Critical Factors Affecting Project Performance Construction Essay

Although the client is an of import stakeholder in a building undertaking, the undertaking director has overall duty to organize and finish the undertaking for the client on clip and within budget, whilst keeping quality criterions. Furthermore, the relationship between the undertaking director and the client remains of import throughout the undertaking ‘s timescale, and effectual communicating is critically of import, so that the client to the full understands how the undertaking will be organised and what responsibilities the undertaking squad will set about. Therefore, the undertaking director needs to guarantee that the client ‘s demands are to the full met, and that the client has a clear overview of the undertaking and the squad appointed to finish this.

For the intents of this assignment, I am the undertaking director for a building undertaking, but to have verification from the client I need to set about an exercising to measure up for this place. The client rhenium quires a study that analyses factors that are likely to impact the public presentation of the undertaking, and this assignment represents my study findings that demonstrate my cognition and experience of undertaking direction, and how these will get the better of jobs and guarantee that appropriate processs and techniques of undertaking direction will take to the successful completion of the undertaking, and that this degree of public presentation will be replicated in undertakings in the hereafter.

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Critical Factors Affecting Project Performance Construction Essay
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Therefore, this study will be structured by first analyzing what factors are likely to impact a undertaking ‘s public presentation. Subsequently, a instance survey of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 will be assessed and analysed to supply an illustration of a building undertaking that was successful. The study will so reason by reflecting on the findings of this assignment from reexamining the literature on the topic, and so do suggestions of methods that could be adopted to finish a building undertaking successfully.

Success may be defined otherwise in building undertakings based on engineering issues, the client ‘s perceptual experience of design possibilities, the size of the undertaking, the range of services encompassed and the stakeholders. However, success standards demonstrates a common form in the building industry, as success is chiefly dependent on the client ‘s, design squad ‘s and contractor ‘s perceptual experiences and outlooks. Therefore, the client steps success by the undermentioned elements:

The Terminal 5 undertaking at Heathrow Airport was considered to be successful as it met high criterions for safety and quality, remained within budget and was completed on clip, and met all its aims. However, this was the largest undertaking for building in Europe at that clip, and its successful completion is credited to the client, BAA that used a procurement method that was alone, retained all fiscal hazards, offered inducements to providers by honoring best pattern and invested in leading and communicating accomplishments of the undertaking squad. The client besides established relationships with stakeholders that were reciprocally dependent, lending to team edifice, and promoted committedness to the undertaking at all degrees of the supply concatenation.


Construction undertakings are now more complex and clients have higher outlooks, so success demands to avoid failure taking to lost gross, ends non achieved, resources diverted from other activities and low employee morale. Therefore, to accomplish a successful undertaking such as Terminal 5, the undermentioned methods described by Robert ( 1990 ) may be followed:

4.1 Committedness of stakeholders and directors

Senior directors and stakeholders need to be committed to the undertaking as they are the chief donees, but these benefits need to clearly demonstrated and sustainable in footings of proficient and concern aims. Furthermore, senior directors need to prolong their committedness throughout the undertaking, which relies on effectual communicating to inform about hazards, events and developments.

4.2 Aims, ends and range

The countries and procedures affected by the undertaking are defined as its range, which needs to be clearly understood by all stakeholders ; hence, the range of the undertaking should non be changed without the client ‘s blessing, which will besides necessitate new estimations of costs and new programs.

The ends of the undertaking are usually determined by the client, but these need to be communicated clearly to the undertaking squad, and peculiarly the undertaking director. Therefore, one time the ends are clear, the undertaking director can set up the proficient and concern aims of the undertaking that will lend to run intoing these ends, which will inform the elaborate planning for the undertaking.

Furthermore, alterations to the undertaking ‘s administration are likely if the undertaking has a long timescale, and these alterations need to be managed efficaciously, so that the client ‘s outlooks continue to be met. However, the administration needs to show that it is capable of finishing the undertaking, and that the ends, aims and range are realistic.

4.3 Written Plans

All undertakings need a written program that describe how it will be divided into separate elements, what activities will take topographic point in each component and who has duty for these activities. The programs should gauge the length of clip for each component of the undertaking, start and finish day of the months and depict the merchandise of each component, every bit good as specifying the overall budget for the undertaking. Furthermore, programs need to be appropriate to the size of the undertaking, so for a little undertaking the programs may be written on one sheet of paper with day of the months, names and merchandise results. However, a package plan is usually adopted for large-scale undertakings as programs will necessitate to include methods of managing costs, agenda day of the months, duties, undertakings and activities and undertaking elements.

4.4 Resources and teamwork

Most undertakings have important human resource deductions, as many people are frequently involved, including outside bureaus, advisers, providers, advisers, fiscal and administrative staff, proficient staff, every bit good as terminal users. Furthermore, these create possible hazards and duties that need to be managed efficaciously. Furthermore, other resources need careful direction, such as preparation staff, managing alteration, struggle direction, proviso of machinery, works and hardware and fiscal direction. Therefore, an experient undertaking director needs to carry the undertaking squad and stakeholders to work together efficaciously and with committedness.

4.5 Communicationss

The undertaking director needs to pass on efficaciously with the undertaking squad and stakeholders, who should non look to be isolated from the undertaking environment. This is peculiarly of import, as all stakeholders need to understand the client ‘s outlooks of the undertaking ‘s results. Therefore, good communications are needed throughout the undertaking, but are peculiarly of import when the undertaking is near to completion, so that the client is prepared to utilize the new building. Furthermore, it may be necessary to pass on with the client ‘s staff who will utilize the completed building, or to pass on with the populace by advertisement or making focal point groups.

4.6 Suppliers and Sub-contractors

Many undertakings need to see the hazards and dependences posed by advisers, sub-contractors and providers. Therefore, the undertaking director needs to set up demands from providers that are clearly specified and fitting public presentation criterions, so that merchandises or systems meet design, development and bringing agendas. Suppliers need to be on a regular basis monitored by the undertaking director for public presentation criterions, but providers may besides be dependent on other providers and sub-contractors. Therefore, these dependences need to be managed efficaciously and monitored on a regular basis.

The undertaking director needs to guarantee simple procedures for control are adopted to look into that public presentation agendas are being met and that merchandises and results meet expected criterions. This may be achieved through regular meetings to reexamine advancement, with a clear docket to hold and document determinations on cardinal elements, and that assorted merchandises can be evaluated and verified at measureable mileposts. Formal studies on the undertaking ‘s advancement demand to be made on a regular footing to the undertaking squad and to stakeholders. Furthermore, to guarantee the quality criterions of the undertaking overall and for elements of the undertaking, processes need to be established that reappraisal quality confidence. Finally, the undertaking director needs to guarantee that hazard direction policies and processs are in topographic point and followed throughout the undertaking to place, proctor and respond to put on the line events if they occur.

The concluding phases of building undertaking besides necessitate careful direction, peculiarly by pass oning with stakeholders on completion, and describing on the aims being met successfully. The undertaking director needs to guarantee all elements of the undertaking have been completed, and that the client is given any support needed when taking ownership of the building, every bit good as any operational agreements that are required. There besides needs to be a concluding study to be completed and communicated to the stakeholders, including any relevant certification, and any countries for betterment in future undertakings or freshly acquired accomplishments should be reported to the administration ‘s quality direction procedure.

Subsequently, this study analysed the instance survey of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, which is considered a successful undertaking, as it was completed on clip, within budget and met the quality criterions expected by the client, BAA. This exercising was valuable as the instance survey demonstrated how the undertaking adopted methods recommended by old research, despite being alone as the largest building undertaking in Europe at the clip. Therefore, this illustration is utile for attacks to other building undertakings.

Finally, this study was required to propose methods that could be adopted for a building undertaking that should accomplish its successful completion and to avoid any element weakness to run into demands. I believe that the inside informations of these methods demonstrate my capableness and accomplishments as an experient undertaking director, who is able to run into the demands of the client efficaciously.


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