Consumerism ideology


1. Introduction

All over the topographic point, from the popular civilization to the propaganda system, there is changeless force per unit area to do people experience that they are incapacitated, that the lone function they can hold is to sign determinations and to devour.

Consumerism is a manner of life and an political orientation which is developed farther by mass phenomenon. In Singapore, consumerism has become really much a manner of life with the popular Great Singapore Sale, major IT Exhibitions, ageless price reductions in most retail mercantile establishments states broad and many delightful eating houses with civilization involved. Therefore, it is of import for us to acknowledge the value of consumerism that is within and around us. Peoples are devouring in different facets, and Food & A ; Beverage is taking a large portion in the society. However, people need to devour, people consume besides because of the 1000s of designed infinite which pull them to travel and research more for their life. In another word, consumerism is going design driven. Harmonizing to dictionary, the significance of consumerism is that the motion seeking to protect and inform consumers by necessitating such patterns as honorable packaging and advertisement, merchandise warrants, and improved safety criterions ; the theory that a increasingly greater ingestion of goods is economically good ; and fond regard to mercenary values or ownerships: deplored the rampant consumerism of modern-day society.

Consumerism is known as an action where people purchase goods, which are more than necessary for their lives, but it can impact more than purchasing wonts and personal and household life. Sometimes, it may even do people less cognizant of their ain emotional reactions, as they seek to purchase yet another point that will deflect them. On the other manus, consumerism besides keeps people up-to-date and modern as consumerism globalized.

In fact, consumerism has been around human civilisation at the first topographic point. It had a great bend in consumerism arrived merely before the Industrial Revolution.

In 21st century, consumerism is one of the statements of scientists, and research workers, they try to happen out how and why do people blow money in such expensive things, such as vesture, electronic points, autos, technological devices… etc. One of many grounds that makes consumer spend tonss of money for their ingestion is advertisement. Harmonizing to research, Billions of companies throw their commercials into market as many ways as they can. They will demo their trade name names on Television, magazines, in film theatres, promenades… etc. To pull consumer, companies have million ways to lure people by advertisement. If a company wants people know about its name or merchandises, they so try to do an attractive posting or a nice page in magazine to publicize their merchandises to the populace. Incorporating a nice expressed image and attractive colourss, the posting is made to direct an inexplicit message -the key- to consumers ; this cardinal convinces people to purchase merchandises. This has become a tendency internationally. Indeed, a company advertised themselves is a manner of planing themselves looks better and sounds greater to sell the merchandise.

From a design position, will a good design conveying more consumers to the topographic point? The reply is decidedly yes.

Planing a topographic point is planing an experience and how to go forth people with a memory. It is the ambiance that provides for the clients, which has a important impact on them, and do them desire to come back and hang out.

Furthermore, consumerism is non merely happened in the manner universe as motioned before, Consumerism is besides applied for other industries as good. For Singapore, touristry and nutrient & A ; drink are the most of import industry which makes the income for the whole state. Food & A ; drink industry is the basic needs for people, how good the basic industry is, and it reflects how good the state has developed. In another universe, the cardinal shows all. However, nutrient & A ; drink is non lonely the nutrient and drinks, it is a topographic point where provides the feel of assemblage ; the ambiance and the environment which design frock them up together. For some of Singaporeans, they consume on nutrient & A ; drink as a life style to eat all right nutrient at good designed eating houses.

Based on research from Singapore Tourism Board, the busy life that Singaporeans have, the among of tourers come to Singapore maintain turning twelvemonth by twelvemonth and the assorted civilization background, all of these determine that there is a demand to open more all right dining eating houses. Singapore particularly has a strong influence of western civilization, the per centum of Singaporeans who drink vino has grown over 214 present during last 10 old ages, so that it is a possible to open a vino store here every bit good. .

As a consequence, the proposal for the Utopia undertaking is to plan a vino grasp nine and all right dining eating house which aims to add on more value to the Singapore society, to follow a wine civilization to Singaporeans. Harmonizing to the chosen site at South beach edifice which is located at the CBD country, the mark market would be business communities, tourers and local Singaporeans. The design purpose is to make a infinite which carries the cognition about the wine civilization, the procedure of doing wine and history of vino etc.

The design construct is based on the procedure of doing vino, the three cardinal stairss are harvest, oppressing and ageing. The thought behind these three key words is that: crop is a topographic point to garner people and aggregation of grapes, it will go the response and welcoming topographic point at first when people get into the infinite ; following by the devastating measure, it is translated to the whole design linguistic communication of the full infinite, after making welcoming infinite, the oppressing measure forms a wine procedure gallery, usually, a gallery should be unfastened and large infinite, yet in this instance, in order to experience more about the devastating measure of winemaking procedure, the infinite is designed to be narrow and low-volume infinite ; Now ageing, this cardinal word is designed as a journey in the infinite, why? The ground is ageing is a affair of clip, a infinite that is altering or transforming like the vino devising procedure, from grapes to wine, organize sugar to intoxicant ; As people walking in the infinite, the infinite is able to talk and lead people through the designed journey. The infinite will be altering in term of volume, proportion, graduated table, illuming and different stuffs of the infinite.

Through planing the infinite to convey people ‘s attending and draw people into the topographic point to purchase and enjoy, it is a manner of consumerism. Indeed, consumers come to the topographic point non merely to dine, but to besides prosecute with new things, to see the infinite, to add on value to them, to pass clip with friends in the ambiance of vino cognition. Leave a fantastic memory to the consumers.

3. Coclusion


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