Cosmetology: Want and Singe Parent Household Essay

I plan on getting this degree because I want to open up my own salon and I feel that it will give me the knowledge I need to know for success. I feel that because I learned to do this at a young age it will help me out in my future. I believe cosmetology will be the career that will allow me to become successful. Growing up in a singe parent household I had to learn about responsibility at an early age.

While there I want to attend the University of New Orleans and get my business management degree. I am proud to say that I have done a great job in paying all my bills along with helping my mom out as much as possible. Yes, making a lot of money is a nice perk I feel it is not necessarily the most important aspect of success. Going to work everyday you need to be happy and enjoy what you are doing. If you enjoy your working environment you most likely will make more money.

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Cosmetology: Want and Singe Parent Household Essay
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I believe it is more about doing something you love. I take pride in the fact that I have managed to graduate from Dominican High School while maintaining a full time job. Upon graduation I plan on applying to Paris Parker Salon to continue my training. While owning this salon I want to save up enough money so I can move to California to gain more knowledge about the ever changing world of hairstyling.


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