Critical analysis of rules in business management

Before prosecuting in any managerial undertakings, it is necessary to see the type of organisation one is set to pull off. John operates and manages a little bakeshop as its concern director. His bakeshop thought was a combination of his married woman ‘s love of baking and the continued desire to have and pull off their ain concern. Some of the merchandises produced in the concern are gems, pizza, Batters, Breadings and Coaters, Biscuits and Scone Mixes, Cookies, Cakes, Sweet Dough, Creme and Pound Cake, and Donuts. Fast nutrients such as french friess and poulet are besides popular in the concern ( Parson, 1990 ) . The concern name is Tasty Bites Bakers and he acts as the concern director of the constitution.

Tasty Bites Bakers competes chiefly in the bakeshop and confectionery industry. This industry is one of the most contended 1s with many challengers seeking to retroflex each others merchandises.The range of the concern is local and operates merely two subdivisions in the local town. However, John thinks of spread outing the concern in the following five old ages.

After a really long clip, John and his lovely married woman had contemplated having their ain concern. His married woman, Ruth, besides loves baking. The combination of these two involvements initiated this concern thought. Besides, the two wanted to do a populating out of it after John lost his employment following the 2008 economic crisis. For the last 10 old ages, John had been able to salvage a significant sum of money optimistic that one twenty-four hours he would venture into concern. After being retrenched, it was the appropriate clip to continue and get down his baking concern. His married woman ‘s love for baking besides boosted this thought. He has been in a place to use several employees to assist in baking and distribution of the merchandises to establishments such as schools and infirmaries and places.

After carry oning the interview, John said that his concern was operated as a exclusive proprietary and his undertaking became that of a concern director. This sort of concern is operated by a individual individual without holding to integrate other stakeholders. Most of the common concerns in the United States are of this signifier ( Parson, 1990 ) . John besides said that he might hold opted for a partnership sort of concern to maximise on net incomes and market their merchandises widely. There are advantages common with this signifier of concern. Some of the outstanding advantages are as follows:

The net incomes obtained from the concern will non be shared therefore doing it easy to advance the concern.

It takes short clip to do determinations. This is because there are no concern spouses to be consulted. John is free to do the determinations he deems appropriate for his concern.

It is really easy to get down this sort of concern. This is because the individual ‘s thought is the merely needful thing plus investing capital.

Change and direction are easy done by the concern proprietor.

This signifier of concern besides has several disadvantages which can do the concern to prostration. These include:

Losingss are shared separately. These can do the concern to prostration.

Bad concern determinations will impact negatively on the concern.

There is no sharing of thoughts in the concern. A bad thought will do the concern to prostration.

It is difficult to raise adequate capital for the concern.

Management of this sort of concern is normally preferred by concern people who are after get downing their ain investings. It can run from a little concern to a large corporation but in private owned by a individual person ( Parson, 1990 ) . Should John hold had opted for a partnership sort of concern he would non bask fast determination devising and taking the concern recognition entirely. Business thoughts would be shared therefore increasing opportunities of failure and dissensions. It is besides to observe that a partnership signifier of concern would hold important advantages over the exclusive proprietary as discussed above.

Any concern organisation or company will hold several failings and wagess. The chief end behind any concern thought is to maximise on the wagess and cutting down the menaces, challenges and failings. After questioning John about his concern and his function as the concern director, he explained several challenges the bakeshop has been confronting. Competition is a major challenge for this concern. With over six similar bakeshops in the country, John ‘s concern has been seeking difficult to come up with ways of bettering its public presentation and doing certain the greatest figure of clients has been reached. The other challenge is in determination devising. With this sort of concern endeavor, John observed that some determinations made might non profit the bakeshop. Consumer tendencies are besides unpredictable hence doing it difficult to when to increase the merchandises and when to cut down ( Parson, 1990 ) . Another major challenge is the current economic instability. This has resulted in a lesser figure of clients willing to utilize the bakeshop ‘s merchandises.

Despite the challenges faced in this concern, there are wagess as good. As John said, he has been able to pay himself a better wage. By and large, the concern has been a success and with it he has taken his two kids to college. Under his able schemes as the concern trough, the concern has besides established his expertness and experience. In future he opts to spread out the concern by opening new bakeshops. This establishment has changed his life wholly.

Has a concern director, ethical behaviour and duty are of import constructs that have to be followed systematically. Harmonizing to John, there is nil more rewarding in concern like being responsible and ethical when functioning the clients and the environment. This is John ‘s top precedence, as a concern director. John his served with the duty of guaranting that quality merchandises run intoing the demands of the clients have been produced. The merchandises have to be healthy by doing certain they have adequate sugar degrees, deficiency of cholesterin and besides guarantee they are decently packed. Proper handling and transit are besides observed to do certain the client ‘s wellness is ne’er compromised. Another ethical behaviour practiced here is to do certain the client gets value for his hard currency ( Parson, 1990 ) . Proper client handling is besides a top precedence under John ‘s direction constructs.

Major menaces to this organisation include the issue of Costly Distribution. This concern has implemented improved packaging, and merchandises supply concatenation procedures which in hereafter can really dearly-won.As new ordinances might take into consequence for the bettering of the environment, the bakeshop might happen themselves with lessenings in their net incomes because of their addition in natural stuffs and procedures. Another menace based on the macro environmental forces can be the menace of new challengers in the vicinity. This competition ensuing from entryway of new participants can do monetary value wars between the chief challengers and as a consequence cause the company to lower monetary values. Such sort of competition can do other bakeshops that have lower production costs to still bask net incomes. To John this becomes disputing to prolong a fortifying market portion.

Though the concern is exclusive owned, John employs few people who aid in other organisation operations. Has the concern director, John ‘s responsibilities include direction of concern operations in Day-to-Day footing, monitoring of day-to-day hard currency supervising and executing of steps and controls when required or necessary. His Supervisory duties comprise of pull offing conveyance and distribution of bakeshop merchandises to assorted clients. In audience with his married woman, John is besides responsible for fixing, implementing and analysing histories and budgets for the company. Besides he responds to assorted enquiries and resolutenesss issues related to minutess and operations handled by the bakeshop.

Caring for the environment is another of import duty greatly observed by John ( Tasty Bites Bakers concern director ) .Some of other major duties observed by John involves the usage of biodegradable packaging stuffs to protect the environment.He besides guarantee that the merchandises have been packaged in reclaimable stuffs. Disposal of H2O and waste stuffs are done ethically with the purpose of protecting the environment. Dirty H2O is filtered and treated before it is released. Hot H2O is cooled to conserve the ecology ( Dale, 2003 ) .

Has the concern director, John outlines his strengths to be constructing blocks of his success. He views himself as a focussed and an attentive individual who considers each and every item of the duty and undertaking that he his in control of. Through this, John as managed to cut down too bad errors which sometimes are normally really dearly-won. This has created assurance and trust to people that he function, and the value they get from his work is dependable.

He besides describes himself as a moral force every bit good as a magnetic individual, who accept alterations and willing to encompass the alteration procedure itself. This sense of dynamism has equipped him to suit in a scope of prevalent conditions or state of affairs. Has a concern director he embraces that nil is inactive and things supports on altering, and development of points is realizable. Another personal strength that makes him an outstanding concern director is the component of honestness and trustiness ( Blanchard, 1982 ) .This trait has strengthened his focal point on assorted concern and managerial undertakings, every bit good as being a individual who people can trust on. Notwithstanding his varied strengths, John besides posses some failings. Some of them include fright of failure to win, unequal clip direction and the inclination to execute big figure of undertakings at the same clip.

Has a concern director, Johns outlines that there are five major environmental factors that come into drama during the class of his managerial maps in the concern organisation. These include economic state of affairs, competition, technological development, legal facets and planetary factors. For case, there are economic state of affairss that have to be overcome by any concern. All legal facets will impact on the concern negatively such as revenue enhancement and concern licenses ( Parson, 1990 ) . Competition is besides common in this concern. Business operations are all about competition so that the best wins and makes the greatest net incomes. In order for this concern to win amidst these environmental impacts, John makes certain that every facet has been carefully considered and evaluated to put the concern on the safe side. All these facets should be carefully evaluated if the concern is to last in this competition entrepreneurial universe ( Charan, Drotter & A ; Noel, 2001 ) .

As the concern director of Tasty Bites Bakers, John has analyzed his overall concern scheme to concentrate on merchandise and service quality with process invention of merchandise development. The concern scheme is supported by bakeshop current production concentrating on slower enlargement. Tasty Bites Bakers scheme is facilitated through alterations in the production concatenation procedure that guarantee merchandise handiness and lower production and distribution costs.

Has the bakeshop concern director, John has been using several attacks to derive and keep new concern chances. These include geographic expedition of new markets, alteration of merchandises and bettering their quality. Whenever a new chance and concern strength presents itself, John makes certainly he has utilized it for the public assistance of the concern. He has besides been utilizing concern nest eggs to better the operations of the concern and make a competitory advantage by utilizing modern baking equipment ( Parson, 1990 ) . These attacks have played a major function towards the betterment of his work has a concern director. John thinks that he made a error and should hold started a large concern where his function as the concern director would be diverse and more ambitious.

After questioning John, he argued that the lone key to success of going an effectual concern director is to hold a personal concern doctrine. In this doctrine, one has to province the concern ends, mission and vision. This becomes the concern design. He hence believes such a doctrine has made the concern he owns and manages grow. As good, he proposed that an investor should do certain he considers all ethical behaviours and duties in the organisation he manages. If he were to get down all over once more, John said that he would put all his nest eggs at one time and see his place and function has the concern director start to turn instantly. It was after one twelvemonth when he began to spread out his concern. He was unsure about the hereafter and hence scared to put all his nest eggs. Still John thinks that he made a immense error and should hold operated and managed a bigger concern right from the start ( Blanchard, 1982 ) .


Business direction is a really of import attack which has to be keenly considered by all concerns so as to better their public presentation by prosecuting all the persons in the organisation in moving and working in a mode which shall vouch better public presentation with the organisation. This procedure is therefore what holds the cardinal towards the future public presentation of the concern or organisation and doing it possible for it to accomplish its ends within the declared clip period. In that instance, while following direction forms in a concern, concern directors should be cognizant of the maps and the undertakings which have to done and achieved during the direction procedure. In decision, the interview proved that John ‘s place has a concern director in his concern is his life.


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