Contrast Between British And Hong Kong Essay

Hong Kong officially ceded to British after the Chinese and two authoritiess signed the Treaty of Nanjing. The understanding was included under the rule of one state, two systems ” would be enforce on Hong Kong and they will take benefit from high grade of liberty in every affair excepting defense mechanism and foreign personal businesss for the following 50 old ages ( ).

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Contrast Between British And Hong Kong Essay
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Sociable: –

Hong Kong consist of seven million Fifty five thousand & A ; seventy one depend on different cultural group including 95 % Chinese, 2 % of Indonesian and Filipino and 2 % mixture of different nationality. The official linguistic communication of Hong Kong is Chinese ( Cantonese ) but 6.4 % population speaks other Chinese linguistic communication and about 3.2 % people speaks English as good. In Hong Kong bulk of people believe on diverse local faith and merely 10 % population is Christian. Hong Kong is one of the most Crowded topographic point in term of population consist of seven million people in the universe.

In Education system of Hong Kong the child age group of 15 and over in which a really limited no. of pupils who attended schools as research shows merely 7 % of pupils from the above age group attended school in proper mode. Hong Kong is situated in Eastern Asia and the boundary lines are closed to south China sea and county of China. Hong Kong has Consist of more than two 100 islands. Hong Kong is spread out in 426 square stat mis and the biggest portion of boundary line shared by South China Sea which is 455 stat mis and little portion of boundary line shared with state of China about 18 stat mis. Hong Kong Six clip bigger than Washington, Dc. Hong Kong conditions is rather semitropical. Hong Kong is celebrated for their first-class natural resources including deepwater seaport and felspar ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ).

Economy & A ; Financial: –

Hong Kong is a free trade economic system including chiefly with international trade and finance. It is an international metropolis consist of concern hub, celebrated Bankss and Hong Kong stock exchange. It is one of the chief commercial service economic system with really low revenue enhancement, free market and least authorities intervention. Hong Kong has grow appropriate incorporation with chine through trade, touristry and fundss. China is one of the biggest spouse for Hong Kong in export trading 2008 which is about 49 %. when the Hong Kong has reduced their visa limitations so about quadrupled people migrated to Hong Kong from China between 2001 and 2008.Every Chinese companies are seeking to in list Hong Kong taking stock market. Furthermore, about 33 % of the Chinese Companies are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and they are keeping three-fifths of the whole stock market capitalisation. In the last 10 old ages Hong Kong service industry boosted significantly which reflects more than 90 % of the territory`s gross domestic merchandise ( http: // ).

Contrast Between British and Hong Kong Business ( The Do`s and Don`ts ) : –

One of the Major similarity between United Kingdom and Hong Kong is population, both States have the same figure of population is about 7 million and both consider as fiscal Centres and internationally of import cosmopolite. In Hong Kong a major population is included with cultural Chinese Where as in United Kingdom is included different communities like Koreans, Latin Americans, Nigerians, Easter Europens, Middle Easterners and so on.

Lothar Katz ( 2008 ), In Hong Kong concern meetings have to schedule in progress before three hebdomads with complete information of the meeting like run intoing individual, rubric, place and undertaking of the attendants. A senior Executive ever lead the dialogue of the company and negociating squad have to consist of senior director who understand all cognition of the company. The most Senior individual of the group should come in in the conference room foremost. Bing late in run intoing without holding a sensible and valid ground can be an offend In Hong Kong, use a proper rubric to turn to a people such as Director Chen or Doctor GN or Mr /Ms and household name. In meeting, exchange of concern cards is a really critical move and perchance the one side printing in English and other side in Chinese. Always receive and present visiting cards with both custodies and do non set concern card in dorsum of your pocket because it feels discourtesy.

Richard Lewis ( 2006 ), Whereas in British people are really true, reasonable, helpful and thoughtful. British consist of different categories, Northern English Brits set more importance on honestness, consecutive and easy covering but southern English Brits work more on instruction and civilised side. In first concern meetings, the British are quit formal and used foremost names merely after two or three interactions. Subsequently, they behave really informal i.e. take off jackets, rolled up egos. During meetings, British people like to expose themselves as really household oriented i.e. to discourse about their childs, vacations and old memories. In UK, during concern Sessionss gags are really of import and it is advisable for opposing individual to come with batch of gags and reminiscences.

Peoples who are talented in doing gags should utilize their ability during concern meetings. British people expect from other individual to fit narrative with narrative and make an environment to making concern will ensue. British executives can utilize gags as a arm for opposing campaigner to demo disagreement. During meetings, British executives try to turn out that they are guided by rationally, concerted and logically. It is really rare for British people to take concluding determination in first concern meeting even in the absence of any differences. They do non wish to be speedy and rushed. The British barely of all time disagree the proposals from the other party. They usually agree every clip but finalise at their ain footings and conditions.

In Hong Kong, usually people used chopstick for feeding and it is advisable to utilize it in a proper mode. Position of the chopsticks should non be upright in the rice of bowl as it is preferable bad manners. Rice is suppose to be a filler and serves usually with every repast. Leaving little sum of rice at the terminal will demo that the individual is happy with the nutrient and satisfied with their helping. Whereas, in United Kingdom is preferred to utilize forks and knives. It feels so impolite to get down eating before everyone is served.

Helen Deresky ( 2011 ) The word dialogue explain the method of conversation by which two or more parties to acquire a reciprocally suited understanding. International dialogue method is rather hard because of different cultural rules, linguistic communications, life style, trade manner and ordinance.

Helen Deresky ( 2011 ) The dialogue method consist of following 5 phases.


Relationship Building

Exchange of Task- Related Information


Concessions and understanding

Preparation: –

The significance of utile readying for cross-culture dialogues can non be emphasized. To cognize the negotiating manners in different civilizations, ab initio directors should cognize their ain manners and so seek to happen out how its different from the norm in other states. Directors can compare their profiles with those who supposed to be a successful negotiants in different states. These profiles reflect the behavior, value system and attitude inherent in a certain society. There are 12 variable which can helpful to understand the built-in civilization, countrywide motives and traditional procedures for troughs to fix a proper dialogue. These 12 variables are as follow: –

Basic construct of Negotiation procedure

Negotiator choice standards

Significance of type of issues

Concern with protocol

Complexity of communicating context

Nature of persuasive statements

Role of single aspirations

Bases of trust

Hazard taking leaning

Value of clip

Decision devising system

Form of satisfactory understanding

Relationship Building: –

Relationship edifice is the method of constructing common trust in a host state before come ining on concern dialogue and dealing. This method is really utile in different states in the universe.

Exchanging Task-Related Information: –

In this phase of dialogue both parties normally makes presentation and asked inquiry and replies with alternate treatment. The Chinese concern people ask batch of inquiries to their oppositions and investigate in deepness.

Persuasion: –

The difficult bargaining begins in the persuasion phase of dialogue. Normally, each side attempt to convert to other to understand more of their state of affairs and give some of their ain. In different states, the bulk of the persuasion finishes over one meeting or takes more negotiation meeting.

Concessions and Agreement: –

In the concluding phase of dialogue, grants and understanding attack fluctuate significantly across civilizations. Clever and crisp negotiants are cognizant a assortment of different grant schemes and knows how to use it in the negotiating meetings.

Lothar Katz ( 2008 ) In Hong Kong, usually dialogue is conducted by squad instead than a individual individual. Furthermore, squads more frequently comprises of high skilled negotiants who know how to acquire the better result. In Hong Kong, concern people anticipate long-run committednesss from their concern spouse and believe to acquire long term benefits. In get downing, negotiants faced really tough clip to acquire the concluding trade but 1s deal reasonably done in a proper mode so Hong Kong concern people maintain a long-run relationship. This civilization follow a win-win attack as this is good attack for everyone to salvage face during a dialogue. If a dissension take topographic point at any degree of dialogue so the negotiant demand to happen a surrogate solution which could be utile to both parties.

In utmost scenario a go-between who helps that dialogue to be successful. Hong Kong concern people are usually shared information more openly as they believe on importance of give and take. In Hong Kong, dialogue is really slow and delayed as people of Hong Kong takes clip to happen the little inside informations. Concept relationship, garnering proper inside informations and finalise the determination doing procedure all take clip. Furthermore, negotiants must be prepared to see many trips to accomplish the concluding trade or aim. Before finalize the trade, negotiants should be patient, show small sum of sentiments and admit that hold may take topographic point.

Helen Deresky ( 2011 ) The word communicating illustrate the procedure of sharing the information through media in order to words and behavior. There is a cultural variables in the Communication procedure as follow: –


Social Organization

Thought Patterns



Gestural Communication


Attitudes: –

Everybody knows that our attitudes influence the mode we perform and communicate and exchange messages with each other.

Social Organization: –

We belong to such sort of societal organisation by which our Percepts can be underlie in different rules, precedences and attack.

Thought Forms: –

The logical manner of analyzing varies extensively around the universe and significantly affects the communicating procedure.

Functions: –

Societies varies significantly in their perceptual experiences of a manger`s function.

Language: –

Language is a intent to convey the nonsubjective information among the cultural and societal understand from coevals to coevals.

Gestural communicating: –

Gestural communicating is a mode that communicate without words.

Time: –

Last procedure is clip that communicates civilization in the mode people respects and utilize clip.

Lothar Katz ( 2008 ) Hong Kong is comprises of two different linguistic communications ; English and Chinese. Many Businessmens speaks really good English but sometime they used translator in meeting. They usually communicate in short and simple English sentence and avoid utilizing slang linguistic communication. Hong Kong concern Peoples are soft spoken and really soft tone. Particularly in concern tiffins and dinners they speak in really low tone and rather. Loud and noisy behavior is supposed to be deficiency of subject. Communication is normally highly indirect as the perceptual experience of ‘saving face ‘ is critical in their civilization. Hong Kong People merely responded ‘yes ‘ on a direct inquiry which mean they heard what you said but non hold with that and in rare instances people responded ‘no ‘. It is utile to use indirect attack while covering with Hong Kong people as direct attack is perceive to be ill-mannered and aggressive.

Helen Deresky ( 2011 ) Negotiation really represents the result of a series of little and big decision.Negotiation really copy the consequence of a series of big and little decision.Cutlural Variables in the Decision Making Process as under: –


individuality / Bolshevism Utilitarianism/moral ideals

Hazard Tolerance Past/future orientation





Consideration of

Alternate solution



Objective / Subjective Internal / external

Perspective venue of control

Decision Devising: –

Lothar Katz ( 2008 ) In Hong Kong, before taken a concluding determination of any trade they ever consider the group involvements and advise with others. Decision doing procedure can be speedy or can take a long period and most of it required forbearance. Personal belief, experiences and nonsubjective grounds may see more beneficial instead than empirical facts. Hong Kong concern people are more hazard takers than mainland China.

Geert Hofstede ( 1967 ), we can see the civilization of Hong Kong by the undermentioned hofstede five dimensional theoretical account consist of Power distance, individualism-collectivism, masculinity-femininity, uncertainness turning away, Long Term Orientation.

Degree centigrades: UsersMASHDownloadsHK & A ; UK.PNG

Power Distance: –

Power distance shows that every individual individual in societies are non same. In Hong Kong 68 % of people has a high mark on power distance which most of people believes that inequalities among people are acceptable. There is no defense mechanism against power force and people are inclined towards subordinate-superior relationship.

Individuality: –

The above graph shows that Hong Kong is a collectivized civilization where they think about their household relations and friends. In Hong Kong, people prefer to engage their household members, relations and friends in any occupation.


With the mark 57 Hong Kong is a masculine civilization. In Hong Kong, people works long hr for acquiring the success i.e. service people like hairstylists are plants till tardily dark to supplying services. Furthermore, pupils in Hong Kong are truly work hard in tests for acquiring the good tonss and high ranked.

Uncertainty Avoidance:

In Hong Kong uncertainness turning away is really low mark at 29.They are comfy with uncertainness. They can set at any state of affairs and see as concern minded.

Long term orientation: –

Long term orientation is really high in Hong Kong society mark at 96 in which doggedness and continuity are standard. In Hong Kong, relationships in regard of position and the order is observed. Peoples of Hong Kong believe on long term undertaking i.e. existent estate concern.

To sum up, It is obvious that work in a planetary market required a great cognition of dialogue, communicating and decision-making. we can state this that every state have its ain concern etiquette and ordinance.Before start any concern or concern meetings in international market directors should cognize the above cognition and understand the civilization of different states


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