Corporate Social Responsibility And Role Of Organizations Media Essay

Covering with the function of international many-sided organisation and media in the altering attitudes of stakeholders towards Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) , the first inquiry is “ What is CSR? ” Harmonizing to Paul A. Argenti, Corporate Social Responsibility is the term that describes the activity or act of companies to win the trust and trueness of components and besides constitutes an organisation ‘s regard for society ‘s involvement. Based on that, the international many-sided organisation and media have the of import place in the altering attitudes of stakeholders towards CSR but why it happens? To reply this inquiry, allow ‘s dig into this subject.

II. International Multilateral Organizations:
The international many-sided organisations that are the importance function to companies are Fair Trade, RugMark and Forest Stewardship Council. These organisations are making the protection about legal involvement and life of people and society that are effected by the operation of companies around the universe.

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Corporate Social Responsibility And Role Of Organizations Media Essay
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Fair Trade Labeling Organization:

Fair Trade is an organisation that facilitates for a good cooperation between manufacturers and workers ; providers and jobbers and it besides secures the legal involvement for stakeholders. This organisation ensures the development, being of society, economic, environment for the manufacturers. The merchandises that are listed in the Fair Trade merchandises belong to the different sorts of goods such as Weaving and Stitching goods, jewelery, decorations, handcrafts, domestic goods, agricultural goods, etc. Furthermore, Fair Trade besides resists for the expansion and the unfairness in concern of the transnational companies. Fair Trade has 4 criterions to come to just trade of FLO ( Fairtrade Labeling Organization ) . The first criterion is concern must to make to develop society. FLO requires manufacturers must to turn out the income which comes from just trade will trip economic development and aid people to better their lives. The 2nd criterion is concern must to develop the economic system. The 3rd criterion is concern must to protect the natural environment and the last criterion is tuging demands. Using child labour or forced labour seems to be illegal.

In developing states such as Thailand, North Korea, Vietnam, India, etc. , Fair Trade supports the manufacturers by repairing the monetary value of their merchandises and besides facilitates to better the ability of workers, increase the production and stimulate market up to the higher degree. Beside that, it besides supports investor to reinvest into that country alternatively of specialisation. For grounds, in India, a company is built to back up husbandmans better their lives, named Shop for Change. With the slogan “ Empowering husbandmans and craftsmans to better their lives through just trade ” , Shop for Change is seeking to better the lives of Indian husbandmans by back uping them to sell their merchandises with Fair Trade monetary values.

This is the company that creates the first just trade enfranchisement label for Indian husbandmans. Normally, agricultural goods such as java and tea are produced in developing states and exported and consumed in developed states with the inexpensive monetary value. Because of that affair, Shop for Change has fixed the monetary value of these merchandises and encouraged American indians who are in in-between or high category to purchase these merchandises with a higher monetary value than exported monetary value to help Indian husbandmans. Media that support Shop for Change to make their concern is their website, and they besides connect with their clients via wireless.

In developed states such as US, UK, Canada, etc. , Fair Trade entreaties people to purchase the merchandises with a higher monetary value to help the manufacturers in developing states, and so, this organisation will better the merchandise ‘s quality to suitable with the monetary value that consumer must to pay for it, For grounds, in US, Dunkin ‘s Donuts is the celebrated name of java retail merchant with 2.7 million cup of java everyday and 30 cups in every 2nd. Dunkin ‘ Donut is good known with a sort of java, Espresso. This trade name is the first trade name in US supplies Espresso which made from Fair Trade marked coffee bean.

Dunkin ‘ Donuts supports the husbandmans who are Dunkin ‘s provider by buying their merchandises with Fair Trade monetary values. Thereby, husbandmans can increase their incomes to guarantee for their lives and can besides put to the better crop seasons. Customers to Dunkin ‘ Donuts for a cup of “ Fair Trade Espresso ” are about cognize this item from magazine and cyberspace. Dunkin ‘ Donuts is a celebrated trade name name in US and it client are businessman so this trade name will publish the affiliated circulars in concern magazines or update their information on cyberspace where business communities who besides attention of Fair Trade can cognize that. It can non deny the importance of “ Fair Trade Espresso ” in non-stop development of this company.

RugMark Organization:

Employment of kids is an illegal behaviour of companies around the universe. However, the province of using kids still exists non merely in developing states but besides in developed states. The grounds why manufacturers prefer child labour to adult labour are the cost of child labour is inexpensive and they do n’t claim for excessively much involvement like grownup. The other point is kids can work in more than 10 hours running without any resistances or presentations. In other side, kids who must to work from the immature age are the Poor with the famine lives and no instruction. They must to gain their ‘s life so working in industries with the really low wage and over labour power is obvious thing. Harmonizing to a statistic of ILO, in 1995, there were about 250 million child labour who in the age of 5-14 ; 120 million kids in that figure were working fulltime and be paid really inexpensive. This status is go oning everyday in the universe, particularly in rug doing industry in India.

To against this state of affairs, a non-profit-making organisation named RugMark is established to enlarge the cognition of community about child labour and support those kids to better their lives and assist them to travel to school. Because of the development of engineering and telecommunication which Internet is typical, every merchandise that is marked by RugMark will be introduced to consumers at A prestigiousness and long-standing Indian company in carpet devising industry, Jaipur Rug Company, is the typical grounds that follows RugMark shortly. Making CSR, Jaipur Rug Company built the modern carpet doing system alternatively of utilizing child labour. Beside that, Jaipur besides support worker to better their lives and assist their kids to travel to school.

Forest Stewardship Council:

The other job that non lone concerns but besides society must to confront is environment. Harmonizing to Greenpeace, an non-governmental organisation that voice for environmental protection, consumers can take forest merchandises with the assurance that they are non lending to the devastation of the universe ‘s woods ( Forest Stewardship Council, Wikipedia ) . Be believed as a prestigiousness and universe broad organisation, Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ) is non-governmental organisation that is created to pull off and continue all sorts of woods such as natural woods, seting woods, temperate zone woods or even rain forests. Besides the schemes to protect woods, FSC besides issue the enfranchisement for

concerns or manufacturers whose merchandises are made from quality and non-destruction forests. In USA, there is a furniture company that supplies all place wood contraptions named The Home Depot U.S.A. , Inc. This Iraqi National Congress has joined FSC and has been selling the hundred million points of FSC certified wood merchandises. Harmonizing to its web site, The Home Depot USA has bought wood from pattern responsible forestry company alternatively of questionable resources. In two twelvemonth, 2006 and 2007, this company sold more than 400,000,000 points of FSC certified wood merchandises. 95 % of stuff of these points of merchandise from North America, the others are from Europe, South America, particularly in Brazil, and Asia. Together with The Home Depot USA, FSC is lending to protect non merely endangered forest but besides nature environment. Besides, they are besides seeking to make every bit much as possible to guarantee the lumber measure for the following coevalss. In other side, FSC besides support The Home Depot USA to hike the sustainable wood and keep the copiousness of forestry through instruction and information sharing via media channels. As the consequence for their attempts, during 10 old ages from 1999 to 2008, about of their providers have understood and being practiced to procure and keep the forestry throughout the universe.

Besides, there is other illustration about the influence of many-sided organisations to stakeholders. In the last old ages of 1990 ‘s, Greenpeace initiated a protest to against with the nutrient grains merchandises for babes from a company of USA named Gerber. Gerber was one of the first babe nutrient shapers and I kept about 70 % of market. Based on that, Gerber was deemed as the prestigiousness and old standing babe nutrient provider and consumer wholly trusted in Gerber ‘s merchandises. Triping of this protest is the “ genetically modified “ in nutrient grains for babes. The sensing of pesticides and “ genetically modified ” in ingredient of babe merchandises was recognized as the injuriousness for babe ‘s wellness. The inquiry was set that why Greenpece chose Gerber company alternatively of other 1 that is running in the same industry. In Europe, people want and like to buy the GM free merchandises, particularly for their babes.

Europeans ever attach particular importance to the organic nutrient to protect their wellness. Unlike to Europeans, Americans do non make the same thing. After consequence of the trial was public, sale of Gerber was dropped out excessively fast. In August 2001, Gerber ‘s market in Philippines besides got the same consequences with USA. The conferences were happened to discourse about this job and reported in to public. With the being of pesticides and weedkillers in Gerber ‘s merchandises for babe, stakeholders did alter their recognizations in make the criterion of merchandise, particularly baby ‘s merchandises, and give the qui vive for manufacturer non to do the unethical merchandises. Beside that, this dirt makes consumer should do the better pick of merchandise for their kids.

III. Media:
Traveling abreast with the effectivity and support of organisations to companies in their changing attitudes, Media is besides an of import tool to assist companies be successful in making CSR. Media is non merely a tool to portion information but besides connects stakeholders and does selling. For illustration of the largest Vietnamese milk provider which is known as Vinamilk. This company is making CSR with the undertaking which is cooperation with The National Fund for Vietnamese Children ( NFVC ) to make the Milk Fund which is named “ Never Stop Growing ” for hapless kids and they have donated about 12 billion VND for this fund via purchasing their merchandises or SMS. Because of the development of media channels such as cyberspace or telecasting, Vinamilk Company has shared all information of this fund wider. Not merely halt sharing their CSR information on cyberspace which particularly is their web site at, Vinamilk besides strengthens to portion their plan to client by observing a unrecorded charity concert.

In this concert, all guest ticket ‘s monetary value will be extracted into “ Never Stop Turning ” Fund and the vocalists ‘ wages will besides be extracted. There are so many journalists who come from different newspaper houses and there are so many articles about this plan which will be publish on those newspapers. Based on that, media make clients come closer to companies and it besides back up excessively much for the success of those companies. Another typical grounds for the importance of media in the altering attitude of company is the dirt of Vedan Company which poisoned the big river, Thi Vai and suffered harm for so many local people. After the old ages trailing for grounds, the research workers caught this company up. When the fact is gotten into the brightness and media channels public studies about this dirt, the indispensable consequence is all merchandises of Vedan are run out demand.

Furthermore, people are incensed with Vendan and what they did to environment although they ever show up the motto of environmental protection. A group of people even create a fan-page on Facebook web with the name of “ I Hate Vedan ” with the 100 members. In general, about stakeholders think making CSR merely makes benefit for employees and client. In fact, making CSR is non merely do benefit for employees and client but besides for company. The ground why about stakeholders merely think of that is they do non cognize adequate information about CSR. This is the mistake of company and that ‘s why media channels is called as Jesus of companies that are making CSR. To do consumer ever think of your merchandises as the first pick in there options, you must to make selling and PR schemes to do merchandises come closer to consumer. Media is the best pick for companies to make merchandise selling and PR inconspicuously and give consumer more attraction to buy their merchandises.

Media does non merely adhere the client to company but besides do with employee and company. That map is called “ internal media ” . Internal media diffuses employee more inside informations and information about the merchandises that they are doing has the significance and good effectivity for both environment and society. In other manus, internal media gives employee more cognition of ethic and orients them to work on ethical manner. What will go on if the internal media does non be in a company? Take Procter and Gamble Vietnam as an illustration to reply that inquiry.

This company does non hold internal media to better and upgrade their employee cognition. A few old ages ago, workers from mills of this company did steal the redundant shampoo after produced advancement for their ain alternatively of go oning green goods for the up coming bend. This action did an alone loss for company. After this, Procter and Gamble Vietnam Company had the meeting around the employee direction and unified to use internal media into day-to-day work of workers by puting TVs around mills with ethical plans which are being done as CSR of company. Although some “ grits ” still exist but, in general, media is the really of import and indispensable tool to lend into the success of company in making Corporate Social Responsibility.

IV. Decision:
With the statements and groundss above, the international many-sided such as Fair Trade Labeling Organization, Rug Mark, Forest Stewardship Council and Media includes external and internal media are proven as the really importance places in the altering attitudes of stakeholders in making CSR. Besides, the organisations and media consequence the attitudes of companies in the right and besides do them understand clearly what ethical concern is.


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