Convocation Script Sample Essay

Urvi: Very Good eventide to one and all. We. the pupils of MIT-ISBJ Batch 04. heartily welcome you to the convocation ceremonial of batch 03. We welcome our dean. Respected Mr. Rahul Karad and our head invitee for the eventide. noted manager Mr. Sachin Kundalkar for this juncture. And we really enthusiastically welcome back the super personalities for whom this eventide has been set up. our fecund seniors of MIT-ISBJ Batch 03. We feel huge nostalgia and exhilaration as we see you all amongst us once more. Welcome. I would now bespeak our very important persons for the eventide to come on the podium and take their seats. As is the alone and built-in tradition of MIT. we shall get down the ceremonial with the mesmerising and meaningful universe peace supplication. I request everyone to stand up for the same. WORLD PEACE PRAYER

Thank you everyone. I would now bespeak our associate manager of ISBJ. Mr. Makarand Malwe sir to come up on the podium and declare the beginning of the ceremonial. Malwe Sir’s address.
Thankyou sir. I know request our executive president and the encephalon behind the formation of ISBJ. Mr. Rahul Karad to portion a few words with us. Rahul Karad’s address. Urvi: Thank you sir. merely like the universe peace supplication. our manner of congratulating our invitee is besides alone. I would now bespeak our Executive manager. Mr. Rahul Karad sir to congratulate invitee of honor for the eventide. Mr. Sachin Kundalkar. Congratulation

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Convocation Script Sample Essay
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Urvi: Thank you sir. Malwe sir will now be reading the batch study for the twelvemonth ____ . I would bespeak sir for the same. Batch Report
Urvi: Thank you sir. Now comes a minute of pride and jubilation. as some of our fecund seniors will be awarded for their academic accomplishments. I would bespeak __________ to make these honours and present awards and certifications to the pupils as we take their names. Distribution of awards and certifications

Urvi: Belly laugh! ! …a hearty and immense praises to all our seniors on their accomplishments. We wish more such adulations and awards in your hereafter journeys. A large unit of ammunition of hand clapping for all our seniors. ( optional ) Sachin Kundalkar’s presentation and address

Urvi: Wordss with difference from a adult male who has made the difference. Thanks a batch sir. for sharing your experiences and trifle with us. We truly wish to see more of your beautiful plants in future. I would now bespeak our executive president and the expansive figure behind the whole of MIT. respected Mr. Vishwanath Karad to give the convocation reference. V. Karad sir’s reference

Thank you sir. I would now bespeak Mr. Vijay Lele/ Mr. Malwe sir to give the ballot of thanks and declare the decision of this ceremonial. Thank you sir. as Rahul sir ever justly says. The female parent and the fatherland are greater than heaven itself. I would wish to bespeak everyone on and off the podium to lift up for the National Anthem. National Anthem and End of Formal Convocation Ceremony


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