Contrstast Between Bumble and Macbeth Sample Essay

In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting two relationships. The first is the Macbeths from the drama ‘Macbeth’ . written by William Shakespeare in England in the 1600’s nevertheless the drama is set in 11th century Scotland. In seventeenth century England there were many alterations. Queen Elizabeth 1st had died go forthing no inheritor and was succeeded by James 1st. He was a Scots male monarch who sought the return of traditional gender functions | Had proved incorrectly by the ambitious and single Queen Elizabeth. The 2nd relationship is the Bumbles from the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ . written by Charles Dickens in Victorian times and was published in a serialized signifier. In these two texts I will be noticing on love in the relationship and how the relationship develops throughout. I will besides be looking at puting. signifier and the linguistic communication used in the two texts. | At the clip of Macbeth. adult females were expected to be sub-servant to work forces. At the clip of Macbeth many people believed in God and if a adult female tried to alter her topographic point in the great concatenation of being for illustration non be sub-servant to her hubby she would be withstanding god as he was at the top of the concatenation.

However at the clip in which Oliver Twist was written many people no longer believed in | God so hence did non fear the great concatenation of being. So adult females were non expected to be sub-servant and it was more common for adult females to be independent. some of which even fought for equal rights for illustration the suffragettes. In Victorian times many people married non for love but for societal and economic stableness. This can be related to Dickens as he was in a loveless marriage| At the start of the relationship the Macbeths’ seem to hold a great trade of love for each other. This can be shown in Act 1. scene 5 when Lady Macbeth is reading a missive her hubby has sent her. In this missive he calls his married woman. “My dearest spouse of greatness” . which is a term of endearment showing love. In this missive he besides portions the intelligence of his new Thane ship and his brush with the enchantresss. After reading about his new rubric. “Thane of Cawdor” . Lady Macbeth already begins to be after his hereafter. This can be shown from the quotation mark. “Thou wouldst be great” . Another mark of love| However as the drama continues Lady Macbeth mocks her husband’s manfulness. She says. “When you durst do it so you are a man” . from Act 1 scene 7 shows that Lady Macbeth can set her hubby down and mortify him without looking to care which shows a deficiency of love. nevertheless the audience would see that Lady Macbeths motive is because of love and that she wants her hubby to accomplish his aspirations.

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Contrstast Between Bumble and Macbeth Sample Essay
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Again as the drama unfolds Macbeth begins to except his married woman from his concern. this can be shown in act 3 scene 2 when Macbeth says. “Be inexperienced person of the cognition dearest| Chuck” . This shows that Macbeth no longer wishes to include his married woman with his concern which shows turning tensenesss in their matrimony nevertheless from the audiences point of position it would be seen as Macbeth recovering his manfulness. You could besides perchance say that Macbeth no longer wants his married woman involved with his concern because he wants her to populate guilt free and he doesn’t want her to cognize about all the awful things he has done. | The concluding point which describes the Macbeths relationship is in Act 5. scene 5. After hearing about Lady Macbeths decease. Macbeth merely says. “she should hold died hereafter” . This quotation mark shows us that Macbeth thinks that his wife’s decease is an in-connivance and that she should hold died at a more convenient clip. The fact that he shows no marks of compunction or guilt shows us that he no longer loved his married woman.

BUMBLE INCLUDE FLIES IN TRAP ROOM USED TO DESCRIBE RELATIONSHIP PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LM USES MANIPULATION MRS. B USES VIOULENCE AND HUMILIATION. COMPARE TO DICKENS OWN MARRIAGE. BOXED THE EAR OF A BOY. Fight for power. | The two pieces of text ( “Macbeth” and “Oliver Twist” ) have been written in wholly different formats. “Macbeth” was written in the signifier of a drama while “Oliver Twist” is a novel which was published in a consecutive format. The two formats affect how the text was written. For illustration in “Macbeth” monologue is used to show a characters ideas while in “Oliver Twist” an all-knowing 3rd individual storyteller is used to show characters feelings. | In Macbeth there is one chief scene which is. “Dunsainee Castle” in which the Macbeths live. However in different suites of the suites of the palace the Macbeths relationship functions change. In public countries of the palace Macbeth is seen to be the dominant party in his relationship nevertheless in private Lay Macbeth is the 1 in charge. this can be shown in Act 1. scene 5 when Lady Macbeth says. “I may pour my liquors in thine ear and chastise with the heroism of my tongue” .

In the Bumbles there are two chief scenes. The parlour which represents the private side of the matrimony and the workhouse which symbolizes the public side. However unlike in Macbeth. Mrs Bumble assert her laterality both in populace in private nevertheless she does it otherwise in private than she does in public. In the parlour she uses. “matrimonial tactics such as. she. “Fell into a fit of tears” and when that didn’t work she used force. “inflicted a shower of blows. However in the workhouse she uses humiliation o undermine her hubby. This can be shown when Mrs. Bumble says. “Making yourself look like a fool” . ADDD MORE SHIT| IN MACBETH USES SILLOUQY AND ASIDES TO ADD EXTRA INFO in bumbe they use an all-knowing storyteller. Dickens utilizations long sentences with the meains at the terminal which creates a temper tone. Macbeth uses heaby imagination eg sticker while devils utilizations heavy initial rhyme and some symbolism eg hatred = power.


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