Course Outline Fall Essay

You should cover the following in your paper: An Introduction Purpose of the study Statement of the problem Background of the problem Review of Related Information Analysis of the Situation Recommendations on how organizations can manage the issue Your written paper should be between 10 – 12 pages, excluding the list of references (Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pitch, with 1″ margins; double-spaced). You should cover at least the following in the paper: You must also include a bibliography, using the PAP style. Your paper will be Judged on style (grammar, etc. And content (the extent and quality of your research, analysis, and recommendations). This paper must be handed to the instructor the day of your role play. In cases where contributions of group members are in question, the instructor reserves the right to adjust the grade on the group presentation and paper accordingly for those individuals. It is imperative that you attend the mid-term since there will be no other alternative dates to write a make-up exam. The mid-term exam is a closed-book exam covering trials covered in class and information from the in-class student presentations.

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Course Outline Fall Essay
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The format will most likely be a combination of multiple choice and essay/short answer questions. You will be advised of the format prior to the midterm date. Final Examination: 35% The exam will be held during the formal examination period for the semester, in a room and location to be announced closer to the exam date. More details will follow as the semester progresses. The instructor will provide more details of the format. In accordance with the University Policy, medical documentation will be required hen an examination is missed, in order to defer the final exam.

A Deferred Standing Agreement must be submitted to the School of Administrative Studies within one week of the missed exam. Students who miss the final exam may petition to write a deferred exam. Deferred exams are written during the final exam period of the next semester. No make-up dates will be offered during this term. Material Required for All Examinations Everyone must bring an HOB pencil to the exams, which will be used to complete a computerized scoring sheet. As well, please ensure you bring a sharpener and an eraser. Also, do not forget your student card with your photo.

Because of the size of the class, it is absolutely essential to have the appropriate pictured ID or you will not be permitted to write the exam. Special Accommodation for Examinations For students with disabilities requiring special accommodation for writing of examinations, please make the necessary arrangements well (at least 2 weeks) in advance of the examination dates and bring the paperwork to me early in the course. Academic Ethics All students of York University must adhere to the university’s policy and standards of academic ethics.


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