Consumer Starting Essay

Pizza Hut; Production to Consumer Starting with the selection of channel members followed by managing the channels, ending with making Pizza Hut’s pizza available to the end users is how to develop a istribution system. This is how to make pizza available to consumers in order for Pizza Hut to profit and grow. Choosing the levels, members, and knowing the needs of the targeted market is important in order to make the goal of a successful business. Channel members add the much needed value to the process.

One way is that they are very informative and can/do provide the knowledge about the given product; pizza, at Pizza Hut in this paper. The channel members are responsible to know how to premote the product. For Pizza Hut, placing promotional marketing ads n various coupon books could be a great strategy for getting new customers. Also, using the newspaper is another great promoting idea. Social media sites such as Facebook can be a great marketing tool. Matching the products to the needs of the customer is a huge promoting value.

Another would be upselling; asking a customer if they would like wings with their pizza, while making them sound irresistible. The channel of distribution is how products are passed from where they are made onto the retailer or consumers. The pizzas are made and packaged, sent to the Pizza Huts, made and sold to customers. They want fresh, tasty pizzas that they are able to sell to consumers that enjoy them and come back again and again. Having a channel of distribution is important in order to have supply demands at hand for consumers, or retailers needed delivery.

Pizza Hut has a few restaurant type places that are pulling in 50% more than the average take out places that are around the world. They have dining areas, menu board, counter service and has the appearance that looks like a typical fast food place, such as a McDonald’s or Denny’s. (Zuber 1998) More places like this are what are needed in order for competitors to lose and Pizza Hut to gain more. They also have teamed up with places such as KFC and Taco Bell and have also skyrocketed in sales because of this. It gives consumers a bigger, convenient choice for their need of fast food they enjoy.

Channel members are important in getting the process of pizzas from the production to the retailers in order to sell to the consumers. Direct channels are needed in order to increase the sales and the convenience for Pizza Huts. Order sales should include telephone sales, internet orders and text to orders. This is because it will make ordering more convenient to the customers. Some customers are in a rush and want to pre order to have their food hot and ready. Retail indirect sales will include retailers in order to order the products needed in order to OlstrlDute to tne consumers. I ne most Important aspect Tor a distribution channel is to make the product convenient and readily available for customers who want it. An important objective to remember is that one must attain the desired. Different chains of restaurants differ in their sales volume, therefor, manufacturers need to weight out the importance of each based on the ppercent of sales for each of the products at hand. Customer service is great to have since the goal is to achieve a level of satisfaction for the targeted customers. This is great to have since it is what is different from competitors.

It is important that the orders and delivery time is done promptly. There must be a great line of communication in order to fulfill the needs and wants at hand. When communication is scarce, orders could be messed up and that could cause issues for a business with customers wanting and product not available. (Mullins ; Walker) Short channels are better as they are able to do larger orders, though are more costly. Channel organizations re needed and must be researched in order to pick the best one. Multi-channel retailers are good to have because they focus on the organization and culture.

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