Critical Thinking Gen 480:Assessment Case Essay

Running head: CRITICAL THINKING CASE Critical Thinking Case Menorvia Dixson University of Phoenix Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Gen 480 Instructor: Mr. Chris Shreve MA, LPC, NCC Critical Thinking Case Cliff O’Conner has hire Menorvia Dixson as an executive of Organizational Development. She will be responsible for creating the Organizational Development department, and help AcuScan make the transition into the retail market with a new product, finding a new improve product, base on the retinal scanning system iScanner, and maintaining the traditional product quality (QP), and excellent employment environment.

First I am going to list and discuss the assumption and arguments, and my evaluation of whether the argument is sound or unsound and why, and the second part I will have an executive summary for the CEO of AcuScan. Assumptions Kelly Thomas, Senior Engineer, Product Development * Assumed that Pat Lambert, Director Of Marketing know nothing about quality control * Assumed the quality of the product is more important than the target date * Assumed because of the layoff they would not have the man power to develop a new product * Assumed Pat has no experience in technology Assumed Pat was trying to go behind her back to use her programmers * Assumed to make the deadline only one feature can be implement Pat Lambert, Director of Marketing * Assumed the deadline shouldn’t be a problem with the technology staff * Assumed increase in the budget is necessary to meet the deadline in August * Assumed being the first company to market their product in more important * Assumed the company will see a positive earning the first ear they release the new product * Assumed Chris is trying to uncut her and not been supported * Assumed new product Operation Optimization need to be launched now to improve the market for AcuScan Chris Martinas, VP of Product Development * Assumed they can not meet the August deadline * Assumed Kelly an Pat can work out the detail without using outside resources * Assumed changing features on the prototype shouldn’t be any problem for the team Cliff O’Conner, CEO Assumed a new product must be launched in order for the company to remain competitive * Assumed the budget can be cut and the company can still release the new product by August, and be on top again * Assumed the company need something to reinstate itself in the market Arguments Cliff arguments is the present product has dropped in revenue with the current economic condition, and the company can recapture their position in the market with a new technology, and cut the budget and still release the new product by August deadline.

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Critical Thinking Gen 480:Assessment Case Essay
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Pat was hired as Marketing Director to move the company into a profitable range. She has limited resources to meet the objective and goals; she believes using the existing technology in the retail market will work to create a new product for a new market. Kelly as the Director of Development wants to be sure the product she develops is built to perform an expected. She needs to manage the existing work and determine how to use resources to support the existing customers.

Kelly does not see how he can meet the goals of the new development plan outline by Pat. The launch of the new product is unreasonable. Chris as VP of Product Development, want to increase profitability, without cutting staff. Chris suggested each department cut the budget 15%. He is not getting involved in the conflict between Kelly and Pat. Evaluate Cliff wants too keeps the company


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