Contributing Factors Which Make South Korea an Advanced Country Essay

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Analyse what are the lending factor which make South Korea an advanced state.

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Contributing Factors Which Make South Korea an Advanced Country Essay
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History of South Korea

Korea is a state that was colonized by the Japan during the World War II in 1945, this state officially free from Japan colonialism after their licking in the war against United State of America. The consequence of this freedom, the beginning of the constitution of this state as a state officially named South Korea by Syngman Rhee as the first president. However, this state had been seen really unlikely to develop due to poverty, economic pandemonium after the colonized and the major crisis in the corner of the disposal.

In 1950, during the reign of President Syngman Rhee of South Korea has used national security jurisprudence as a regulation. President besides eliminates newspapers and imprisoning disparagers to go on to take. But as a consequence of corruptness and economic damage significantly from this the authorities makes the pupils public violences and the president was forced to vacate. This makes more pandemonium in the state. To forestall pandemonium continues, the military took over authorization in 1961 the ground forces was headed by general Park Chung Hee.

Caused by the military putsch, the state was ruled use military jurisprudence. The usage of military jurisprudence has been much laden people of this state. Peoples conscripted and forced to ever follow whatever opinion demands. nevertheless, in 1963, elections have been introduced and general Park Chung Hee won 3 times in a row in 1963,1967,1971 and general have introduced a new fundamental law, which officially gave opinion obtains far more power. However, the opinion does non put in the Black Marias of the people and was assassinated in October 1979.

South Korea was one time known as a hapless developing state has their topographic point in a quickly turning economic system and advancement. It is an economic miracle that has travelled the state despite it has been ruled by subjugation. Military regulation is regarded as a better the authorities than the authorities antecedently filled with corruptness. Government has played a major function in work outing economic jobs. The first transmutation of this state is to construct Bridgess and better their instruction toward a better manner. Korean authorities besides empowers the Chaebol ( big corporations ) for the mastering industry in this state and set up a long-run program of 5 old ages to run the economic system.

After decease of General Park, generals Chun Doo-hwan took power through a military one time once more and back to present military jurisprudence. This one time once more makes this state pandemonium and presentations by the pupils Massive occurred. This led to General Chun had to utilize military force with detain all who oppose this opinion and putting to deaths monolithic against the forces who fought against. This makes people back to normal life to authorities like General Park that forced by the demands of the authorities. However, as a consequence of this the authorities besides makes South Korea successfully eradicate poorness on this state and do them as rich state. Success is enhanced by making a name and acquire the attending of the universe with provide the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, one of metropolis in this state.

In the in-between 1980, there were public violences carried out by the pupils against the opinion and acquire aid or support from the provincials to subvert the authorities general Chun. But the general Chun takes drastic action to moved and name for elections as a manner to work out this public violences and presentations. This power displacement has raised a new general, General Roh Tae-Woo as new president.

Through this new president, South Korea considered successful to be a democratic state that can vie with other major powers. This makes this state rich and has high criterions of life. This state besides have made their grade and addition international attending for its success So Yeon Yi as the first adult female to go into infinite and Park Geun Hye who became the first president in 2013, their proved successful and comfortable the state at this clip.

To do South Korea as one of the progress state, there are assorted factors that have been recognized and highlighted by the authorities of the state to stay competitory in universe. Among these factors are:

South Korean development scheme

The chief scheme has been successful the South Korea is emphasized of their instruction investing. Educational investing is a scheme that plays an of import function in bettering the state ‘s economic system to stay competitory. Investing instruction is to supply a quality work force to help in the development scheme. Development scheme designed to concentrate on the development of their merchandises and increase the value of the merchandise. In the sixtiess, South Korea has taken drastic steps by introduce or advance the import and export industry. Among the earliest industries was emphasized is a light fabrication industry, such as fabrics and bikes. In add-on, in the agribusiness industry besides is best for the South Korea is capable to bring forth high quality rice and followed by their labor-intensive industries. South Korea is besides seen as a trade good toward more sophisticated due to investings undertaken in their primary instruction and capital accretion is really big. This state besides gets engineering earned through foreign licensing. It is the key to bettering their production from clip to clip.

Since the success of small-scale industries are viewed progressively successful, the South Korea refill their attempts to increase their economic weight is through the industry. This is seen when the authorities made major alterations in the chemical industry and ship building. All policies are drafted to heighten their technological capablenesss. Government take drastic action by improve entree and quality in vocational or proficient preparation. All this happened in the in-between 1970.

While in the 1980s, the Korean return enterprises by liberalize trade in the market to guarantee a more comfy environment for bargainers in assorted sectors. This allows the bargainer to be more successful and go more advanced. Korea is besides seen to be more brave, and show their desire to win in going a developed state by set uping a research and development plan in 1990, research and development plans are seen to go on the development of the highest instruction and better high-value fabrication. The authorities has besides encouraged the manufacturing-based natural and hi-tech invention. With the development of high instruction, the cases of skilled work force which leads to a rise in domestic income and the grasp of the important currency reform sparked a revolution in the state ‘s fiscal market. It still can be seting to state following the addition to the constitution of a modern substructure and can be accessed together.

with the transition of the fiscal crisis that traversed the state, the South Korea going progressively cognizant and have the cognition to transform the economic system in order to stay strong despite beset by jobs or crisis by go oning to better the productiveness and invention. Science and engineering is a precedence in this state because it has a immense potency in the hereafter.

Constructing an information substructure

Information substructure is an of import facet in doing a success of South Korea towards the information society. This result should be following with collaborative attempt between authorities and industry. The authorities has already put this information Infrastructure across the state irrespective of urban or rural countries. In the interim, the industry must look for chances on concerns a authorities has provided the substructure and information engineering as a great chance to travel frontward to assist the economic system. South Korea has already thought of this information substructure as a national involvement in footings of information and societal. As a mark of the transmittal of this information substructure in Korea is 144 major metropoliss and rural countries were provided with broadband web through optical fibre overseas telegram. This enables 66 % of the population to utilize the Internet harmonizing to research Suh & A ; Chen. This besides proves that Korea has one of the highest broadband cyberspace substructures in the universe. However, with the rapid substructure, the Korean still do non desire to spread out the airing of information in the signifier of qualitative consequences such as increasing industry fight or invention enterprisers.

Harnessing the potency of scientific discipline and engineering

South Korea is seen ab initio backward state from the industrial side, which was a batch of adopted foreign engineering and deficiency of natural resources to be applied in the industry. This coupled with Korean companies which far behind in footings of merchandise quality, efficiency and stigmatization to vie on the universe phase at the clip. However, Korea has which batch of work force and could be applied in the industrial epoch. To enable successful industry in assorted sectors, authoritiess have introduced initial program broad-based economic development. Although, unable to forestall the usage of foreign engineering, the state is taking smart move, when uniting the usage of foreign engineering and uniting the engineering that has been made in research and development have been extensively investigated from the beginning the Resurrection of the state.

Research and development has been conducted from the position of scientific discipline and engineering in the past really successfully assist South Korea in the procedure of technological capablenesss and economic growing is unbelievable. However this success did non come from the universities that have been provided by the authorities. The public research establishments that have assisted in the research. This establishment has been driven by the authorities to be advanced and shaped by a comprehensive economic development scheme in each corner.

Education and economic development

Among other grounds that have contributed become South Korea as a developed state is instruction. Education is a cardinal factor needed in a state ‘s economic growing become rapid or backward. With successful of instruction that has been used, South Korea able to go a advanced state. This attack has been applied in the beginning of 1960 through the beginning of the programs that have been implemented by the authorities. Korean authorities has been able to supply an instruction system that can supply demand for skilled work force to every corner of the industries carried out in the state. With rapid economic development, the authorities is taking drastic steps with balance the instruction system in line with the development epoch. In the educational point of view, authorities get downing from the lowest degree to the secondary degree and the following to the highest degree as the same in footings of development.

Citizens of South Korea besides assisted in footings of instruction. With being of a strong household construction where common regard and trust in the educational point of view that has been provided by the authorities addition more strength to the state. Government besides emphasized to people that is a measure uping educational establishment for them. in add-on, the authorities took stairss with provide instruction to implement basic democratic rules of accent towards the belief in the state. Furthermore, the accent on political cognition, forms and political behavior has besides been incorporated into the instruction system in this state. This as a really smart move to let citizens ever believes in the authorities. Among other facets that were used by the authorities is cultivating of baronial values, furthering nationality and ever committed to the development epoch. This makes the people of this state go loyal and willing to work hard in assisting to raise the criterion of life and the economic system.

South Korea ‘s instruction system to interrupting them bit by bit, as the beginning of their formal instruction system, pupils are required to larn at primary school degree in six old ages, so three old ages in secondary and high schools followed by 3 old ages. Last, four old ages at a college or university. Early instruction that implemented in the state is provided free by authorities and mandatary for every citizen starts at age 6 old ages. This can be viewed, as has besides been practising by Malayan instruction system. The instruction system can be seen to be successful at primary and secondary degrees for supplying equal instruction irrespective of gender or background corner.

The determination to hold the highest quality instruction in the state of South Korea can be seen through some impressive consequences through regular international trials in mathematics and scientific discipline, such as the OECD plan for International Student Assessment ( PISA ) and the tendencies in mathematics and scientific discipline survey ( TIMSS ) , provides grounds of that quality of cognition and accomplishments to pupils aged 15 old ages. Pisa in 2003, South Korea was ranked 3rd followed by Hong Kong and Finland in mathematics and scientific discipline. While, is graded 2nd in the TIMSS followed by Singapore.

This proves that South Korea has managed to give their citizens the best instruction and to demo touchable consequences in the countries of math and scientific discipline. This could besides do them able to stand on par by any developed state. Government is besides invariably bettering the instruction system by provide complete equipment in each school by the proviso of internet entree and registration in higher instruction. In add-on, the authorities of South Korea take stairss to use competent enterprises for this instruction profession. With the added presence of a public college that is built to add to the quality of local instructors. This is of value to South Korea to go on to guarantee that the instruction system in this state remains strong and stable.

South Korea introduce their merchandises to the universe

Since South Korea was flanked by two states, viz. China and Japan, their merchandises do non acquire the Black Marias of universe consumers. Western consumers are besides see a merchandise produced by the Asiatic state merely come from the two states. The confusion has drowned more choice bring forthing states such as state of South Korea. Some of the illustrations which can be seen are 60 % of American idea car manufacturer BMW are coming from Italy because Italy is a state the universe ‘s top car maker. However, the fact that really is maker from Germany. This has dropped another advantage that can be enjoyed by the bring forthing states of the touristry angle. Tourism is besides seen to hold a positive impact on the economic system of a state.

Back to South Korea, it has been seen that the universe still does non acknowledge this state. Therefore, this state take drastic action by provide assorted phases of international design awards to present their merchandises. Besides, South Korea ever does exhibitions and invests in high value to present their merchandises to the universe. South Korea has resulted in companies who won a batch, particularly in the field of cars and engineering. as an illustration of a successful maker in South Korea is a maker electronic merchandises such as Samsung and LG. Samsung has been really popular these yearss in the eyes of the universe as a high quality maker of nomadic phones at low-cost monetary value. The company besides has received legion international design awards. In add-on, the company is the universe ‘s figure one maker of nomadic phones, followed by apple manufacturers from the United States of America. This can be viewed as one of the best production issued by the state of South Korea after making research and development on engineering that began at the start of these state reforms, which began in 1960.

Geography of South Korea

Furthermore, from the debut of the merchandise, the application of the educational system, increase investing and substructure. South Korea are besides acquire a topographic point although is flanked by two major powers, China and Japan. Located in the continent Asia, South Korea enables broad unfastened entree in the part. By stay in the part, it besides shows that South Korea is in the best path and gets a batch of aid from the states of Asia. This could assist them to spread out their ain companies and beef up the economic system.

Due to miss the necessity development between the major powers of Asia such as China, Japan and India to take Asia, South Korea has taken great move by accelerate the development and diplomatic dealingss affecting the major powers of Asia. This can be viewed due South Korea successfully turn the economic system and open up their company in India, China and other states. Good dealingss with China regarded as a privilege for the state to stay competitory in Asia and universe.


In decision, South Korea seen this proves impossible to win in the eyes of the universe that they are able to vie and go a developed state. However before they were in the place today, the state has taken some drastic steps sagely and to develop and better their economic system. Assorted obstructions that have happened in this state have a really big impact. With start as a hapless state after the Japan colonialism, this state embarked on the transmutation of administrative pandemonium at first topographic point and so turns about and achieves advancement impossible with epoch of rapid development. This state is besides successful in the investing in scientific discipline and technology-related research. In add-on, instruction is besides one of the chief factors that contributed much to the development of this state. Applications of values that are in the state ‘s instruction system is besides really encouraging despite a little crisis ensuing from the vicinity are limited to one establishment. This state can still happen a solution to the job.

Furthermore, the design of which has become one of the best practical execution has been done by the authorities on the development of invention. Plus there is a quickly turning information substructure to do this state better from clip to clip in footings of economic, societal and cultural. Resulting design are besides apply to the state ‘s civilization was introduced in the universe addition chances for this state frontward. This state can come on with a really good place even though surrounded by great powers in Asia. South Korea good has a scheme that can non be done by other states. They use every job and work out it in the best manner. For illustration, with strengthen diplomatic dealingss with other states. Since these factors, South Korea has become one of the major powers in Asia and the universe with achieve many awards and has a reputable maker companies such as Hyundai, Samsung and LG. This proves nil is impossible, even the poorest states in the universe let them to win in the hereafter.


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