Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Essay

Running head: CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Yulanda Mayshack University of Phoenix Critical Thinking and Problem Solving The solution to time management, demonstrates why work is incomplete from unmanaged time and why working diligently can creates problems that can leads to fatigue. Life consists of not enough time; time management, they say is the key to success. The problem with managing time can become a burden, if the problem is not rectified. The solution lies within, that at the end of the day, they seek help and use the skills that have been provided for them.

Yes, sometimes they will fall short and still not have enough time to accomplish all tasks. The good of matters is that, they took the time to try the time management skill but still failed. This in turn gives the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and rectify the problem. For women with full-time jobs and are full-time students and moms, oh how the time passes by, no one knows the sufficient to us to have that extra time. As women in this generation, why must it be so hard to define the meaning of time, because having to work twice as hard to get things done?

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Essay
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Yet the demand is so high along with the expectation, that they cannot all be meet in one day. Having good time management skills, enables you have control of life itself. Think about it you can control and maintain the balance in the workplace, personal activities and with the family. Time management skills are a learnable skill to achieve, if you apply yourself. You must be willing to receive and process the skills then learn and rectify the problem. The information gathered to help improve time management skills, was researched and found, from the University of Phoenix web library.

The information was valuable and it supported all aspects of the issue, that it hit key points and brought things to my attention I never thought of. It demonstrated how to apply yourself and taken into consideration of solving time management skill as such: setting out to have a plan and an organizer, delegate different tasks to others and prioritize by important. In describing the process use to evaluate the problem, critical thinking came to mind, when using this method to solve problems and make mind sounded decisions. You have to be able to think fast and smart to keep my work load at ease.

Try to corporate the tasks into a goal that will be successfully accomplished and avoid procrastinating. The things considered as an inspiration is: be persistence, pursue perseverance and always have an open-mind. When setting a plan a sure way is to make visible and clear observation of what all you have planned for the week. It in tells gives you the opportunity to delegate different tasks, in order for you to accomplish other things. It brings to your attention, the length of time you will spend or have spent on a task. Now it gives you an indication of which jobs to consider primary and secondary.

Delegating some of the work to others, like family members, will also take the burden off your shoulders. Therefore, you can now have some me time to yourself. Whereas now you know that you can not accomplish everything so delegate someone else to do the secondary if feasible. Last you have to prioritize, by doing this you find out what task or issues is the most important and tackle them first. If you have more than one to decide from, buckle down, make a decision and figure out which one needs more attention at that moment day and time. As childrens were always told that, a good night sleep keeps the bedtime bugs away.

This saying still applies to you as an adult. The recommended hours of sleep any doctor would suggest would be seven to eight hours. There again whom has the time to sleep a full seven to eight hours. Researches said that fatigue causes weight gain, impaired memory, lowers your immune system and increases the risk for type 2 diabetic. One way to prevent fatigue from occurring is to take a hot bath and fill the tub with lavender beads, oil or as my mother would say Epsom salt. Lavender is known to relax you and stimulate your body, whereas, the Epson salt is used to relieve any aches or pain your body may be experiencing.

In conclusion, to addressing the development of time management skills caused by not having enough time in a day and also working so hard that you develop fatigue. Explains the skills that were proved gave the best logical common sense answers imaginable. It displayed the importance of how to have control over your life. It provided knowledge and understanding of how persons, who choose not to correct the problem and admit they have a problem, can begin the first signs of fatigue. This is a health issue that needs to be addressed that unmanaged time and not enough rest can lead to DEATH.


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