Contents Mission Statement And Swot Business Essay

Harmonizing to Etihad Airways ( par 2 ) , the mission of Etihad Crystal Cargo is to go the prima and most profitable air hose by efficaciously implementing procedures that would take to maximal load factor, minimal theodolite times, instantaneous and unflawed information to the transporting spouses, client service, and decreased disposal.


Etihad Crystal Cargo services are based on values that focus on presenting the best practises. The company does non compromise safety given the susceptibleness of an international airdrome to terrorist. Etihad merchandises and services are typical in nature therefore capable of animating clients. One of these advanced merchandises is Xpress2D which offer Swift and convenient service get downing from the shipment airdrome to topographic point of bringing. Additionally, Etihad Crystal Cargo presents its clients with airdrome to airport service by using modern fleet of broad airbus A300-600RF and MD11F. To enable Crystal reassign its goods faster across the Earth, lading handling installations, tracking devices and systems have been modernised. The facet of uninterrupted investing in modern Cargo System has led to Ultimate Information Transparency.

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Contents Mission Statement And Swot Business Essay
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One of the major failings haltering the success of Etihad is few finishs covering Middle East. Furthermore, its bundles are non good defined which demean the client from using company ‘s services. Since Etihad is new in the market, it has managed to capture few clients while Emirates attract more clients. Use of boing airbus A300-600RF and MD11F plays a function in driving up costs due to high fuel ingestion and the of all time rising monetary value of rough oil in international market. The fleet is usually utilised in the Crystal lading section.


As engineering in the universe advancement to higher degrees, Etihad has managed to overhaul its suits, therefore attract engineering driven market. Advanced tracking engineering utilized in supervising lading warrants safe bringing to intended finish. Customer experience in cargo can be improved therefore is an extra chance that Etihad could capitalise on with an aim of pulling more clients. Furthermore, increased popularity of the company indicates that it can perforate new markets within a short clip.


Air cargo intelligence ( par 5 ) stated flatly that perpetually increasing fuel monetary values are bound to impel higher cost of running air hoses particularly the lading sector which utilizes boing airbus A300-600RF and MD11F. This state of affairs worsens as figure of finishs lessening with increasing figure of rivals. Some of these rivals are: Gulf Air, British Airways, Air France, Qatar Airways, and Deutsche Lufthansa.

Question 2: Strategic Decisions in Operation Management Utilised in Etihad

Merchandises and services

The new Etihad merchandise, Xpress 2D, offers the client a fast and convenient service from the transportation office to topographic point of bringing either at the door measure therefore off-loading from clients the load of custom clearance and transit ( Etihad Airways fact sheet, 4 ) . The short distance design of Abu Dhabi International Airport has ensured fast conveyance of cargo to other parts of the universe. This is farther complemented by turning web of all-cargo finishs. The fleet of Airbus A300-600RF and MD11F serve 10 finishs with its universe charter services and lading services.

Regional bottom aircraft at Etihad is capable of supplying dependable, flexible and cost effectual charter services. A dedicated squad is available to offer speedy solutions to logistical jobs. In add-on to cut down limitations on types of lading carried and finish served, charter merchandises offer both portion and full universe broad charter services.

Logisticss direction

Abu Dhabi International Airport is positioned strategically on the Earth associating Asia and Europe ( Jones, 3 ) . The subsequent programs of spread outing and upgrading lading installations will hold the terminal consequence of speedy transportation of goods to other parts of the universe. This upgrade procedure involves installing of machine-controlled lading handling services. Another strategic thought introduced in 2006 is Cargo Minimum Connection Times which was designed to heighten fast and effectual connecting lading through the airdrome.

The fast turning wide-bodied rider fleet and regional bottom is a strategic option taken by direction to hike proviso of services. So as to complement on its merchandises, Etihad Crystal Cargo provides tracking within UAE and GCC states. The thought of continual investing in modern systems brought about the policy of Ultimate Information Transparency. This has improved communicating with the client.

Human Resources and Job Design

Happening of any vacancy at Etihad prompts human resources to publicize such station in the media. Qualified persons are later selected and subjected into a transparent and strict interview. The interview is straight relative to vacant place. Jobs descriptions are designed in such a mode that policies of a company are followed to the latter. It is the aim of human resource forces to guarantee that employees know their specific responsibilities and duties.

In footings of employee description, 8,000 staff employed represents 120 nationalities from around the universe. Etihad is besides committed to open uping chances for UAE ‘s public. Furthermore, Emiratisation plan is an chance for Emiratis to come in into cadet plan, proficient technology plan and the alumnus direction development strategy ( Rahman, par 13 ) .

Pull offing Quality

Quality is the basis of Etihad success in UAE. Get downing with good designed fleet to intervention of clients in each portion of lading concern demonstrate quality. Extensive nature of air power preparation is critical to the triumph of any air hose concern. This is apparent where Etihad promotes Emiratisation plan. Use of modern engineering, tracking mechanism and sophisticated lading managing techniques has farther enhanced bringing of services and accordingly improved degree of client satisfaction ( Gerry, 9 ) . In drumhead, the lading sector is strategically determining its systems to a modern province of the art such that freight motion both locally and internally is made efficient.

Question 3: Improvement of operation quality

Etihad bases its operation on three nucleus values viz. : presenting systematically and expeditiously, using modern engineering to transact and inform, and systematically better services to clients. Etihad focuses on client services and strict procedure of commanding quality. This has ensured decrease in holds and its related storage or processing costs. Modern systems utilized in managing lading are extra quality control step that serves the intent of safe bringing of lading. It is a common observation that clients demand compensation for any damaged good but with this quality control step, such costs are eliminated wholly. As a control tool, air power preparation at Etihad has made certain that employees are responsible in managing their several responsibilities. This goes along in cut downing supervising and control fees.

Question 4: Structural consequence in SCM and Technological Innovation World

This merely implies the nature of a section in act uponing the clip and cost incurred in presenting a merchandise to the client through a supply concatenation. It encompasses accomplishments and organisational processs that affect straight operations along a supply concatenation. Structural consequence can be in a signifier of lacking logistical services which end up detaining conveyance of lading. Lack in construction of communicating inhibits the velocity at which concern is conducted ( Choi, 10 ) . In that province of personal businesss, a good defined communicating construction reduces clip lost in presenting goods from one finish to the other.

As engineering progresss, many industries strive to travel frontward but are faced with tremendous booby traps including deficiency of accomplishments and capacity. An illustration is deployment of modern engineering to a section which so calls for preparation and even decrease of figure of staff. Before Etihad introduced sophisticated equipment to transact, manage, and path lading, the company had to carryout operational preparation. The terminal consequence of this structural alteration is improved gross aggregation and realisation of company ‘s aims ( Thomous, 56 ) . Another illustration in footings of structural consequence is cargo 2000 which re-engineered transit procedure in Etihad from shipper to consignee by a maestro operating program. The consequence of this is a decrease in figure of procedure in the air cargo supply concatenation from 40 to 19 stairss therefore cutting down labour required.

Question 5: Layout Innovation of Etihad Airways

In relation to layout, Etihad has ambitious enlargement programs on its installation which is based in Abu Dhabi International airdrome. The present installation will be upgraded by replacing with a to the full automated cargo terminus. Other terminuss will follow similar suit. In the same vena, Cargo Minimum Connection Times was introduced in 2006 so as to ease fast and adept transportation of lading through the hub. This sort of layout at Crystal lading is advanced and seasonably in the planetary economic system.

The base of crystal air hose is at Abu Dhabi which is at the hamlets of Europe and Asia. This is a strategic location at the Centre of fastest turning economic systems where clients can do a convenient connexion or direct trip to Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The metropolis of Abu Dhabi is absolutely placed between West and East therefore ideal for a halt over. It is besides a 40 proceedingss drive from airdrome. The first terminus, located next to terminal three, contains universe category installations whilst a individual can link flights handily from Abu Dhabi to other parts of the universe like Baghdad and Beirut ( Basit, par 4 ) . Terminal three at Abu Dhabi Airport is broad and constructed in a convenient layout with societal comfortss such as free cyberspace zone which clients can utilize to pass on with their loved 1s before get oning a plane ( Fried, 16 ) . Finally, the widely distributed nature of staff illustrates Etihad ‘s dedication to conveying universe together.


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