Counseling Theory Approaches Essay

This class truly opened my eyes into the functions and duties I will hold to take up as a healer. Every attack we have studied throughout this class has given me an “attitude” . technique. or perspective that I will non merely usage in my pattern. but besides applies to myself in my ain life. A really particular individual in my life is ever stating me to populate genuinely ; after this class. I understand what that means. I have changed about every facets of my life throughout this semester and now live a healthy happy life. I have come to recognize that being a healer is non merely a occupation ; it is a manner of life. “Effective healers are reliable. sincere. and honest.

They do non conceal behind a stiff function or frontages. Who they are in their personal life and their professional work is congruous. ” ( Corey. 2013 ) . Populating genuinely will assist me further the strong curative bond with my clients—which is cardinal to successful therapy. Below. I have listed a few of the thoughts that have had the most influence on my apprehension of how to work with clients.

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Counseling Theory Approaches Essay
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From Person-Centered therapy I took unconditioned positive respect. Learning to care for. accept. and value a individual as they are will give a greater opportunity for success in therapy as clients sense my genuineness. Learning to dividing open behaviours from the individual is besides cardinal. “The lovingness is non-possessive and is non contaminated by rating or judgement of the client’s feelings. ideas. and behavior as good or bad” ( Corey. 2013 ) .

In Gestalt therapy I learned the importance of consciousness and incorporating the maps of organic structure and head. As everybody knows. if you do non work out. your musculuss get flaccid. What most people don’t realize is that your encephalon besides stays in better form when you exercise. and non merely disputing your head by. for illustration. larning a new linguistic communication. making hard crosswords or taking on other intellectually exciting undertakings. As research workers are happening. physical exercising is critical to vigorous mental wellness. excessively.

I have gained much more understanding of how to work with consumers with mental wellness and dependence issues. but these three thoughts have had the greatest impact. Learning to populate genuinely. accept others for who they are and maintaining a tantrum head and organic structure have had the greatest impact on me and
will steer my interaction with clients and promote them to follow such in their ain lives. Equally much as I would wish to be “eclectic. ” I think that until I have gained experience-counseling clients. I will concentrate my therapy around a few specific attacks through theoretical integrating.

These theories include Gestalt therapy. Experiential therapy. and Cognitive behaviour therapy. Because Gestalt therapy can be applied to such a broad scope of jobs and population and is particularly good suited for the initial stages of crisis intercession work. I intend to use it in my work with veterans and their households. Using its cardinal constructs such as Perls’s manner: “moving the client from environmental support to self-support and reintegrating the disowned parts of one’s personality. ” ( Corey. 2013 ) will be really effectual in assisting veterans learn to accept the portion of themselves many of them seek to divide from. Much like Gestalt theory. I will utilize Experiential therapy to assist other’s do good picks. header with anxiousness and guilt. make sense of life and develop healthy nucleus values and beliefs. “Existential therapy focuses on researching subjects such as morality. significance. freedom. duty. anxiousness and loneliness as these relate to a person’s current battle. ” ( Corey. 2013 ) . I would wish to use this theory to both single and group guidance.

Finally. of all the types of psychotherapeutics. the most widely accepted as utile for PTSD intervention is cognitive-behavioral therapy ( Sayer. N. A. ; U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Health Services Research and Development Service. 2011 ) . It has besides been applied and shown to be effectual in handling depression. anxiousness. substance maltreatment. choler and stress direction ; all of these upsets are omnipresent in the clients I intend to work with. Because this attack has been extensively researched and proven by many bureaus. I intend to do it a cardinal portion of my curative pattern. Learning how to acknowledge how cultural issues can impact my client’s position and determining my curative manner to suit the client’s position of the universe is portion of being an effectual counsellor.

Leting clients to do determinations based on their mentality and non enforcing my personal values on them is of import. It is besides of import to see how diverse clients may comprehend our actions. such as self-disclosure. Using Person-centered therapy in my pattern is an attack that has been shown to be effectual when working with groups of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. “The implicit in doctrine of person-centered therapy is grounded on the importance of hearing the deeper message of a client. ” ( Corey. 2013 ) .

My strength as a counsellor will come from my life experience ; the book says that it may turn out disputing to assist a client through a job that we have non been through ourselves. I believe the challenges and hardship I have overcome in my ain life will give me valuable penetration and apprehension of my client’s state of affairss. My failing will be my self-importance. My failing will be “unconditional positive regard” of my clients. I have to retrieve that clients know. within themselves what’s best for them. I have a inclination to seek to take over a state of affairs and “fix” things. It will be of import that I allow my clients to happen their ain way to recovery and enforce my ain values and beliefs on them.

As I begin to get a manner of therapy that fits my ain personality and go acquainted with all of the major attacks to psychotherapy. I will utilize attacks that are found to most effectual for handling substance maltreatment. PTSD and other issues common for combat veterans. These attacks are Gestalt. Existential and Cognitive-behavior therapies.

In my ain personal religious belief. I believe we all came to this universe with a intent and a “life-vision” of how we will carry through this intent and larn the lessons intended. “I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence… No 1 is here by accident… Everyone who crosses our way has a message for us. Otherwise they would hold taken another way. or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason” ( Redfield. 1997 ) . Gestalt Therapy suggests that people are born with the ability to bask honoring contact with others and take a happy life. Traumatic experiences throughout life interrupt development and people “get stuck” in fixed forms and beliefs about themselves and acquire in the manner of taking a happy life. Typically clients seek aid because they are in hurting. but do non cognize why. Helping them become cognizant of what is trouble oneselfing them will let for growing and eventual declaration of these issues.

Using an experiential attack. I will learn clients to populate more genuinely and live in the here and now. to be less concerned with superficial concerns—to take duty for their actions. and take ownership of their lives and happen significance in it. I will learn clients to recognize that although we can non command the events in our life we do hold the ability to take how we respond and feel about them. “Habits of believing need non be everlastingly. One of the most important findings in psychological science in the last 20 old ages is that persons can take the manner they think” – Martin Seligman. “Existential therapy focuses on researching subjects such as mortality. significance. freedom. duty. anxiousness. and aloneness as these relate to person’s current struggle” ( Corey. 2013 ) . These subjects are all typically countries in a combat veteran’s life that they struggle with when returning place. From an experiential position point. a soldier who is able to see his portion in combat as functioning a higher intent. will let him to accommodate any horrors of his combat experience with a perceptual experience that his function was portion of the “greater good. ” Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ) is what I will most likely adopt in my pattern. Research has shown this curative attack provides adaptative thoughts and techniques that CBT has proven to be effectual in handling combat veterans ( Tanielian. 2008 ) .

I considered the population of clients I hope to function. veterans of combat. and what maladaptive behaviours would most probably be disturbing them. Last. I reflected on my experience with a VA healer and how he helped me to understand and alter how I thought about the injury and wake of war. I was able to treat my experiences in combat. and alter the behaviours I relied upon to last combat that were impeding my reintegration with friends. household and society. A cardinal construct that I personally found utile and I believe will be for other combat veterans. are those found within the model of rational affectional behaviour therapy. ( REBT ) .

Veterans frequently feel shame and battle to come to footings with the upseting events witnessed and responsibilities they undertook to remain alive on the battleground. “Ellis insists that blame is at the nucleus of most emotional perturbations. If we want to go psychologically healthy. we better shortness of breath faulting ourselves and others and larn to to the full and unconditionally accept ourselves despite our imperfectnesss. ” ( Corey. Theory and Practice of Counseling and Pshychotherapy. 2013 ) Soldiers appreciate programs of onslaught ; particularly when they have co-ordinates to the enemy’s location. With the constituents of the A-B-C model they will be able to see how it is possible to place and dispute their beliefs environing traumatic events. which lead to negative emotions and behaviours. I want to assist my clients to place and dispute inaccurate beliefs and ideas.

Together we can come up with and stoping that will convey them balance. peace of head for weathering the fortunes of war. making what was necessary to last and do it place to their households. “After a traumatic event. you might fault yourself for things you couldn’t have changed. For illustration. a soldier may experience guilty about determinations he or she had to do during war. Cognitive therapy. a type of CBT. helps you understand that the traumatic event you lived through was non your mistake. ” ( Tanielian. 2008 ) .

A major restriction to Gestalt therapy that its techniques lead to intense look of emotion—especially for combat veterans. this could turn out to be rather hard. Experiential therapy could turn out to be hard to use to clients that are “closed off” and do non desire to open up. I think the construction of CBT will be effectual when working with veterans. but for some clients it may be excessively structured. CBT does non dig excessively profoundly into a client’s yesteryear. and if a veteran has issues from earlier in life they may non be discovered.

I look frontward to going more “fluent” in the application of these techniques and assisting to “save the lives” of my clients as I make an attempt to give back to the universe. Bibliography

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