Correlative Conjunctionexercise Essay

CORRELATIVE CONJUNCTION EXERCISES Fill in the blanks with the correct correlative conjuction such as both… and, either… or, neither… nor, not… only, not only… but so, as… as, and whether… or. A. _____ Roger _____ Carlos knows how to speak Russian. B. _____ _____ did the man lose his keys, _____ he _____ lost his wallet. C. _____ my uncle _____ my cousin live in San Diego. D. Her cat doesn’t shed _____ much _____ your cat. E. You will _____ have to take biology _____ geology next semester. F. I don’t know _____ I want to take biology _____ geology. G.

Maybe I should take _____ biology _____ geology. H. I don’t like science classes. I want to take _____ biology _____ geology. I. My sister is going to _____ England _____ Ireland this summer. J. My brother cannot take a vacation. He is going to _____ England _____ Ireland. K. My cousin would like to take a vacation as well. She cannot decide _____ to go to Las Vegas _____ the Grand Canyon. L. If she has enough time, she will go to _____ Las Vegas _____ the Grand Canyon. M. She will spend less money is she goes to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is not _____ expensive _____ Las Vegas.

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Correlative Conjunctionexercise Essay
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N. _____ _____ is the Grand Canyon less expensive than Las Vegas, _____ it is _____ prettier. O. Who wrote you this love letter? I’m not sure. I think it was _____ Micheal _____ Paul. P. _____ Linda _____ Helen called to say sorry. I’m very sad and frustated. Q. _____ Ryan _____ Susie have dissapointed me. They didn’t come to my birthday party. R. Paul has been neglecting us. He _____ calls _____ hangs out with us anymore. S. He hurt _____ her feelings _____ her dignity. This is unforgivable. T. _____ loyalty _____ honesty are essential in a friendship. U.

You should _____ disrespect _____ deceive your friends. V. I will take you _____ to the cinema _____ to the theatre. That’s a promise. W. This is the last question. You are now finished with _____ this quiz _____ this lesson. ANSWERS a) Neither… nori) either… or b) Not only… but alsoj) neither… nor c) Both… andk) whether… or d) As… asl) both… and e) Either… orm) as… as f) Whether… orn) not only… but also g) Both… ando) either… or h) Neither… norp) neither… nor q) both… andu) neither… nor r) neither… norv) either… or s) not only… but alsow) both… and t) both… and


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