Cookie-N-Cream Case Study ANS Essay

1. What are some location advantages that Cookies-N-Cream has that a brick-and-mortar retail merchant doesn’t hold? Are at that place any drawbacks to a nomadic vendor’s pick of location? The first advantage that comes to mind is the deficiency of belongings revenue enhancement. Selling out of a new wave eliminates this revenue enhancement. It besides allows them to drive to the client. they can relocate to a busier topographic point if the location they are presently set up at is slow.

The drawback is it may be hard to happen if a returning client is looking for them. Besides. a stolen new wave peers a loss in their full stock list. 2. Discuss site costs. retailing and office equipment. and other fiscal considerations of a nomadic seller such as Cookies-N-Cream. A nomadic seller demands to hold a dependable vehicle. A vehicle that breaks down will be money to repair and besides means they will lose out on a day’s work. Fuel costs must besides be brought into consideration.

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Cookie-N-Cream Case Study ANS Essay
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A registry and safe must be purchased that can run in the new wave. The new wave must besides be customized so the shop can be operational. This may be some money to acquire it the manner the proprietors want it to be. The proprietors besides need to buy licences to sell in assorted countries. Each one of them cost a important sum of money. 3. What legal considerations affect Cookies- N-Cream’s pick of location? How do those compare with the legal considerations of brick-and-mortar and home-based concerns?

Having a nomadic concern means the proprietors need to be sensitive to each country they enter to sell. Each location may hold its ain set of regulations or Torahs. so they need to be knowing in each. A brick and howitzer shop does non hold to cover with varying regulations. The same goes for home-based concerns. However a home-based concern demands to be sensitive of the Torahs of runing out of a place. A concern with big equipment can non run their concern from a residential country.


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