Course influenced your decision Essay

Explain how a high school or college course has influenced your life. Describe how this course influenced your decision in selecting your college major and how it may affect your career path. By Iranians “So have you decided what you want to major in yet? ” asked my high school counselor as I sat before her trying to decide what my class schedule would be like for the following year. I wasn’t sure how to reply to such a question considering it was one of the most important questions I could ever answer that would direct my life to its development.

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Course influenced your decision Essay
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I began thinking about all the classes Eve taken throughout high school and there was one class that really stuck. A class I took my Junior year as an elective, a class I took Just to see what it was like. After taking Environmental Science for a full year I discovered myself and my views on the critical Issues of our surroundings. I discovered a different way of thinking I never thought I possessed; the way that made me become more aware about Issues that Involve our planet. I deeply contemplated the question and answered with a smile on my face, Yeah, I want to be an Environmental Engineer.

I was convinced about my choice and ready to incorporate all the lessons I learned from the various readings and projects and opening a new opportunity for others to learn what I did in my class. I was dedicated to ensure that our future generations would not live the life of affiance that many of us live today. I believe it is crucial for everyone to understand how our current global problems affect everyone, present and future, and that is what influenced my decision to choose the major that I did.

Ever since I was a young child of five, I was sure I would be a great kindergarten teacher. I grew up with this mentality until I was well Into my Junior high years and after that It was always a toss-up between being a low-paid educator or a high-class criminal justice lawyer, until I reached my third year in high school. In my junior year, I decided to take Environmental Science since all my friends were telling me it was an easy, slack class. I took their advice but quickly realized, that very first day of class, that it was going to be everything but a slack year.

Although it seemed like it was going to be a difficult year to endure, the teacher captivated my attention with his witty enthusiasm and his love for the subject. He handed out a syllabus and briefly outlined what the class curriculum would be like. I was hanging on his every word, looking forward to what the year would bring. As the months passed, I became better acquainted with my new, favorite teacher and he continually presented me with opportunities because he saw my forthcoming dedication to the class; It was hard to turn him down.

He constantly gave me, as well projects that would enhance our understanding of pollution and its effects. I readily accepted the projects and put forth all my energies to completing them. Mr.. Czarina, the Environmental Science teacher, would also arrange class presentations o further develop our knowledge by allowing professionals of various fields to speak to us about a related topic that was discussed earlier in class.

I would attentively listen to every word the nuclear scientist, the pharmacologist, the USDA specialist, and many others would say and realized, little by little, that this was what I wanted to do. Czarina would also offer the option to be a part of environmentally related competitions such as the Fairchild Challenge and the Environment. I would listen wide-eyed to his descriptions of the challenges and the prizes at stake, but I also legalized that this would require extra dedication on my part. I had no problem doing so since it was something I loved to do.

I would stay after school more and more often in order to prepare for the Fairchild Challenge Debate Competition, for the Nutritious Dish Competition, to come up with a fun but well-written newsletter, and even to get help writing a very convincing paper about organic farming versus conventional farming, which would later win an honorable mention in the competition. My increasing participation in the class fortified my idea of majoring in a field that was environmentally related. Everywhere I went and anything I saw would trigger thoughts of global warming or water pollution or even why the gas prices were shooting up so dramatically.

And in doing so, I came to the conclusion that I wanted everyone to know what I was learning. I would go around trying to educate those around me about the benefits of recycling and conserving energy and even why using a dishwasher was more energy efficient than washing dishes by hand. Many thought I was taking it overboard, I simply thought, and still do, that I was embracing my calling. Taking this class has had such a major influence on me that its hard to fathom that I dint always think the same way.

It exposed me to greater knowledge and it opened up my eyes to more than what was actually in front of me and to look deeper into what was before me. After being a part of this class, Eve changed my life to a certain extent that could be appreciated by echo-friendly people. I no longer pollute, but instead I recycle. I practice electricity conservation by switching from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs, along with other electricity conservation activities that I carry out and I also try to buy biodegradable products, when applicable.

I also try to maintain updated on the worldwide effects of our actions through research and participation in the PEP to help better it all. In the end, whether I decide to become a teacher, a lawyer, or an environmental engineer in the future, it will not change my ability and desire to spread my knowledge to others. Its easy to discard a wrapper out the car window; it doesn’t require much thought. But it is important for people to understand the repercussions of such an act and that there are other alternatives. My goal is to express myself through my work and to allow others to understand my actions, for


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