Creativity And Its Importance Commerce Essay

Harmonizing to the Oxford lexicon of the English linguistic communication creativeness is “ the usage of imaginativeness or original thoughts to make something ” and invention is “ the action or procedure of doing alterations in something established, particularly by presenting new methods, thoughts, or merchandises ” . However creativeness and invention are so much more ; they are the basiss of our economic system, the foundations of our modern society and high quality of life, what gives significance and intent to our being.

Creativity is a alone feature of the human race. Of all the animals rolling this planet, merely worlds have the ability of abstract thought and creativeness. Our history is the history of human creativeness and inventions. From the first stairss that Homo sapiens took on Europe, the arms they created to run for nutrient and fend off dangers, to the pendents that they crafted to bespeak statues and the astonishing petroglyphs found in France ( Vallee des Merveilles ) , Greece ( Irakleia – Cyclades ) , Italy ( Bagnolo stele ) and Spain ( Galicia ) . Creativity and invention are what created the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK and the megalithic memorials in Marta. Invention is what armed the Greeks in Thermopylae and gave them a tactical advantage against an ground forces 10 times their ain, and once more in Salamis and Plataea. Creativity is what construct the Parthenon and guided the arm of Phidias to sculpt some of the most of import everlasting sculptures this universe has of all time seen. Then the Macedonians and other Greeks of Alexander the Great started distributing on most of the known universe, and after them the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romanss and the mighty hosts established the first world power and Rome as the first mega metropolis and all these started from few originative people that envisioned and created new thoughts, new engineerings and methods, new inventions ( Association, 2008 ) . Inventions, that paved the manner, after 100s of old ages of darkness, the dark ages, for the Renaissance and the age of Creativity ; Michelangelo, Rafael, the great Leonardo Da Vinci every bit good as Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and Gutenberg. The human race ‘s rational revolution, all based on creativeness and inventions.

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Creativity And Its Importance Commerce Essay
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Our “ modern ” age starts with the industrial revolution that took topographic point in the UK in 1750. Few really originative really advanced people started determining the universe to what it is now. Brunel, Watt and Maudslay ; their dreams and creative activities can still be seen in the metropolis we live in. The British Empire and the constitution of the first signifier of international trade and together with it the first transnational corporations like the Dutch East India Company that helped make the first planetary economic thoughts and theories, as theses were described by Adam Smith in his book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations ( 1776 ) . And so to the nineteenth century of the two universe wars, but besides of Dali, Picasso, Matisse and Einstein, Plank, Bohr and Heisenberg. Our history, the human being on this planet, is a anthem to creativeness, invention and endurance ( Association, 2008 ) .

Creativity plays a really of import function in the betterment of our society and of our populating criterion. New inventions make our lives easier, let us to make things that we could non make earlier, every bit good as create workplaces and break the economic system ( Bennett, 2006 ) . Everywhere we look creativeness and inventions is at that place ; from an art gallery exposing Van Gogh ‘s chef-d’oeuvres, to our nomadic phones that provide us with information and functionality that old coevalss could merely woolgather of, to the manner we shop utilizing the cyberspace and the new digital economic system we live it. I, and the bulk of people in the western universe, can, from the comfort of my place, “ watercourse ” my favour film and watch it on my smart Television any clip I want, order a pizza online by utilizing my Mobile and at the same clip maintain an oculus on the FTSE 250, live from New York. Actually digital and nomadic applications and devices can make more, a batch more. They help people with diabetic monitor their disease, they guide 1000000s of automobilists, with the usage of GPS, to their finishs, they connect the full universe, every bit good as aid me, and 1000s of pupils, happen the information I want in order to compose this assignment. Inventions and creativeness in the medical field aid people live longer, healthier lives, remedy diseases that one time thought to be incurable, and supply comfort and hope to all. Even things we now have come to see little, fiddling, every-day, like running H2O, public transit or the station we receive every forenoon, were the inspirations and work for people, and are really of import in lifting our quality of life. Can anyone in the western universe even see every-day life without running H2O or even without the conditions prognosis? I think non.

Our modern society, has recognised the importance of creativeness and uninterrupted invention, and betterment, and has adapted both its educational and concern systems to promote it, incubate it and paraphrase it ( Burleson, 2005 ) . Schools promote creativeness and some even go every bit far as seeking to learn pupils how to be originative. However, creativeness is non something you can coerce on person. Creativity is the consequence of a figure of conditions that have to be met, with the primary being freedom. Freedom to talk, freedom to compose, freedom to believe and show yourself as you like, and freedom to take what to make, what to make. Besides, creativeness is non the feature of an person, no affair how intelligent, originative and advanced this person is ; it is a societal feature ; little thoughts, in a free environment with no communicating barriers, associating up, uniting, to make a “ large ” great thought. It is non a happenstance that there are periods in human history that great heads come together and put the foundations, or get down, industrial-scientific-intellectual-spiritual revolutions. The great Athenian philosophers of the fifth century BC, the great British applied scientists of the 1700 ‘s century, the great theoretical physicists of the beginning of the nineteenth century, and now the great “ digital ” heads of our epoch, are some of the illustrations that one can believe. Creativity can be taught, nevertheless, as with all other facets of the human head and nature, creativeness is a endowment excessively. Some people have it and some do non. As a society nevertheless, we are a originative advanced society, a society that looks into the hereafter, creates thoughts, dreams and designs about how it wants this hereafter to be and so starts working on doing it go on ( Casson, 2007 ) .

Business, invention and creativeness are interlinked footings. Business, any concern, can non be without creativeness. The common feature between a agent in New York, a just trade luxury furniture store proprietor in Islington, London, an independent chocolate husbandman in Equator and a the proprietor of a silk textiles household concern in China is creativeness. The very impression of get downing up your ain concern, take deliberate hazards and give your best to win, is the definition for entrepreneurial creativeness. Invention is what makes the difference, what gives a company a competitory border, what turns a little “ garage ” concern to a transnational with offices around the universe and with one million millions of lbs in its corporate histories. Creativity, realised through invention is what drives our economic system, is what capitalist economy is built on, is what creates companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Dyson and Goldman-Sacks ( Davis, 2009 ) .

The of import function of creativeness and invention in the entrepreneurial procedure

Every sector of concern and every sector of life is capable to creativeness and invention. If is unusual that when the word creativeness is mentioned most people think of painters or sculpturers or even lensmans, the likes of Modigliani and Petrocelli, and when the word invention is used they think of technological progresss, like 3D Televisions, and companies like Apple and Siemens. If for illustration the banking industry is used as an illustration of invention in a talk, the bulk of people from the audience will most wish admiration about the appropriacy of the usage of the word, when it comes to fiscal establishments such as Goldman-Sacks, J. P. Morgan and even the Royal Bank of Scotland. However, the fiscal establishments that compose our economic system are the prototype of invention. Their uninterrupted invention in making new fiscal merchandises and happening ways to bring forth wealth is what led to the technological, commercial, entrepreneurial and ingestion “ roar ” that started after the terminal of the second universe war and is still traveling strong now, even after many fiscal crisis that this same system produced, with the most serious being that of 2008 with many states and 1000000s of people still sing its effects.

Nowadays creativeness and invention is the driving force of the economic system, normally in the signifier of digital and nomadic applications and devices. Economists have even given this new type of economic system a, really appropriate, name ; digital economic system. Iphones, ipads, tablet Personal computers, smartphones and 1000000s of applications that help the user cook a nice repast, pay his measures online or even supervise his diabetes are the life-line of the station 2008 crises economic system. And justly so, as they provide unbelievable flexibleness and public-service corporation to the users, bettering their manner of life and quality of life, and at the same clip bring forthing new occupations and money. They besides provide a platform on which little concerns, using the benefits of the new engineerings and the new digital market place, can vie even with transnational corporations in a planetary market place.

However the nexus between creativeness, which gives birth to inventions, with the concern procedure is deeper than merely new merchandises and services, no affair how radical these might be. The whole thought of get downing up a new concern, a new company, comes from 1s creativeness. ( Eysenck, 2008 ) The get downing up of a concern is creative activity. The new enterpriser wants to be independent, to make what he enjoys and believes he is best in making, to go forth his grade, to make. It is creativeness that enables an enterpriser to move on the chances that present to him, in order to make competitory advantage for his company. His company does non necessitate to be about radical engineering, new designs or new merchandises. He does non necessitate to be an inspirational author, a painter or an designer. He is originative because he made that first really of import measure of going an enterpriser. So, non all enterprisers are advanced, nevertheless those who are, shape the universe we live in with their creative activities. Invention is the following measure of creativeness ; it is its materialization and the agencies to bring forth wealth. It is, or it can be, the fiscal nexus between 1s ideas and phantasies with the economic system. Creativity is the bosom of entrepreneurship and invention is the O that is maintaining it alive.

Creativity needs a flicker and invention demands fuel. These are provided in the signifier of physical wagess and coevals of wealth ; money. Money has been blamed for many things, and most of the times justly so, nevertheless, together with an familial ability and demand for worlds to be originative, it is the most common motivation for concern creativeness and invention. Not the lone, but one of the most important grounds why people want to go enterprisers and push themselves to make something new, something exciting, something that other people, many other people, will purchase. So creativeness and invention are cardinal factors of wealth coevals which is the basis of our capitalistic economic system, which is the merely applicable economic system in the universe, as we speak. One can even travel every bit far as stating that creativeness and invention is concern.

Is the originative procedure a manner to trip self-actualisation and motive?

The inquiry about what motivates us worlds to make what we do, to wake up in the forenoon to travel to work, to wait three hours in the rain in order to purchase tickets for our favorite dad group or to make new art, engineering and literature has fascinated many people before, among them many celebrated philosophers, like Hume and Kant.

When person foremost asks about what motivates us to make what we do, the first reply he will normally have is money. However, this in non, in the bulk of times, true, or at least, non the full truth. Self-actualisation is “ the desire to go more and more what one is, to go everything that one is capable of going ” ( Goble, 1970 ) . Maslow in his theory of basic demands, provinces that the ends for self-actualisation are every bit cardinal as those of instruction, continues larning and self-improvement and creativeness. These ends or some may state demands or basicss of human being promote and concentrate on larning in relationship to imaginativeness, creativeness, experience and challenge. However, all these impressions are interconnected between them. Learning, experience and creativeness are indispensable to self-actualisation, as self-actualisation is a cardinal demand for larning and creativeness.

The thought of self-actualisation comes from Maslow. He describes two human need systems ; the lack needs system, besides called “ D ” values, and the “ Being ” system, besides called “ B ” values. D values denote the defensive nature of worlds that leads us to be every bit safe as possible in all state of affairss, but sometimes stops us from sing, bettering and turning, and B values are the opposite, is what drives us to larn, experience, acquire in love, seek new things and heighten our abilities, taking hazards. Harmonizing to Maslow, the most self-actualised people are “ mature grownups with a history of a productive engagement in their work ” ( Maslow, 1943 ) .

Creativity is one of the cardinal ways to trip self-actualisation and motive. When one is originative, he feels good about himself, he feels and is productive, his blood hastes through his venas and his head is on fire. He is making something new, he is full of energy and assurance. Besides, normally creativeness means being societal, coming in contact with many people, who themselves are originative and interchanging thoughts and sentiments, networking, interacting and synthesizing intuitions and observations to theories and great thoughts. Just the procedure of making so is what motivates many people and the consequence and exhilaration to see your thought materialised what motivates the remainder ( Becherer, 2008 ) .

High assurance and belief to you, to your abilities and what you can make, which comes from being originative, being alive and lending to the society, are the basic ingredients of self-actualisation, which lead you to carry through your marks, and set new, which once more kick-start the originative procedure that triggers your motive and enhances your self-actualisation. The originative procedure, self-actualisation and motive are all parts of human nature.

How creativeness can assist us in job work outing procedure?

The first measure of job resolution is to specify the job. Although this may sound fiddling, in many instances it is non. Many people and administrations rush in to undertake a job by happening a solution, without antecedently cognizing that the job truly is. So, to accomplish a solution, one number one has to to the full understand the job.

Once the jobs have been clearly defined, the most of import factor in work outing it is creativeness. Creativity is required in order to make a ask the right inquiries about the job and happen the correct and appropriate replies to them, creativeness is necessary in order to supply “ out of the box ” thoughts and suggestions and creativeness is what defines the procedure of happening a new manner in making things.

Brainstorming is a really popular manner to work out a job and it is a characteristically originative method. It involves the rapid exchange of thoughts, any thoughts, about the solution to a specific job. What it does really is to assist people to come up with “ out of the box ” unconventional thoughts and solutions, which in the bulk of times are the combination of assorted thoughts that are “ thrown ” during the start of the brainstorming session ( McNamara, 2010 ) .

Besides, creativeness is what helps us to get the better of the, really natural and common negative initial reaction to a job ; the choler and desperation that a job can do, and really do something good out of a bad state of affairs but seting our heads and endowments to work in order to happen a solution that may merely non be the solution to one job but many ( McNamara, 2010 ) .

A good illustration of a really originative solution to a common job that subsequently became a lifesaving method in medical specialty is the usage of ultrasounds. When the first metallic ships and edifices started to look, a job manifested in the signifier of clefts in the metals that had the possible to ensue in ruinous failure. The solution that was improvised in order to observe such stuff failures was the usage of ultrasounds. Soon adequate ultrasounds were used in worlds to image their anatomy and supervise their wellness. Ultrasounds are presents used in every infirmary, holding a assortment of applications such as in OBs, oncology and dermatology.

Problem work outing requires the coevals, the production of something new ; a new thought, a new device, a new merchandise or new services. This is what creativeness is.

Examples of administrations that foster Creativity procedure


One of the most originative and introducing companies in the UK is of class Dyson.

Dyson is a modern British icon of design, functionality, creativeness and inventions. The company was started in 1933 by James Dyson, an discoverer and interior decorator, after he graduated from the Royal College of Art. What started as a bantam company with a individual merchandise, a vacuity cleaner, developed in a bantam workshop in the backward of Sir Dyson ‘s household house, is now a transnational company, that sells its merchandises in over 50 states and which employs more than 3,000 people. The company ‘s central office are located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK ( Dyson, 2012 ) .

Technological inventions such as the cyclone engineering and the air multiplier engineering have changed the industry of commercial place contraptions, giving enormous position to Dyson.

The company makes extended usage of computing machine aided design package every bit good as 3D printing and 3D visual image engineerings. It besides actively promotes creativeness and invention by promoting its employees to come frontward with new thoughts, and by holding hebdomadal brainstorming Sessionss where all employees, no maters their forte and rank, can sit together and exchange thoughts in order to supply solutions in bing jobs or propose new merchandises, engineerings and methods. The company besides promotes preparation and instruction, as it is a steadfast protagonist of the impression that “ the more your get involved and analyze something in deepness, the more originative thoughts arise ” ( Dyson, 2012 ) .

In 2002 Sir Dyson founded the James Dyson foundation to back up design and technology instruction, and the originative procedure.


Google is one of the most powerful and rich companies in the universe. The company was founded in 1998 and it became a populace limited company in 2004. Google presently employs more than 53,000 people worldwide. The company ‘s central office, Googleplex, are located in Mountain View, California, United States ( Google, 2012 ) .

Google is non merely an pioneer in footings of engineering, networking, nomadic applications and the cyberspace, but besides in footings of company construction and employee motive and creativeness encouragement techniques. One of its most popular and advanced company policies is what Google calls “ personal undertakings clip ” ( Google, 2012 ) . In kernel Google allows and encourages every one of its employees to pass a whole twenty-four hours, every hebdomad, working on their personal undertakings and thoughts. Besides the company has created an internal “ chalkboard ” that all personal finished undertakings are published for proving and for coevals of treatment, cooperation and the creative activity of even more, more advanced undertakings. Finally, these undertakings are published on the cyberspace, on Google Labs, for everyone to prove and feedback.

Google actively promotes and supports invention and creativeness and has faith on the abilities of its employees to present outstanding new thoughts and merchandises. It is a company founded on a great thought and still working towards the following great thought. It provides a work environment that is designed to maintain its employees happy and satisfied and cater to all their demands, in order for them to be able to give back their great thoughts. It promotes communicating, freedom of look and clearly sets the precedence marks which are none other than the coevals of new great thoughts and the betterment of old.

It is an environment that creativeness is non forced, it merely happens. Google hunt, Android, Google Maps and Google Goggles are but a few of the consequences of the copiousness of creativeness that this company has ( Google, 2012 ) .


Apple Inc. is today considered the most advanced company in the universe. Its merchandises are quickly making legendary position, with their names being used, in many occasions, to specify an full market sector and non merely a merchandise. The IPad is a good illustration of Apple ‘s invention. Apple really created the market place for tablet Personal computer with its debut of IPad. Many people will mention to any tablet Personal computer as an IPad. The same goes for the IPhone which was the first, existent, smartphone, the smartphone that started the revolution we live today ( Apple, 2012 ) .

Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc. back in 1977. Jobs and Wozniak worked in Job ‘s parents ‘ garage in order to make the first Apple Personal computer. Nowadays, Apple employs more than 73,000 people around the universe, has its central offices in a 130,000 square meters in Cupertino, California, USA and generates an one-year turnover in surplus of 156 billion US dollars ( Apple, 2012 ) .

Apple Inc. is non merely a immense, really successful, really profitable company ; it is one of the really few companies in the universe that successfully combines, promotes and excels in creativeness, invention and design. Merchandises like the Ipad, the Iphone and the Ipod, combine the creativeness and vision of a company, and of a really magnetic adult male, Steven Jobs, who sought to develop ( create ) new radical merchandises, with invention of continuously updating and upgrading, presenting new and improved versions with design, aesthetically delighting, trendy, stylish devices that are more than a “ nomadic phone ” or a “ portable Personal computer ” , they are position enrapturing, life-style points ( Business, 2009 ) . Many companies have attempted to make this, really few have achieved it and merely a smattering have mastered it. Apple is a degree above them.

Of class this is non merely down to the vision and personal appeal of Steven Jobs. Apple employs some of the most originative head in the universe and provides the conditions for them to make and introduce. The image of Steven Jobs walking around the office barefooted, chew the fating with his employees about thoughts he or they has is characteristic about the company civilization ( Deutschman, 2010 ) . In edifice baby’s rooms, a little clinic, tooth doctor, even a practical world game suits and more than 12 eating houses are but some of the benefits that Apple employees enjoy.

Apple employees are encouraged to believe “ outside the box ” , to talk up and ever portion their ideas, sentiments, every bit good as undertakings and thoughts with their co-workers. It is an inspiring environment that actively promotes believing. However, Apple has besides contributed in the concern creativeness and invention field its influence, or the influence its immense success has, to 100s of other companies, most of them its rivals. Apple has forced its rivals to rethink their merchandises and gross revenues techniques, to concentrate on design, to introduce. Apple has made other companies creative, by altering the market and the consumers. Apple is a company that its actions reverberate in the full concern and consuming universe, every bit good as in the technological developments of our epoch.


As the subject of this assignment requests for illustrations of institutes that promote originative thought and creativeness, Universities would non be mentioned here. Although, technically Universities are non companies, so they do non advance concern creativeness per say, they are the topographic points, the brooders, where the following coevals of CEOs, enterprisers, directors and managers are bummed. They are the topographic points from where most great thoughts start, and although some do non do it to the “ existent ” universe, some do and they change it, they live their grade and the grade of their Godhead on it. Examples like Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, David Dell and Dell computing machines and Erik Wallenberg and Tetra Pak ( Leander, 1996 ) , are but few of 1000s of great thoughts that started in University.

Universities are for some the most originative topographic points in the universe. They take childs and turn them into scientists and concern adult male and leaders. Although corporate entrepreneurship does non use here in the sense that applies with Google and Apple, single imaginativeness, extremist screening of the universe and an environment that is designed peculiarly to direct the head to make, to woolgather and image, more than makes up for it.

The immature human head, still unshaped, still uncorrupted by the “ do-nots ” and “ should-nots ” of our universe, has an impossible capacity for creativeness, invention and ideas coevals. It merely needs way and encouragement.

Universities are the creativeness centres of this universe. Corporations have to work closely with them in order to utilize this creativeness in the production processes, every bit good as in concern, for the production of new merchandises and services and for the coevals of wealth, and for the improvement of the world.


Creativity and invention is the foundation of concern development and the drive force behind the betterment in the quality of populating the western societies have experienced the last centuries.

Business is about net income and the coevals of wealth. However, what motivates persons is non merely money. The human demand to make and to lend to the society, being societal and belonging to a group or a “ large household, is a cardinal factor of creativeness and invention. Self-actualisation and position is besides closely related with creativeness. “ I think, there for I am ” ( Britannica, 2012 ) , to the words of Descartes, a seventeenth century French philosopher.

Hoverer, creativeness and invention is non merely nutrient for the head and the demands of us worlds. Creativity and invention is what has shared the universe we leave in today. From the first human being that created the wheel, to creative activity of Democracy in ancient Greece, and from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution of our epoch, creativeness, materialised to invention, is everyplace, is our mundane life, our instruction, amusement and work, our being.

Creativity can assist us work out jobs in our personal lives every bit good as in our concern lives and can assist a company overcome difficult times and travel from nigh bankruptcy to being one of the biggest and richest companies in the universe ( Apple ) .

More significantly, creativeness is that makes us better, what makes opens our heads and makes us see things otherwise and move otherwise. It has to be promoted, protected, and encouraged, by concerns, universities and authoritiess likewise.

One can state that as the lone intelligent species on this universe, really the lone intelligent species known to be in the Cosmos, is our fate to make.


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