helpful towards the society. Economics is a social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services which is a mandatory subject that is being taken by all fourth year students. Students are part of what we call as ‘consumers’ of arioso products and goods.

It also helps the students to understand the basic economic practices that they must follow. To understand more about economics and its practices consumer education is being implicated in teaching economics. It is important to know if the students clearly understand what is being taught to them especially in the field of economics, what they will understand and learn all about economics will be useful to them as they grow older and starts to earn their own salary and wages. According to Whereon (2012) defined consumer In terms of making decisions.

He stated that consumers are better In making decisions If there Is a presence of better information. Meaning, making better decisions shows that an individual had unreason more tout consumer coeducation especially tout economics. By Tanat, more meaningful learning can be seen in studying economics by learning more about the consumer education. Furthermore, consumer education is a major factor in the better learning of the students in the field of economics. That is, understanding more about consumer education, more meaningful learning of economics will be seen.

Background of the Study Objectives of the Study This research aimed to determine the use of Consumer Education in quality learning of Economics. Precisely, the study is sought to achieve the following objectives: 1. Reveal student’s academic ratings in consumer education 2. Show student’s ratings in Economics in terms of: 2. 1 Knowledge 2. 2 Skills 2. 3 Attitude 3. Correlate students’ rating in Consumer Education and in Economics. Significance of the Study This study would be beneficial primarily to the students taking up Economics as heir subject.

This would serve as their guide on how the use of consumer education had made an impact to them while studying their subject; Economics. It would also increase the appreciation of students in the process of learning anything that would be in line of this field. Furthermore, this study could be useful to the future researchers. The findings of this study may serve as a reference for the future researches that will be related in Economics. In addition, the study would serve as a means for the students to learn ore about consumer education and have a much interest in it, therefore supports students to a more meaningful learning about Economics.

It would also lead to the development of students in conducting studies about this subject. This would also help the teachers that would be teaching Economics. They might use this kind of approach to its students to build a strong foundation to the learning of each of their students in this kind of field. The developed consumer education would be a great beneficial for the teachers in teaching furthermore of the Economics in the use of consumer education.

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