Cookie Jar Reserve Case Accounting Essay

From the series Ethics and Fraud in Business: Cases and Commentary. Name callings used are fabricated and do non stand for any existent individual or company. The AICPA neither approves nor endorses this instance. The instance was developed with support from the AICPA Foundation. Copyright 2003 by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Inc. , New York, New York.

Case and Commentary Conservative Recognition Or Cookie Jar Reserves?


Nick O’Brian begins work at his household ‘s package company and rapidly finds grounds of gross acknowledgment inquiries. Should he disregard them or should he urge that the audit commission be notified? If he chooses the latter, an of import approaching merchandise launch could be ruined.

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Cookie Jar Reserve Case Accounting Essay
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Figuratively speech production, O’Brian Software ‘s books smelled a small amusing. Nick O’Brian, newest member of the accounting section, pushed the stack of fiscal statements off and ran a manus through his already rumpled hair. He had a experiencing the Numberss he ‘d been analysing would n’t go through what his professors had called the “ sniff trial. ” Nick rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was overreacting. After all, his Aunt Amelia, the company ‘s laminitis, was the most honorable individual he knew — though she would be the first to acknowledge she was no accounting expert.

Nick believed the individual his aunt relied on — Lee Marchetti, O’Brian Software ‘s main fiscal officer, a adult male with old ages of experience in finance and accounting — was every bit honorable. Judging from the certification Nick had found in the accounting files, Lee surely kept a tight ticker over every facet of O’Brian ‘s fundss.

In add-on, from what Nick had learned in his place as junior internal hearer at O’Brian, the company ‘s accounting controls were effectual. Though household members still owned the bulk of the stock, determinations sing stuff facets of the fiscal statements were discussed with the audit commission of the board of managers. The board itself was made up of five really well-thought-of members of the concern community.

And, to exceed off the instance for overreaction on his portion, the financials had received a clean sentiment from the outside hearers for each of the three old ages the company had been listed on the stock exchange.

But he still thought those Numberss had an olfactory property… and might good be misdirecting investors. Nick was determined O’Brian Software would ne’er happen itself in the same state of affairs as so many companies these yearss. He was excessively proud of what his aunt had created to let a Securities and Exchange Commission probe to go on.

He leaned back in his chair and remembered when O’Brian had been little more than a dream of Aunt Amelia ‘s. She ‘d started out in her trim sleeping room, supplying package confer withing services to local concerns. Following, she ‘d expanded into the development and sale of usage package systems. Then, with household members recruited as her gross revenues force, she ‘d begun selling the licences to her package. At that point she realized the company was headed for an eventual initial public offering. With typical foresight, she ‘d make up one’s mind experient direction was needed. Lee Marchetti had come on board as CFO.

Now, five old ages since its origin, and three old ages after traveling public, O’Brian Software earned 1000000s in grosss from Aunt Amelia ‘s initial merchandise licences, along with fees for care, support and proficient preparation, and confer withing and development services. With the following measure — the release of BrainWave, an advanced, multi-dimensional package system compatible with industry criterion platforms — O’Brian would billow in front in another growing jet. Wall Street bombilation had the company poised on the head of the engineering sector. Yes, Nick thought, O’Brian Software had decidedly expanded beyond Aunt Amelia ‘s wildest outlooks. Yet in many ways the company was as household oriented as it had been when it started. Nick was populating cogent evidence.

Though his aunt had officially hired him merely after his college graduation two months before, he ‘d been portion of the company since the twenty-four hours she founded it. He knew Aunt Amelia expected him to work his manner up the direction ladder. It was a challenge he was looking frontward to.

Asking Questions

But right now there was a inquiry he needed answered. And since Aunt Amelia was less than enthusiastic about accounting, the individual to inquire was O’Brian ‘s CFO, Lee Marchetti. Nick grabbed the stack of documents, and headed out the door of his cell.

“ Always glad to reply inquiries, Nick. ” Lee Marchetti shuffled the documents on top of his walnut desk off to one side. “ But I have to state you ‘ve picked a hard subject to get down with. Software gross acknowledgment is complex. Throw in the mix of application development and consulting services we have at O’Brian, and we could be here for yearss discoursing it. ”

“ I ‘ll seek non to take up that much of your clip, ” Nick said, with a smile. He leaned frontward, his custodies on his articulatio genuss. “ I think I understand the general thought of multiple element minutess. Basically, gross is broken down between merchandise and services. O’Brian recognizes gross on the package if the sale is distinguishable from the service part. Right so far? ”

Lee nodded. “ Right. When we enter contracts affecting a combination of package and consulting services, we end up with gross recess. And of class, as you know, we defer gross for other grounds, every bit good. We have militias for merchandise returns and guarantees, among others. ”

“ Which leads to my inquiry, ” Nick said. “ O’Brian Software has a important sum of unearned gross sitting on the balance sheet. It seems to me we ‘ve been excessively conservative in gauging the sum of income we ‘ve been postponing. ”

Lee blinked, than chuckled. “ Conservatism in fiscal coverage is by and large considered a good thing, Nick. In fact, most folks are concerned about merely the opposite consequence — they worry companies describe excessively much income. You ‘re stating you think we have n’t been describing plenty? ”

“ I ‘m merely seeking to follow the methodological analysis we ‘re utilizing, ” Nick replied. He could state he ‘d surprised Lee with his inquiry, so he went on. “ You have a batch more experience than I do, Lee, I know that. Heck, Aunt Amelia told me you ‘ve been running companies since before I was born, and I know how much she relies on you. But I ‘m disquieted. Excessively conservative coverage could go forth the feeling we ‘re seeking to make cooky jar militias. With all the corporate accounting jobs in the intelligence recently, the last thing we need is to confront rumours of fishy accounting. Particularly with BrainWave about ready for release. ”

Lee ‘s smiling vanished. “ You ‘re precisely right — we decidedly do non necessitate any intimation of jobs. Now or at any clip. ” He eyed Nick, his face grim. “ Despite what most people believe, accounting is non an exact scientific discipline. A batch of judgement is involved. ”

“ I understand, ” Nick said. “ There ‘s no clear line spelling out precisely what ‘s right and what ‘s incorrect. But do n’t you agree that since O’Brian is affected by the cyclical purchasing forms in our industry it might look we have incentive to smooth our net incomes? ”

“ I can guarantee you the accounting patterns here at O’Brian will ne’er project uncertainty on the unity of this company ‘s fiscal statements. Our recesss and estimations are good documented, and in conformity with SEC regulations. ” Lee stood up. “ Now, if you ‘ll pardon me, I have a meeting with our bankers. ”

Meeting with Aunt Amelia

“ Nick, you know my forte is package, non accounting. ” Though Aunt Amelia was confronting him, Nick could see her fingers were still dancing across her keyboard. For every bit long as he could retrieve, she ‘d been an expert at making two things at one time. He ‘d ever believe her thrust was the chief ground O’Brian Software was a success. She tipped her caput toward the documents he held and added, “ If you want to discourse a job with your Personal computer package, I ‘m your adult female. But fiscal statements — if you have inquiries on those, you ‘ll necessitate to speak to Lee Marchetti. ”

“ I did, ” Nick replied. “ I ‘m surprised he did n’t advert it to you. In fact, my talk with him is one ground I ‘m here. ”

His aunt was startled plenty to halt her keystroking. “ You sound serious. ”

“ I am, ” Nick said. Confident he had her full attending, he settled into the chair opposite her desk and repeated the treatment he ‘d had with Lee.

When he was finished, she was glowering. “ I ‘m non certain I understand why you ‘re concerned, Nick. As I ‘ve said many times, I do n’t cognize much about accounting. But I know plenty to hold on one thing — we ‘re non underreporting disbursals, or blow uping our income by prematurely acknowledging gross. In fact, it sounds like O’Brian Software is making exactly the antonym of what most companies get in problem for. ”

“ My point precisely. ” Nick tapped the statements with his index. “ These studies are supposed to supply utile information, Aunt Amelia. Being excessively conservative is merely the opposite side of being excessively aggressive — neither place gives an accurate image. In fact, they may even give investors an unrealistic position of our existent fiscal state of affairs. ” He paused. “ Have you looked at the fiscal statements since O’Brian went public? ”

She made a sound halfway between a snicker and a chortle. “ Please, Nick, I ‘m certain you know the reply. ”

He smiled at her, rose, and set the statements down on her desk. “ Well, take a expression now. ” He shuffled the pages, pointed out Numberss. “ Our growing and gross are reasonably smooth, and ever upward. It ‘s sort of unusual in a new company, particularly a new engineering company, would n’t you state? ”

“ I surely know the package concern has ups and downs, ” Aunt Amelia said. “ All concerns do. But I still do n’t rather see the job. After all, we ‘re run intoing our net incomes projections, are n’t we? We ‘re maintaining our analysts happy, are n’t we? ”

“ Systematically, ” Nick agreed. “ But I ‘m non certain we ‘re making it based on economic public presentation. In consequence, what ‘s go oning is we ‘re minimizing net incomes when times are good, and constructing unreal militias we can utilize in thin times. ”

The Dilemma

“ You ‘re stating we ‘re playing games with the Numberss. That is a serious charge, Nick. ” Aunt Amelia looked up and studied him. “ I have complete assurance in Lee. But if we ‘re making something improper, I want to acquire to the underside of it. Is this a job I should take to the scrutinizing commission? ”

Nick had been certain of himself until she asked. Now he hesitated. He was convinced O’Brian Software ‘s fiscal statements were non showing an accurate image to investors. But, as Lee Marchetti had pointed out, accounting gross acknowledgment regulations were capable to judgement. And, in using that judgement, direction could do determinations easy proven incorrect by subsequent events. Of class, lucidity of hindsight did n’t needfully intend the determinations were improper.

What if he was incorrectly? If O’Brian disclosed a alteration in accounting for gross acknowledgment at this critical phase, the launch of BrainWave could be earnestly compromised, doing large jobs for O’Brian ‘s hereafter.

Nick stared at his aunt, chew overing his reply. Was he doing a large trade out of a legitimate pattern? Or should he lodge to his belief that O’Brian Software was smoothing income?


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