contract of sales of goods Essay

Long-Term Sales Contract Seller: Greatest Phone Company Co Add: 645 West Road, Accra; Ghana post code: 6679087 Bank: Bank de National, Caracas; Venezuela Account number: 739153091438091001 Buyer: Greatest Purchaser Company Add: 57 Rue de Confederation, Geneva; Switzerland Post code: 1208 Bank: Barclays Bank, Geneva; Switzerland Account number: 678153091778091090 The buyer and Seller agree to conduct transactions according to the terms and conditions stipulated below: 1 .

Goods Description: Name Specification Quantity Unit Warranty(3*) Unit Price(l Amount ( incl. tax) (2*) 36 Phone General: GSM 850 / / 1800 Size : x 11. 6 rnrn Weight : 135 g Memory : 16 GB Battery : Non-removable Li-lon battery 2600 MhG Color : Black Camera : 5 Megapixels 15. ooo Piece 1095 Days From the day of delivery 1560 VB 24000000VB 1 *Currency: VB – venezuelan Bolivar; ICHF = 7,06276 VB 2* The price includes 3% tax 3* The inspection before the goods before departure should be conducted by the independent inspection company “Great Insperctors LL.

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contract of sales of goods Essay
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C”. 2. Payment Terms: The Buyer shall pay the goods through the following form within 15 days after signature of formal order. 100% of the total price for goods shall be paid by L/C by domestic bank. The Seller has the ownership of products before receiving all corresponding payment for goods. Bank information of the Seller : Beneficiary: Greatest Phone Company Co (645 West Road, Accra; Ghana) Bank: Bank de National, Caracas; Venezuela Required documents: 3.

Delivery Terms: Terms of delivery are: FCA ( Incoterms 2010) – Goods should be delivered by the Seller to Caracas International Airport within 7 days upon receipt of 100% of the price value paid by the Buyer 4. Packaging: I ne seller packs tne goods accor01ng to tne package stanaara 0T Its Tactory. Additionally the cells shall be packed in way suitable for plane transportation to atisfy the requirements for long distance transportation for a long time, according to international standart ( ASTM D6198 – 12) 5.

Force Majeure: If any party is unable to perform its contractual liabilities due to any force majeure event, the affected party shall notify the other party within 7 days upon the occurrence of such event, and shall present written evidence issued by the relevant authority within 15 days upon the end of such events and could partially or wholly exempt from the liability in the light of the impact caused by force majeure. Where an event of force majeure occurs after the party’s delay in performance, the efaulting party shall not be released from its liabilities 6.

Applicable Law: The execution, effectiveness, interpretation, implementation and disputes settlement of this Agreement is in accordance with the laws of the Switzerland. If special situation which is not included in the above-mentioned law occurs, the Parties shall refer to the international commercial practices 7. Delays: If the Seller’s or the Buyer’s performance is delayed or prevented by reasonable cause (such as casualty, labor trouble, governmental action, inability to obtain supplies or transportation), guilty party has 5 days to implement their part of the contract .

Damages: In the case of breaching of contract by fault of one or the other parties ( the Buyers/ the Seller) under condition of non performing their contract’s obligations after 5 days’ period of legal delay (undelivered goods, undelivered payment), injured party shall receive the full cost of the damage (cost of goods, cost of delivery), additionally 25% of the cost of damage as a moral compensation and 17% of the cost of goods for the lost profit. The Seller: Greatest Phone Company Road, Accra; Ghana Geneva; Switzerland co The Buyer: Greatest Purchaser Company 645 West 57 Rue de Confederation, Signature(with interpretation):


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