Coping With Change Essay

Change Coping with change is different for everyone, and in every situation. For many people it’s feeling sorry or sad about what happened. For others they may be excited, proud, and feeling good about themselves and others. Me personally depending on the situation I will cope with change pretty well. In my life I have had to cope with many changes, when my parents decided to break up and get a divorce.

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Coping With Change Essay
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I was hurt but I was really to young to let It effects me, I had to change my life a little I would only get to see my parents every other month as I went back and forth between each of their houses. Even through out the schools years I have had to cope with many changes from year to year, and I get older I have to experience change. I try and take change well I take It open minded and look to the future. My own preference with coping with change Is to expect the worse but hope for the best, because then you can never be disappointed.

The biggest change I have every experienced was when I was about twelve and I moved from Pressure Isle, Maine to Washington. We had to start over we had to live with family for the first time my family had to depend on some one for a place to live, e soon found our own place that we rented to for a while it was hard do to lack of income. My family and I all had to make change it our everyday life because we were never use to this, because when I was little we always had money.

Christmas was shady for a few years, and my parents worked everyday and at times worked two jobs to provide, for us. My brother and I had to lose many thing we use to get but it was worth it, we just excepted any thing happily knowing our parents really love us to even change their life that much. I am pretty use to coping with change since I have lived through many situations good, bad, and difficult for all.


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