Cosmetics in China


Womans have an built-in love of beauty. The rapid economic growing, coupled with the immense development of cosmetics industry in China, contributes to the important alterations of cosmetics consumer behaviour. Cosmetics have become a everyday tool to do adult females more presentable. Understanding behavior of consumers is a key to the success of concern. As a immense possible consumer group, understanding of their attitudes and purchasing behaviour towards cosmetics seems to be necessary. This survey focused on investigation and analyzing the buying forms for female college pupils. Via the systemic survey, companies will be good to hold a better apprehension of college females in footings of cosmetics buying.

The study was conducted with focal point group and questionnaires. The consequences of questionnaires will be analyzed by utilizing SPSS and informations were analysed by frequence analysis, cross-tab analysis and multi-respond analysis.


Research background

With the enlargement of societal group and lifting incomes, beauty consciousness among adult females has changed. Cosmetics entered into adult females ‘s lives on a day-to-day footing. The act of fancifying physical visual aspect non merely becomes a distinguishable manner to show one ‘s image but besides a form to demo regard to other people ( Choi, Kim, & A ; Kim, 2007 ) .

Following decennary of old ages ‘ enormous economic development, the Chinese cosmetics industry is undergoing fast alterations and promotion. It farther enhances the ingestion degree of urban and rural occupants, better the ingestion environment, optimise ingestion constructions, and contribute to enlargement of the Fieldss of ingestion ( Tao, 2005 ) . Consumer classs such as cosmetics benefited from the rapid growing in consumer disbursement, and have become a immense money shaper. Meanwhile, the increasing manner and beauty consciousness, as a natural branch of lifting incomes, diversify consumers ‘ demands. Obviously, this potency has non merely attracted international cosmetics companies, but besides led to more domestic cosmetics manufacturers seeking to come in the market. As a effect, competition will be farther intensified among foreign and domestic companies.

Previous research indicated that female ‘s disbursement on cosmetics still doing up of the chief income for the full cosmetics market. An increasing figure of female college pupils get downing to demo strong involvement in heightening their visual aspect through makeup ( Huang, 2003 ) . With a high degree of involvements in visual aspect, they have revealed a great possible. College pupils represent non merely the singular ingestion potency but besides the hereafter mainstream. Therefore, the female college pupils ‘ forms of ingestion bit by bit go a major concern ( Choi, Kim, & A ; Kim, 2007 ) . Analyzing consumer behaviour enables companies to understand why consumers make the purchase determination and foretell how they will respond to promotional messages. On the intent of keeping and spread outing market portion, apprehension of consumer behaviour will be required to accommodate their changing demands. Therefore, research demand to be conducted to supply decorative companies with basic informations required in set uping selling schemes for promotion into Chinese market to orient ingestion forms of female college pupils.

Scope and aims of survey

When reexamining the literatures on the decorative and toilet articles industry, the bing research related to Chinese decorative consumer is typically concerned with the full market. Not many surveies are available specifically focus on college pupils ‘ purchasing behaviour. In the respect, sing the monolithic size of China, the present survey bounds itself to the female college pupils. By and big, this thesis makes an effort to look into and analyze buying form of female college decorative consumers. In peculiar, this survey aims to accomplish the undermentioned aims:

  1. To nail and obtain a general image of the cosmetics industry in China. On completion of this aim, the purpose would be to acquire an penetration into the cosmetics environment and the rapid growing tendency of the industry so as to hold a good cognition base that can back up the survey throughout the thesis.
  2. To look into and analyze cosmetics purchasing behaviour of female college pupils in China. The purpose of this aim would be to a ) understand how college pupil perceive cosmetics, B ) place their features in footings of cosmetics purchase, and degree Celsius ) develop a greater apprehension of motive for buying, different factors involved in purchase determination of cosmetics and how merchandise property, such as monetary value, quality etc, effects purchasing forms, thereby mapping out a theoretical account for female college pupils ‘ buying behaviour.
  3. Based on the analysis of the research carried out, briefly propose a figure of cardinal recommendations enable companies in the industry to aim their selling schemes at college cosmetics consumers.

The informations that plan to be gathered for this research will be obtained from both primary and secondary resources. The secondary beginnings of informations will be derived from published articles from cyberspace database, diaries and magazines, theses, and related surveies on cosmetics. On the other manus, the primary beginning of information sing the survey will be gathered from focal point groups and questionnaires, prepared by the research worker, which will be delivered to the respondents of the research.

Significance of survey

The roar of cosmetics industry in China has brought about alterations in consumer behaviour. The importance of the survey can non be understated. It is anticipated that the result of this survey will surely lend towards a better apprehension of the altering perceptual experience and behavior of cosmetics purchasers.

Furthermore, there are a figure of literatures that have discussed the female consumer behaviour with respects to the purchase of cosmetics. This survey will unite the relevant literature with ain findings from primary research to supply an in-depth treatment. Therefore, the survey will be important in footings of better placement of merchandises and more effectual selling communicating to orient the demand of college females. This means that the findings will non merely be able to profit both foreign and domestic companies who have the willingness to come in the market but besides assorted retail merchants who want to spread out gross revenues.

Literature reappraisal

Many theories have been proposed to explicate consumer behaviours within certain industry country. Understanding today ‘s consumer is the key to gaining the hereafter needs and outlooks of beauty consumers, and is potentially relevant to bettering selling effectivity ( Tang, 2008 ) . Previous surveies hold that cognizing the psychological procedure by which consumers make buying determinations enables sellers to hold on chances and even predict the displacements and future development tendency of the consumer markets. Additionally, it exerts positive impact on bettering cosmetics gross revenues ( Yau, 1994 ) .

In this coevals, cosmetics are used by adult females of practically all walks of life

High-end cosmetics

The desire to be beautiful could be considered a human inclination, as it is exhibited by about every civilization all around the universe.


Research suggests that beauty consciousness among people in general is altering. Vigneron and Johnson ( 1999 ) reported that people ‘s demands for visual aspects and philistinism were increasing.

That is human existences wanted to fulfill the demand to look and experience good. This created a roar in the decorative and toilet articless sector across the universe. Chambers Encyclopedia defines cosmetics as ( a ) articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled or sprayed on, introduced into or otherwise applied to the human organic structure or any portion thereof for cleansing, fancifying, advancing attraction or changing the visual aspect and ( B ) articles intended for usage as a constituent of such articles. Now a assortment of decorative and toilet articless runing from natural to sophisticated points are available in the market. The form and penchant of usage of these points vary harmonizing to different sections of gender, age and socio-economic category. When we review the literature on the decorative and toilet articles industry, non many surveies are available particularly about Indian scenario.

Forms of adult females buying cosmetics

Most early theories of consumer behaviour were concerned with the buying features and influential factors. Schutte and Ciarlante ( Schutte & A ; Ciarlante, 1998 ) argued that in China the purchase determination is typically based on the utility of the merchandise such as its physical features and monetary value value. However, recent surveies outlined by Liang ( Liang, 2008 ) suggested that adult females ‘s buying form differs with work forces. Their purchasing determination tend to act upon easy by the buying environment, and have more impulse purchase. Besides, by and large talking, females have strong self-awareness when buying, which means bulk of the determinations were made on the footing of personal penchant or subjective feeling, esthesis.

Features of buying cosmetics

In general, female invest more money on assorted decorative merchandises and even spared no disbursal because they pay more attending to appearance than work forces ( Huang, 2003 ) . The features of modern Chinese females sing cosmetics purchase can be summed up in three points:

  1. Easily affected by market ambiance

Normally, merchandises publicity, advertisement and other factors can easy allure immature females to do irrational purchases. In a research by Cong ( Cong, 2008 ) , consequences showed that 56 % of females bought unnecessary or unexpected cosmetics merchandises as a consequence of price reduction, followed by the purchase due to involvements aroused by store environment and gross revenues exhibition ( 40.8 % ) . Histories for 22.8 % of females who bought useless merchandises or had irrational ingestion were affected by advertizement. Therefore, comparison with work forces, female is prone to be encouraged over-consumption by commercial entreaties.

  1. Temper ingestion

Female tend to hold more generous sentiments in the procedure of purchase. Their certain desires are prone to be roused and affected by mental activities. Oliver Yau ( Yau, 1994 ) contended that temper ingestion usually occurs in two state of affairss. One of which might be triggered by psychotic belief under peculiar circumstance. For illustration, tonss of females had encountered state of affairs that unexpected disbursement happens after being paid out the wage. Another circumstance that contributes to mood ingestion is likely to go on in the instance of that female with unusual temper. Such as, a considerable figure of female go shopping when they feel defeated and happy.

  1. Relatively low trueness to trade names

Chinese cosmetics consumers show less passion on being loyal to trade names. They would wish to seek several trade names to compare them instead than be from the same trade name ( Labbrand, 2009 ) . Besides, another ground that contributes to low trade name trueness is seasonal ingestion of Chinese consumers due to the important difference in clime between summer and winter ( Mo, 2008 ) . Customers have to alter their purchase wont to accommodate the season. For case, client tends to utilize more sunblock to protect their tegument and less oily pick in summer than they do in winter.

Buying influences

As established by Access Asia Limited ( Access Asia Limited, 2008 ) , Chinese consumers to a great extent rely on merchandises, shops and services they know and trust. The same doctrine is applicable every bit to merchandise trade names, with viva-voce communicating turn outing to be a permeant ground for consumers to alter trade names and most powerful selling tools in China. This is supported by Xuecai Liang ( Liang, 2008 ) who claimed that among the females, friends group plays a really of import function on information pass oning about different trade names of cosmetics. Some people will merely purchase merchandises that they have been recommended by friends. However, the increasing effects of advertisement on the urban and younger Chinese purchaser can non be neglected as their media exposure additions ( Yang, 2004 ) .

In add-on, the physical features like dependability, advanced engineering and high trade name profile are the of import factors when make a decorative purchase, a survey by Yuyuan Huang suggested that ( Huang, 2003 ) . Taking different attitudes towards local and foreign trade names as illustration, Huang explained that foreign trade name represent high quality and position at the Chinese consumers ‘ position, while local trade name are perceived as deficit of these merchandising advantages, even both merchandise sold at the same monetary value. Besides, it worth to detect that local cosmetics consumers now are prepared to pay more for better quality, service, and convenience.

The assortment of pick is seen as another factor. Harmonizing to Shen, Liu and Huang ( Shen, Liu, & A ; Huang, 2005 ) , bulk of the consumers will prefer to shop in big shops when they can easy make such topographic points, whereas happening the deficiency of merchandise pick in smaller shops ( particularly in footings of scope of monetary value ) to be embarrassed. It can be argued that larger shops will supply more deals, which means the merchandises tend to hold higher monetary value value. Such shops are besides considered as being more convenient to shop in, lending to the booming development of the price reduction retailing sector over recent old ages ( Access Asia Limited, 2008 ) .

Furthermore, in the eyes of Chinese consumer, the deepness of communicating trade names had with their clients is critical. Harmonizing to study conducted by Labbrand ( Labbrand, 2009 ) , Chinese consumers have a strong demand to pass on with trade names. For case, they would wish to have enquiry from trade name refering their feeling about the merchandises they use, or to be informed in clip when trade name have particular events. Besides, consumers considered that from pass oning with trade name they can break comparison and eventually happen the most suited cosmetics for their specific demands and desires. Therefore, it can be argued that companies who kept contact with consumers tend to hold higher gross revenues and trade name trueness.

Industry reappraisal

The immense progresss witnessed over the past two decennaries have improved the life criterions of 1000000s of Chinese citizens. With the ascent of life criterions, private ingestion among disbursals has reached a higher degree. The rise in private ingestion translated into greater disbursement on personal attention merchandises in the flourishing cosmetics industry ( Tao, 2005 ) . In China, the development of the decorative industry has been to a new phase and it shows a sound impulse of growing.

Market potency: Chinese decorative market continues to billow

In recent twelvemonth, the uninterrupted rapid economic growing generates good environment and favourable development infinite for cosmetics industry keeping a rapid rate of growing. In 2003, China had become the second-largest cosmetics market in Asia after Japan, and was the 8th largest in the universe ( Li, 2005 ) . Harmonizing to National Bureau of Statistics ( NBS ) of China, the Chinese cosmetics market generated entire grosss of RMB? 488.3 billion in 2007, stand foring one-year gross revenues grew by 26.3 per centum over the same period last twelvemonth. In 2008 and 2009, the gross revenues grew by 22.2 % and 17.2 % , severally, over the same period, to make several values of RMB? 596.5 and RMB? 348.2 billion in 2008 ( HKTDC, 2009 ) . At the same clip, it has besides been taken note that the public presentation of the market is forecast to slow, but still increase by about 13 % yearly ( Datamonitor, 2009 ) . Overall, the cosmetics industry is certainly faster than the economic growing which means the long term potency of the Chinese decorative market is reasonably huge.

Additionally, given its population of about 1.3 billion, China has the largest market potency. “ China ‘s portion of the planetary decorative market may look little compared to immense markets like the US and Japan, but with a population of over a billion people, the growing potency there is reeling, ” said Lenka Contreras, frailty president and caput of the Consumer Products pattern for Kline ‘s research division ( Pitman, 2005 ) . China ‘s cosmetics market is still far from impregnation.

Features of China ‘s cosmetics market

  1. The consumer market development is vigorous

With economic system spread outing and mass support improving, consciousness of personal well-being prompts strong and uninterrupted growing in the consumer market. It non merely reforms the ingestion form but besides drive the gross revenues ( Asia consulting, 2008 ) . In that sense, it is predicted that the Chinese decorative consumer market is dynamic.

  1. Womans exciting the market growing

Female is still an indispensable portion of Chinese cosmetics market, particularly those office ladies. As Chinese adult females are now progressively beauty consciousness and consciousness, the usage of cosmetics has become a portion of their day-to-day modus operandi ( Fung, 2005 ) . Consequently, the lifting proportion of immature females in white-collar occupations has formed the loyal client footing for this market, and the cosmetics gross revenues have been driven. Their disbursement on decorative is outgrowing over other countries. National Bureau of Statistics has come up with informations that shows adult females ages from 20-54 history for 27.21 % of the entire population. Bing more economically independent, the tremendous figure of consumers in the group will bring forth immense demands than of all time ( HKTDC, 2009 ) .

  1. The famous-brand consequence appears twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours on the market

The lifting gross revenues of famous-brand merchandises reflected that client ‘s attitudes refering cosmetics have changed ( Chen & A ; Xue, 2005 ) . As the bettering occupant ‘s ingestion degree, people are willing to pay more attendings to those well-know decorative merchandises which were considered with high class, quality confidence and harmlessness. For illustration, clients will be extremely delighted with brand-name merchandises that can forestall furrows or maintain wet balance in the tegument. Due to the feeling lifted in head, its gross revenues increased dramatically and bit by bit go the chief growing point of the full market. Alternatively, few shows involvement in low-end decorative merchandises ( China Consulting, 2008 ) .


In Chinese cosmetics market, consumers ‘ ways of disbursement are undergoing a important alteration. Dianyi Zhang, president of China Cosmetics Association, claimed that modern clients behave more independently on ingestion. Consumers tend to use different channels and trust on assorted mensurating criterion to acquire a pleasing cosmetics, instead than dependent on advertisement. In add-on, alterations besides occur on consumer group. Depending on the difference in petitions on trade name, quality, monetary value and personal affordability, consumers were divided into low, in-between and high categories. And, every category has a great figure of loyal clients ( HKTDC, 2009 ) .

Womans of all ages were concerned with their ‘lifestyle ‘ . The lifting buying ability of adult females helped them to pass more on personal training. This preparing consciousness was encouraged by adult females ‘s active engagement in advertizement or manner shows, such as the popular Fashion Television plan ( Pitman & A ; Simon, 2009 ) . In China, ingestion form of consumers is altering. The consumers have become globalized in their thought and are ready to bask with some unprompted shopping. Access to assorted trade names and merchandises give them better cognition towards cosmetics, due to fast-flowing information ( Tang, 2008 ) . Therefore, as a cosmetics manufacturer, motives and type of merchandises purchased should be different depending upon the section of consumer targeted.

Competitive state of affairs

The concern environment in China has been bettering, particularly since 2001, when the state joined the World Trade Organization. The committedness to opening its market in conformity with the WTO regulations has farther stimulated the market, with greater engagement from international and domestic participant. Consequently, competition between multinationals and local participants is heating up across the state ( Utsunomiya, 2003 ) .

Foreign Brands Continue to Predominate in the Chinese Market

International trade names play a dominant function in the upper-end cosmetics market, such as P & A ; G ( Olay ) , Unilever ( Pond ‘s ) , Shiseido, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder etc ( See Table 1 ) , due to immature adult females ‘s chase of well-known trade names in literary. These big transnational cosmetic participants have entered the mainland market one after another to construct their ain fabrication footing and gross revenues web ( Sunfaith China Ltd, 2005 ) and many of those participants have been runing successfully in the China market, doing their trade names well-known and occupy about 80 % of the entire market portion. Harmonizing to certain statistics, the universe top 15 trade name of cosmetics had set up ain forte shops ( HKTDC, 2002 ) .

Even so, those cosmetics barons have accelerated enlargement into low-end merchandises. For illustration, Avon and L’Oreal launched low-end cosmetics one after another to accommodate the altering clients ‘ demands and buying behaviour, and spread out the market portion ( HKTDC, 2009 ) .

Transformation of local Chinese companies is under manner

Compared with foreign companies domestic participants have smaller market portion due to several failings. For case, weak fiscal ability, deficiency of research and Compared with foreign companies domestic participants have smaller market portion due to several failings. For case, weak fiscal ability, deficiency of research and

development capableness, and deficiency of experience in trade name direction and selling. Therefore, most of those participants produce low-end merchandise with merely a little figure doing high-end merchandise that can vie with foreign participants ( Li, 2005 ) . However, as the economic growing domestic companies has undertaken a transmutation, bit by bit changed the feeling with low quality and monetary value, and entered into high-end market so as to go more competitory ( Ocn, 2008 ) .

Confronting with the unfastened markets and trade liberalisation in China, the old mentioned progressively ferocious competition is inevitable. On the intent of reacting to the altering client demands, market participants have devised a assortment of selling schemes so as to make impressive merchandise image in clients ‘ head and drive them to pass more money on their ain merchandises.

Distribution channel

SWOT analysis of the female market

Future develop tendency? ? ?

Cosmetics participants opt for natural and organic criterions

In karara ( PDF )

the chief grounds for roar in decorative industry as increasing manner and beauty consciousness coupled with lifting incomes and concentrate on wellness and fittingness.

A natural and holistic attack attracts these adult females, particularly where there is an involvement in complementary wellness and in overall good being.

Summary of cardinal issues related to your literature and industry reappraisal

The cardinal issues subdivision is where you, holding completed the state of affairs analysis see what are the cardinal issues confronting the company and the market. So in a sense it is a drumhead chapter at the terminal of the first subdivision of your study. In this chapter you should give an indicant of what you think are the most of import issues confronting the company and the market.

Research methods

  • Approach
  • Data assemblage method
  • Datas Processing

In this survey, the self-administered semi-structured questionnaires will be used to roll up quantitative informations and the interviews will be used to supply qualitative penetrations into the information collected. The information will so be presented by agencies of graphical representations and illustration and the difference would be highlighted.

Secondary research:

The undermentioned information could be considered utilizing desk research to give a general reappraisal and aid to help analysis of primary researches:

  • Cosmetics industry reappraisal

The intent of this portion is to happen out of import information refering the full cosmetics markets in China. Main issues that need to look into include:

  • Main features of Cosmetics Industry in China
  • What current market development tendency is
  • What Competitive state of affairs is within cosmetics market
  • Development chances of the cosmetics market within Chinas

This information will be helpful to better understand and signifier general perceptual experiences of industry state of affairs in China.

There are several ways to obtain needed information above. Datas beginnings:

Internet Databases

Travel to college library web site and utilize its databases, such as:

  • Marketline
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Business Insights Access Asia Series
  • Business Source Premier

To look for industry studies and e-journals those contain information sing the Chinese decorative market. Find out information about the current cosmetics market and even see what demographics suit Shiseido to present the merchandise to.

Using databases is a good manner to acquire information due to its immense information storage volume and dependability. Most of them are academic-based, and have a comprehensive apprehension on specific field.

Web sites:

Look up necessary web sites such as where might be possible to acquire some internal informations beginnings. The usage of this information is to specify the competitory place of the house, an rating of a selling scheme the house has used in the past, or deriving a better apprehension of the company. Even, their past researches on consumer behaviours. The internal informations beginnings might be gross revenues & A ; selling studies and accounting & A ; fiscal studies of the company.

Magazines & A ; Newspapers

It is besides possible to look at some Chinese cosmetics industry magazines so that to get valuable industry information and some current decorative issues happened in China.

Quantitative & A ; Qualitative methods

In order to determine consumers ‘ cosmetics purchasing forms and merchandise satisfactions, quantitative and qualitative researches are both required to be implemented. It should be noticed that the apprehensions of consumers would exercise important impacts on company ‘s selling schemes. Besides, it is valuable for coming up with remarks and suggestions to Client Company after analysing Chinese client.

The chief aims of quantitative and qualitative research falls into several parts as followed:

  1. Motive of Purchasing Cosmetic Product

Motivations are defined as general thrusts that direct a consumer ‘s behavior toward achieving his or her demand and the motivational thrust straight affects the specific benefit standards consumers use to measure merchandises. Therefore, understand purchasing motives will supply groundss to Client Company to better place its merchandises.

  1. Information Beginnings

There are differences in utilizing information beginnings among assorted age groups. Knowing clients through what sorts of channels to acquire merchandises ‘ information could assist Shiseido sell merchandises more efficaciously to aim audiences.

  1. Appraising Criteria for Buying Cosmetics

As for standard for buying cosmetics, the responses will be in order of quality, monetary value and volume of content. It is important to see what component is more of import to clients when purchasing cosmetics. This will make company a favour to develop merchandises or selling schemes.

  1. Topographic point of Buying Cosmetics

In footings of the topographic point of purchase, primary research should concentrate on happening out the grounds for choosing these topographic points of purchase. Then, company can place the perfect topographic point to sell its merchandises on the footing of information provided by study.

  1. Satisfactions and dissatisfactions

It is good known that satisfactions with a merchandise will execute immense influences on its gross revenues volume. This primary research should place the degree of satisfactions towards Shiseido and seek to happen out any facets that consumers wish to see alterations.

Quantitative research

  • Questionnaires

As the measurement tools of this survey, questionnaire based on old surveies and consequences of preliminary research were used. In this instance, this survey was carried out in the state of China. Therefore, questionnaire in English should be translated into Chinese. To make a assortment of different clients, questionnaires are supposed to transport out at different metropolis within Chinas so that to acquire as many points of positions as possible.

Questionnaire is consisted of 3 chief subdivisions:

  • Section 1 is merely some inquiries on demographical features of respondents like gender, age and business etc. to profile consumers.
  • Section 2 emphasizes on clients ‘ purchasing behaviour on cosmetics. As aims mentioned above. For case, purchase motive information beginnings, appraising standards for buying basic tegument attention points and colour makeup merchandises, shop type of buying decorative merchandise and grounds for shop choice individuals to exercise influence upon buying and satisfaction/dissatisfaction on cosmetics purchased.
  • Section 3 focuses more on look intoing client ‘s perceptual experiences refering Shiseido merchandises. Such as, clients ‘ trade name consciousness of Shiseido, trade name image and trade name place in clients ‘ head.

Additionally, the consequences of questionnaires will be analyzed by utilizing SPSS. The analysis conducted in the survey with SPSS statistics bundle includes frequence analysis, cross-tab analysis, analysis of discrepancy and Multiple Range trial.

  • Survey

In order to maintain questionnaire short plenty to keep respondents ‘ involvements, there must be some inquiries can non be asked. Therefore in this undertaking, I will besides see carry oning several studies to finish the missing parts. And once more, on the intent of obtaining every bit much information as possible, there might be several studies being conducted. Questions will touch upon similar facets as in questionnaire but more comprehensive.

Qualitative research

  • Focus group

Focus group allows respondents to discourse with moderator which means it is an synergistic procedure. Therefore, it will assist to deeper understand clients ‘ perceptual experiences and delve up sentiments sing merchandises. Therefore, focal point groups will be organized that will integrate people from as many demographics as possible. In these focal point groups I will transport out trials in which topographic point Shiseido merchandises and 2 other rivals to see which merchandise they prefer. I will inquire them what they think about Shiseido in any facets. Besides we will inquire them what their penchants are in cosmetics. The purposes are:

  • Find out what respondents think and feel, and what their sentiments are about a Shiseido in a group.
  • Explore participants ‘ responses to happen out why they feel or perceive merchandises the manner they do.

By making focal point groups an in-depth position of people ‘s ideas about the cosmetics can be known. Potential inquiries could be:

  • What ground you use cosmetics for?
  • Make you prefer natural cosmetics or other? why
  • How frequently do you utilize cosmetics?
  • What kinds of cosmetics do you believe more of import for you, skin-care, colour makeup or other?
  • Which elements are more of import for you when you buy cosmetics, map, monetary value, volume, bundle, trade name or something else?
  • How you think about Shiseido ‘s merchandises? Etc.
  1. Research restrictions
  1. Time restriction. For this research, the greatest restriction is assumed to be clip, which may impede the truth of informations, due to topic is focus on Chinese market. The physical distance will necessitate more clip to roll up beginnings and primary research informations, such as questionnaires. Therefore, right clip direction will be required to maintain work effectual and efficient.
  2. Geographic restriction.
  1. Taking the monolithic size of China, the research undertaking does non feign to be comprehensive in graduated table or range. Therefore, as the survey will be based on a little sample of respondents, the consequences may non efficaciously represent the general features of population.
  2. The questionnaire was carried out in China with the aid of lectors. However, errors may happen during the transmittal procedure of collected informations. Such as, losing few questionnaires informations or incorrect reading of informations due to the linguistic communication difference. As a consequence, act uponing the cogency of informations.


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