Create A Profile Of Virgin Group Commerce Essay

This study will seek to place cardinal country of Virgin Group relevant to the assignment inquiry, viz. : the Profile of Richard Branson, what is his concern Skill, Marketing, What is Motivation for the employee and the Virgins Culture, This study be produced though the research of the relevant stuffs ( text editions, diaries, web sites, articles, category PPTs and Case surveies etc. ) and will be supported through a decision, which will function to function to summaries the cardinal points contained in the findings. The study is for the attending of Mr. Cowley and is being submitted in order to run into the appraisal demands for FC088.

2.0 Findingss

2.1 Profile

The laminitis of Virgin-Richard Branson ( born in 18 July 1950 ) .

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Create A Profile Of Virgin Group Commerce Essay
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When Richard Branson was 16 old ages old he dropped out of school and created the youth-culture magazine, after two old ages the stated his Virgin Mail Order concern, in 1972, this was the of import alteration for Richard Branson, because he was unfastened England ‘s first residential recording studio which is near Oxford, UK. Then Virgin Records, subsequently known as Virgin Megastores. The trade name of Virgin grew significantly during the 1980s.

Nowadays, Richard Branson is the fourth richest individual of United Kingdom and the Virgin became the largest company in this universe, Richard Branson employed about 24000 employees in 150 difference companies and the income numbering approximately five billion dollars every twelvemonth form the Virgin Group. ( Virgin Group,2012 )

Richard Branson ‘s accomplishments for concern are Flexible idea, public dealingss and leading accomplishments. For flexible idea, Richard Branson ever opens to alter his point of view and attack to any thought if he thinks that can allow him cognize the new thing or new civilization, he could catch an chance and travel rapidly to do it success.

Flexible thought- Many of virgin ‘s merchandises was failed including Virgin Cola, Virgin Bride and Virginaˆ¦ , but he ne’er give up, he know when should he acquire out and when should he travel in so he is flexible.

Pubic relation- Richard Branson frequently attend different activities, for illustration: Charity activities and publicity activities so his public relationship is really broad.

Leadership skills- Richard Branson ‘s leading manner are based on simple regulations, they are smile at every clip, have fun at work and swear your thoughts, employees and your spouses.

2.2 Selling ( marketing mix & A ; mission statmention )

“ Market mix is a portion of selling, selling is broken in these four parts-4Ps, it can assist the company achieve the selling demands ” ( Surridge & A ; Gillespie, 2012 ) .4Ps include Price, Place, Product and publicity.

For monetary value: it means the money which is the consumers spent for the merchandise, monetary value is an of import function in consumers ‘ purchasing determination, for illustration there have A store and B store, their merchandise is really similar, but A store ‘s monetary value higher than B store so the clients universe pick B store. The monetary value scheme of Virgin Atlantic is

For Topographic point: it means the channels which used to sell the merchandise or services to the terminal consumer. Virgin Group is both of traditional and non-traditional store.

For merchandise: it refers to the services and goods, the companies ever show how good their merchandise to pull the client attending so they will coerce on quality, services, trade name, support and safety. Virgin Atlantic has offer three distinguishable categories for their flights: first category, concern category and economic system category, this three difference category have the three difference monetary value and quality.

For publicity: publicity is the communicating manner for concern to clients, it can supply the new information about the merchandise or service to clients, at the same clip, it is a good manner to the client give the feedback. There have two chief manner for publicity, they are above the line and below the line. For above the line, it means associating to advertisement in magazine, cyberspace or on telecasting, etc. it is the simple manner to allow the people know about a company or merchandise. For below the line, it means associating to utilize media for advertisement, such as E mail or trade shows, it can easy to hold the feedback from the clients. The publicity of Virgin Atlantic are related on the Television, magazines imperativeness and cab sides so they are the both of above the line and below the line

Mission statement for Virgin Atlantic is “ Safety, security and consistent bringing of the root of everything we do ( Virgin Atlantic. 2012 ) .

2.3 Motivation

Motivation, it means “ a feeling focal point which drives an employee to work harder, is the most of import portion to run the concern. “ ( Surridge & A ; Gillespie, 2012 ) . There have three celebrated different positions exist no motive, they are Scientific School ( Taylor,1856-1917 ) , Human Relations School ( Mayo,1880-1949 ) and Neo-human Relations School of Management. ( Maslow,1908-1970 and Herzberg 1923-2000 ) .For Scientific School, it means the employees ne’er enjoy their occupation and they need close supervising and control so the directors should division of labour so it can do the employees more force on they work, harmonizing to how many points did the employees finished in a fit period of time-piece-rate wage. For Human Relations School, Mayo think that money is non the lone factors to actuate the worker, he thought that employee should be motivated by run intoing their societal demands, it means have the better communicating between the leader and employee so the employee can had the chance to give the feedback, following points is working in groups or squads, it means suggest usage of squad working and develop the forces sections to better the relationships in the workplace. For Neo-Human Relations School, it can name the new Human Relations School, because it is non merely forced on societal demands, it besides forced on the psychological demands, it means concerned with fulfilling demands and make need categorizations, single demands is the basic and the self-actualization is the highest demands.

Virgin Group is a type of Neo Human Relations School. Virgin Atlantic is a good illustration they look after their employee every bit good as their clients, they give tonss of benefit to their employee for illustration: Childcare benefit, Holiday purchases, Income Protection and Private Medical Plan, etc. ( Virgin Atlantic, 2012 )

2.4 Culture

Organization civilization means “ the ways of the organisation lead through its concern, entertain its employees, consumers, and the wider community ” ( Alvesson, 2003 ) .

Richard Branson believes that if you want your employee to be happy at their work, you need to hold a civilization where employee can hold their ain thought, where employee can experience safe, and regard, happy and confident. Just a relax work topographic point. If the employee feel good, they will more likely to make something for another one. If they talk about their narrative to their friend. This is the best advertizement for your company. ( Virgin group,2010 )

The civilization in Virgin Group, they are let employee loosen up, promote informality-stay on first name footings, say the positive things instead than negative things, etc. those method can do the employee more like the joy and cut down the on the job force per unit area.

3.0 Decision

In decision, this study has shown what is the chief factor to do the concern success and the cardinal country in Virgin group, including to Richard Branson ‘s profile, what is the selling mix and mission statement in Virgin, what the motive for Virgin ‘s employee is and what is the civilization in Virgin. It is clearly to seen that Flexible idea, public dealingss and leading accomplishments are the most of import accomplishments in the concern, they can do the concern more successful. The motive of the employee is the 2nd of import portion because if the employee feel happy and bask for their occupation, they will more difficult working and less absent. Harmonizing to selling and the motive, Virgin Atlantic was success because they know what the clients need is and the employee like their occupation and bask their work so they would offer the best services to the clients.


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