Critique of Global Warming Essay

Although the author gives several supporting claims and examples to argue for his opinion, which is global warming is a good thing, I still cannot agree with his point of view, because some of the claims do not seem to be valid and need to be clarified further. First all, the writer states that coolings seem to be rapid, and cause disastrous downfalls of civilization, but we can cope with slow upward trends in temperature.

It is true that too cold climate can provoke downfalls of civilization, but whether human can handle the slow upward trends in temperature is also questionable. Due to the tiny increase in temperature, there may be more frequent and intense weather events, such as hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, blizzards and so on, which cause huge loss each year or even injuries and deaths. Actually, human do not have any effective way to prevent such kind of disasters till now.

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Critique of Global Warming Essay
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Secondly, in the writer’s point of view, one reason for global warming or greenhouse effect is good is that it keeps our earth warm. And the example of moon is given to show the importance of atmosphere. True, it is common knowledge that atmosphere keeps the earth warm; however, it has nothing to do with global warming. Generally, global warming only refers to temperature rising caused by human activities during a period of time, so the writer’s definition for global warming here is too broad.

Thirdly, the writer argues that shifting of people caused by inundation is a continuing feature of history. And hence rise of sea level, caused by global warming, is normal and not that bad. I do not think we can just regard shifting as a continuing feature of history. More importantly, it is also disasters for people who are shifting. And inundation is just part of effects of global warming; other effects such as climate change and spread of pestilence are dangerous as well.

Lastly, the author think some regions of our planet may need to be abandoned, while new zones habitability will become available as planet Earth warms slightly. Indeed, some regions may need to be abandoned, but the regions to be abandoned are not determined by human, instead, everything is controlled by global warming, which is not the situation human expect. Also, new zones habitability may not appear. As we all know, rise of sea level is caused by melting of polar ice and it just swallows terrene and leaves nothing but sea water.


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